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Postcard-sized vinyl records + handwritten messages from artists. Sent monthly!
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Vinyl postcards featuring new indie music & art.

Vinyl Post is this most unique record club in the world. Each envelope features limited-edition 5" x 7" postcard-sized records that play singles from up and coming indie artists on your turntable. Each release includes one single, one postcard with hand-written message from the artist, original artwork, lyrics, bio sheet and digital download.
  • Discover new music every month on vinyl postcards
  • Hand-written messages on the back of postcards from the month's featured artist.
  • Includes lyrics, artist biography & high-quality digital download
  • Original artwork from various graphic artists / designers
  • A unique gift idea for all music & vinyl lovers!

Customer Questions (9)


Q: can we do music requestsAsked by Noah W., July 2020

Recommendations for artists can be sent to

by Joshua B., July 2020


Q: I don't understand this. I thought that the postcard was going to be the record. I got 3 pieces a postcard, the record, and a picture. how am I supposed to mail this to my daughter as a postcard?Asked by Mary D., June 2020

in the photo it looks like the postcard and the record are one item. you put the postcard on the record player. This is not the case. I understand that I'm going to have to mail it to her but how do I do that with 3 pieces? Can't be mailed as a postcard.

by Mary D., June 2020

The postcards are more of a novelty to have a personal handwritten message from the artist that is being featured that month. I believe if you want your daughter to receive these you'll need to change the address on Cratejoy.

by Joshua B., June 2020

I don't have an answer for this question, but I was confused too. Maybe you have to mail the record itself? What looks like an actual postcard isn't good for mailing because the writing it so big. Maybe the postcard isn't actually meant to be mailed to someone??

by K L., June 2020


Q: Is there a way to change the shipping address? i'm relocating and I need to update the shipping address please!Asked by Jayme K., January 2021

VINYL POST Record Club answered...April 2021

1.) First, you'll log into the Marketplace on CrateJoy and go to your Account page:
2.) Next, you'll go to the My Addresses page
3.) Click Add an Address
4.) Next you can enter in your address and if you'd like select it as your default address:
5.) Once you've created your address you'll be able to view the address here and set it up to receive the new mailouts.


Q: If I order this today, will the first one be delivered by Christmas? I live in Toronto, Canada. And are there are extra shipping/duty fees for orders placed for Canada? Thanks! Asked by Jenna R., December 2020

VINYL POST Record Club answered...December 2020

Hi there. December releases are set to go out on December 15th - 16th. They'll arrive before Christmas for US orders. Unfortunately, I'm not sure I can guarantee the same for any international orders as they can take up to 7-21 days to arrive. Although, I imagine Canada can be much shorter than other international orders.
There are no extra duty fees other than the postage you pay at checkout on CrateJoy. Thanks!

Reviews (27)

Awesome Box!!!

Jul 16, 2022
Verified Purchase
Angela J.
7 Reviews
2 Helpful
Subscribed for 4 months

WHAT A COOL Subscription Box!!! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!! I'm saving up each month's Vinyl to give my 17yr old daughter at Xmas. Very affordable & Unique!!! Product is good quality as well. Highly recommend!!

I wouldn't try this subscription again

Mar 17, 2022
Verified Purchase
Emily S.
1 Review
Subscribed for 3 months

Unfortunately we couldn't get the cards to play on our record player and we only got 2/3 of the cards in the first three months of the subscription. It's also very hard to get a hold of customer service.

VINYL POST Record Club said...Mar 17, 2022

My apologies for the trouble, Emily. It sounds like your player has an auto-stop function and this is triggering before the end of the song. Most record players have an 'Auto-Stop' switch that can be toggled on and off to allow full playback as these records are smaller than normal LP's. Regarding the delays, we had experienced UPS delays with our February shipments as they were stuck in Germany with UPS for over 3 weeks due to COVID-19 / a customs bottleneck issue. They've since just been mailed out and we are back on our normal schedule.


Jan 11, 2022
Verified Purchase
Bobbie S.
3 Reviews
2 Helpful
Subscribed for 2 months

This is a gift for my teen son who is a music enthusiast. He loved the first card/record. Contained an artist he was not familiar with but really enjoyed the music. The card came with one song on a very colorful card with artist bio, lyrics, and a message from the artist himself. The package was great, no damage. Overall it's a great sub, my son likes it and is eagerly looking forward to the next one. Thanks!

Very disappointed

Dec 12, 2021
Verified Purchase
Margaret P.
2 Reviews
Subscribed for 1 year

The post cards could not be played on our record player and the person I gifted to could never access the downloads. I’ve tried to get into the account but it doesn’t recognize my email address.

