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Fool me once...

Oct 25, 2018
Nope N.
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This was my favorite box that me and my husband looked forward to then came padding of the values with vouchers, followed by straight up lies (sauce pan or fondue set?) and a record player with the quality of a kids toy. I don't know what happened to this once amazing box that went from full visionaire art pieces to artstar GC that turned into a coupon.

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Scam-like Policies and Customer Service

Dec 26, 2019
Jeffrey L.
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Robb Vices has scam-like customer support and subscription policies. They charge you for your second subscription box before you've even recieved your first one. Additionally, unlike their competitors, they don't notify you before you're going to be charged (for example, Bespoke Post gives you a couple days' warning). Instead, they notify you upon charging you, and even if you respond immediately to the email they absolutely will not refund you because you're "a couple hours after their deadline." They state that it's in their policy that they will not refund you the day the subscription renewals. That is, of course, a legal protection for them. It does not mean that it's customer friendly policy, though. It's quite shady.

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