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Confusing at first

Apr 15, 2021
Susan K.
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Changing my review because it was a bit confusing. Initially, I received a postcard record, kind of like the ones you used to get on the back of cereal boxes, and I thought that was the LP! Low and behold, today an actual LP arrived. I may suggest to the company that this is confusing and initially, I was very unhappy, thinking I just paid $23 for a postcard (there is another sub box that does these little postcard records for $4 a month, but they don't play on a regular turntable. I haven't listened to the album yet, but it looks pretty cool.

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Enjoying the journey

Aug 29, 2019
Matthew F.
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Getting the second vinyl really changed my impressions of this gift. So far it’s been music I would never have bought- but really enjoyed the ‘pushing the envelope’ of my musical habits - to a wonderful mix of my kinda music, with bands I’ve never heard of. Seriously thinking of signing up when the gift runs out

VINYL MOON said...Dec 19, 2019

Hi Matthew,
Thanks for your thoughts here! So great to know that you've discovered some new music through Vinyl Moon. I'm sorry to see that you had a 3 star experience with shipping. We are dedicated to saving our members money on monthly shipping which means that we use services that are a bit slower than others. BUT that results in saving of $100 or more per year for our international members compared to other vinyl clubs. However, we also have faster and more expensive shipping options available if you are interested!
- Brandon Bogajewicz
Vinyl Moon Founder