VINYL POST Record Club said...Dec 30, 2021

Request for links to the downloads were emailed over at the same time this review was posted so I didn't have a chance to help them find them before this was posted. I tried to help Margaret resolve the playback issues with their turntable. It seems that their model was triggering the auto-return before playing these records. I sent 3 additional full length compilation records to make up for the issue so that they could still enjoy some of the songs that have been featured on our record club.

I’ll be back

May 27, 2021
Verified Purchase
Rebecca B.
3 Reviews
8 Helpful
Subscribed for 13 days

I received this and it came in an envelope
Which was fine :) honestly it was really
Cute, came with a little note on postcard from the artist, small bio, and record sheet. I haven’t played the vinyl record yet (there’s also a link for an online download in case you want to go that route!) I kind of just wanted to collect the vinyl record
Cards more than listen to the music. I had to cancel due to financial reasons and lack of Expendable cash, however “I’ll be Back” lol

They don’t work

Jul 07, 2021
Verified Purchase
Allison L.
2 Reviews
1 Helpful
Subscribed for 3 months

These did not work on my record player at all. Very disappointing.


Jul 02, 2021
Verified Purchase
Stacey M.
1 Review
Subscribed for 10 months

Absolutely terrible! I paid for 12months for a gift and didnt arrive on time ever, some didn't arrive and the product that did arrive was nothing like listed.
They don't function as records and the "handwritten" messages some time are the only thing in the envolpe and sonetime aren't in it at all.
Absolute scam!!!
I contacted the seller for my money back with no reply.

VINYL POST Record Club said...Jul 17, 2021

We've received one email from Stacey in which we promptly replied in October of 2020. These were mailed to Australia from the US and as such took much longer to arrive, especially considering delays to global shipments due to COVID-19.
These releases absolutely do function as records and work on turntables. In fact, they're an old format called 'Flexi-discs' which have been widely used for vinyl releases since the 1960's. The video we provide on our listing is also an example of how these work.
Of the 1,000+ current subscribers, we've never received other complaints concerning missing 'handwritten messages' or incomplete releases. I've tried to reach out to resolve this issue or gather more details on which releases this occurred on but have not...


Apr 29, 2021
Verified Purchase
Celeste K.
1 Review
Subscribed for 9 months

It's a great subscription! Overall just what i was looking for, and the artist notes are such a fun unique touch. Highly recommend.

Couldn’t be happier

Mar 30, 2021
Verified Purchase
Paris-marie W.
1 Review
Subscribed for 2 months

My husband is a music buff and loved these!!! Such a great deal and a great way to hear new music. I had to put a pause on my subscription because we will be traveling for summer but will definitely be resuming when we are back in town!


Mar 28, 2021
Verified Purchase
Tina R.
1 Review
Subscribed for 7 months

This is a great fun subscription box for anyone ! I gave this as a Christmas gift to my daughter & just renewed it! She absolutely ❤ loves it.
I will say you have to be patient with your first delivery because NOT ALL record players like the postcard-size. After about 10 tries you'll find that your record player WILL adjust and you're smooth sailing from there on out. Just be patient. ( I know it's hard lately 😆). THEN IT'S ALL NEW FUN MUSIC 🎶 TO DISCOVER!

Past boxes from VINYL POST Record Club

October 2022 Postcard // Freeds - Fuzzy

October 2022 Postcard // Freeds - Fuzzy

Originally hailing from Sydney, Australia and growing up in a Jewish household to a single mother, Freeds began writing songs in his youth, influenced by his love for rapping and storytelling. What's interesting about Freeds is the undertone of optimism that surrounds themes of depression, anxiety and self-doubt; it's a juxtaposition of introspective lyrics and a witty delivery that oozes charm. It's taken Freeds years of gradual evolution to get to where he is...

September 2022 Postcard // Pity Party (Girls Club) - Doja Cat

September 2022 Postcard // Pity Party (Girls Club) - Doja Cat

Pity Party (Girls Club) is the bedroom pop project of Julian Amparo from Los Angeles, California. The project began in 2014 as part of the DIY backyard scene in the Inland Empire where he mostly played house shows and less traditional venues. Pity Party's sound is primarily an expression of Amparo's influences, which range from The Cure and Bright Eyes to Alex G and Tyler, the Creator. "Doja Cat" is a single from his upcoming album, Soft Shell, out late summer '22.

August 2022 Postcard // Maxime. – Rubber Check

August 2022 Postcard // Maxime. – Rubber Check

maxime. is a self-released, -written, -produced and -engineered artist who makes "anti pop" in his room in Montreal, Canada. His catalog counts 30M+ streams. maxime.'s debut, whatevernowiscalled, was issued in December, 2019, introducing his now-distinct sound: inventive production; colourful and quirky sonics; playful lyrics.

