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Self-Care that Transcends the Ordinary

Based on the emerging science of ritual, we design self-care practices that incorporate mindfulness, intention, action, and reflection. This powerful combination—what we like to call illuminated wellness—has been shown to positively impact thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.

  • High Vibrational Skincare, Bath, & Body
  • Adaptogenic Supplements, Tinctures, & Teas
  • Spiritual Tools (Tarot & Oracle Decks, Books, etc.)
  • Candles, Incense, Essential Oils, and Natural Home Cleaners Infused with Crystal Essences
  • 4 or more full size products, plus samples and/or crystals chosen just for you!

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Photo of Well-Lit Ritual Subscription Box current box Ritual No. 4: Embracing Stillness & Deep, Restorative Rest

Ritual No. 4: Embracing Stillness & Deep, Restorative Rest

Inspired by the Winter Solstice, Ritual No. 4 embraces the quiet energy of longest night of the year and its opportunity for stillness, rest, and recovery. Designed to help you release the day, relax the body, and calm the mind, this is your guide to deep, restorative rest. As we approach the Winter Solstice, remember that the light will come—it always does—and it is in the darkness that we renew our energy, restore our vitality, and allow new inspirations to emerge.

Order by March 10th to get this box!

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Q: Is there a way to know if it's safe to use/consume these products during pregnancy? I REALLY want to subscribe today but I'm 2.5 months pregnant and I know certain herbs are not safe during pregnancyAsked by Kaelyn B., May 2021

Well-Lit answered...May 2021

Hi! Thank you for your question. I recommend consulting your doctor first about the herbs used in the tea (Ginseng, Chrysanthemum & Calendula, Nettle, and Elderflower) to be safe. I am also happy to switch out the tea with another product for you in this box. In keeping with this box's theme, I can replace the tea with a Solar Plexus bath bomb from Remedes + Richewels, made with geranium, clary sage, and chamomile. If smoke from the herbal wand is a concern, I am happy to replace it with the Empower essential oil blend from Thara Sacra, made with Grapefruit, Juniper, and Melissa oils and charged with reiki energy, a Selenite essence spray from Moon Nectar Apothecary, a Chakra clearing spray from Shaman's Market...


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