World paper money from Venture in History

World paper money from Venture in History

by Venture in History
Monthly world paper money selection perfect for the new or seasoned collector!

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Dec 26, 2021
Cristy B.
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Subscribed for 11 days

This isn’t a crate. This is an envelope with unprofessional handwritten information on it, wrapped in a random brochure of Michigan. This was a gift and I couldn’t be more disappointed in it. I’ve also reached out to the company to talk about cancelling and I cannot get a response. Very disappointing all around.

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Venture in History said...Dec 26, 2021

Hi, This is the first disappointed review we have received and we take it seriously to explain. Cratejoy does not require a subscription to be shipped in a crate. The brochure is just a cardboard to protect the valuable banknotes which will go up in value over time. We have not received any inquiries from you but we will start the process to cancel. We use a handwritten invoice because the subscription changes every month so the banknotes sent every month are different so it would not work to have a generic receipt. Sorry you were so disappointed but people who like paper money collecting really like the genuine banknotes more than the presentation although we try to make the presentation appealing as we can...