July 2022 Postcard // Glitter Party - Endlessly

July 2022 Postcard // Glitter Party - Endlessly

Glitter Party is the Toronto based solo recording project of Sam Cohen. Between school and various jobs, Sam records songs in his own bedroom studio. Previous to this new single, Sam wrote his first EP in 2019 titled "glitter party" and followed it up with the full length ":)" the year after. Recorded over the last days of a meaningful summer, his latest single "endlessly" is a dreamy and energetic ode to road trips and self-discovery.

June 2022 Postcard // Leopard Tuesday - Finley

June 2022 Postcard // Leopard Tuesday - Finley

Leopard Tuesday's music is hazy, pulsating nostalgia paired with washed out falsettos, swirling analog synthesizers, and evolving textures. It's sound rides the line between psychedelic dreams, and everyday life. Leopard Tuesday is the Provo, Utah based dream-pop project of Matthew Mink. While attending Utah Valley University in 2017, he and a few new friends started the indie rock band Indigo Waves, which he is still an active member of. As a method of furthering his...

May 2022 Postcard // Dog Walk - So Much More

May 2022 Postcard // Dog Walk - So Much More

Dog Walk is the the fuzzy garage-rock project of John Walker from Dekalb, IL. He shares, "The ideas and inspiration behind this project were inspired through experiences I shared alone, with friends, and spiritual influences. A ton of these songs were my way to write about how I really feel about the world and people around me. And the closer I look, the more I see. Hope you enjoy the track!"

April 2022 Vinyl Postcard // Ed Mount - Distant Calls

April 2022 Vinyl Postcard // Ed Mount - Distant Calls

Ed Mount, the alias of Thibault Chevaillier, was born 5 years ago. As a child of the 90's, he used his Playstation Controller (the music game) and his guitar on which he tried to cover Beck and the Red Hot Chili Peppers. This self-taught jazzman had a late teenage crisis as he explored with Ed Mount the coolness that he had not been able to express in the first part of his musical career. From his past as a jazzman, he has kept an assiduous practice of the instrument...

March 2022 Postcard // Indigo - Doho

March 2022 Postcard // Indigo - Doho

Indigo is the solo project of Miles King, currently residing in Southern California. Inspired by late nights and nostalgia, his music falls somewhere within the walls of indie bedroom lofi rock. With new music always in the works, Indigo hopes to transport you to wherever his songs take you and satisfy your musical cravings.

February 2022 Postcard // French Cassettes – Good For It

February 2022 Postcard // French Cassettes – Good For It

French Cassettes music is filled with winding melodies that pop up unexpectedly but grab hold and don't let go... and may leave you asking "who needs hands with hooks like these?" The harmony-driven power-pop quartet's new LP, Rolodex, was conceived beneath a stairwell in the band's adopted hometown of San Francisco, where frontman Scott Huerta spent months staying up until 4 am, obsessing over elaborate demos. The album was self-recorded by lead guitarist Mackenzie Bunc

January 2022 Postcards // The After Hours - Back Here Again

January 2022 Postcards // The After Hours - Back Here Again

The After Hours is an American recording project, based out of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. The band consists of Jordan Trevino (vocals, guitar, bass, drums), Sean Saman (guitar, bass, keys, drums) and Elena Rossetto (vocals, bass, keys, percussion). The group recorded several EP's and two albums under the moniker Hot Jam Factory before creating The After Hours in the Summer of 2021. Their first EP Seasons, Please showcases ambient landscapes with melodic hooks sewn through

December 2021 Postcard // Glad Sisifus – Uneven Strolls

December 2021 Postcard // Glad Sisifus – Uneven Strolls

Glad Sisifus is the solo project of Slovak producer Nathan Mikletic which began in early 2020. Nathan's always had a huge interest in music which led him to take up playing guitar. He joined several bands but found he could never fully express himself. After many years of failing he began to try writing some songs on his own. He started posting some tunes on SoundCloud he made on his mother's iPad. After that, he slowly learned to produce complete songs which he eventual

November 2021 Postcard // Oberhofer – What Does It Mean To Me?

November 2021 Postcard // Oberhofer – What Does It Mean To Me?

Chaos exists at the heart of everything. It represents the underlying possibility for change, growth, and evolution. As part of Chaos Theory, even the smallest fluctuation of a system's structural integrity may set a new course of events in motion. For as much as music relies on instruments, production, lyrics, and vocals, it also relies on chaos. This fact fascinates Oberhofer. Brad Oberhofer accentuates analog synth guided atmospheres with fifties-style crooning and cl

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