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Self-Care that Transcends the Ordinary

Based on the emerging science of ritual, our self-care subscription incorporates mindfulness, intention, action, and reflection. This powerful combination—what we like to call illuminated wellness—has been shown to positively impact thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. (This is a quarterly subscription & you will receive 4 boxes per year).
  • High Vibrational Skincare, Bath, & Body
  • Adaptogenic Supplements, Tinctures, & Teas
  • Spiritual Tools (Tarot & Oracle Decks, Books, etc.)
  • Candles, Incense, Essential Oils, and Natural Home Cleaners Infused with Crystal Essences
  • 4 or more full size products, plus samples and/or crystals chosen just for you!

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Photo of Well-Lit Ritual Subscription Box current box Ritual No. 7: Alignment & Connection

Ritual No. 7: Alignment & Connection

By aligning with the moon's phases, we can awaken a new understanding of ourselves. My hope is that these two rituals will help you connect more deeply to the duality of life—the masculine and feminine, light and shadow, action and rest—and bring you a sense of energetic alignment and peace during this new season.

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Q: Is there a way to know if it's safe to use/consume these products during pregnancy? I REALLY want to subscribe today but I'm 2.5 months pregnant and I know certain herbs are not safe during pregnancyAsked by Kaelyn B., May 2021

Well-Lit answered...May 2021

Hi! Thank you for your question. I recommend consulting your doctor first about the herbs used in the tea (Ginseng, Chrysanthemum & Calendula, Nettle, and Elderflower) to be safe. I am also happy to switch out the tea with another product for you in this box. In keeping with this box's theme, I can replace the tea with a Solar Plexus bath bomb from Remedes + Richewels, made with geranium, clary sage, and chamomile. If smoke from the herbal wand is a concern, I am happy to replace it with the Empower essential oil blend from Thara Sacra, made with Grapefruit, Juniper, and Melissa oils and charged with reiki energy, a Selenite essence spray from Moon Nectar Apothecary, a Chakra clearing spray from Shaman's Market...

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Beautiful and very well put together

May 23, 2022
Verified Purchase
Kimberly F.
4 Reviews
2 Helpful
Subscribed for 13 days

Absolutely gorgeous box! Very high quality items and you can tell each piece was thoughtfully added to stick with the central theme. The information she provides is worth the price alone. Must also add very great communication. I have to admit I subscribe to quite a few spiritual boxes and I think I have a new favorite.

Better than I expected ❤

Feb 08, 2022
Jennifer M.
1 Review

I received my first box today and it was way more than I expected. This is a beautiful box. From how it was packaged together to the hand written letter.. Everything had elegance and class. The Ritual is printed on steardy paper and all the products are full size. This box is well worth the price. I look forward to the next box.

Well-Lit said...Feb 08, 2022

Thank you so, so much! It makes me so happy to know you loved this box, and I am grateful for your support!

Past boxes from Well-Lit Ritual Subscription Box

Ritual No. 1: New Beginnings, Growth, & Abundance

Ritual No. 1: New Beginnings, Growth, & Abundance

-Includes a tea blend from Apotherie with Ginseng, Chrysanthemum & Calendula, Nettle, and Elderflower to bring energy into the solar plexus chakra. -Ritual Candle from Almanac Supply Co., topped with citrine and charged under the Super Pink Moon -Citrine Ritual Gem Essence from Moon Nectar Apothecary -Yerba Santa wand from Attune Collective, topped with Chamomile. -Ritual instructions.

Ritual No. 2: Tarot for Self-Reflection

Ritual No. 2: Tarot for Self-Reflection

Includes: -The Luminous Void Tarot deck by Laura Zuspan -The Star Tarot Journal by Open Sea -Focus Pocus Cognitive Blend by Wild Return Botanical Apothecary -Incienso Sahumerio incense by Shaman’s Market -Ritual instructions

Ritual No. 3: Grounding for Seasons of Transition

Ritual No. 3: Grounding for Seasons of Transition

Transitions, be they seasons of nature or seasons of life, can be times of great uncertainty. “Not knowing” can call up anxiety, stress, and a host of other mental and physical reactions. Ritual No. 3 focuses on Grounding during times of seasonal and personal transitions and is based on the ancient practice of spiritual bathing to bring your attention back to your body and inner self. It's a great way to "reset" your mind, body, and spirit.

Ritual No. 4: Embracing Stillness & Deep, Restorative Rest

Ritual No. 4: Embracing Stillness & Deep, Restorative Rest

Inspired by the Winter Solstice, Ritual No. 4 embraces the quiet energy of longest night of the year and its opportunity for stillness, rest, and recovery. Designed to help you release the day, relax the body, and calm the mind, this is your guide to deep, restorative rest. As we approach the Winter Solstice, remember that the light will come—it always does—and it is in the darkness that we renew our energy, restore our vitality, and allow new inspirations to emerge.

Ritual No. 5: Planting Seeds of Intention & Nurturing Growth

Ritual No. 5: Planting Seeds of Intention & Nurturing Growth

As the dark, cold days of Winter recede, the Spring awakening begins, symbolizing rebirth, creativity, and new beginnings. What better time to sow and nurture seeds of intention, both literally and figuratively? Ritual No. 5 is all about planting our intentions in the Earth so we can water them, As the dark, cold days of Winter recede, the Spring awakening begins, symbolizing rebirth, creativity, and new beginnings. What better time to sow and nurture seeds of intenti

Ritual No. 6: Honoring the Light Within

Ritual No. 6: Honoring the Light Within

The Summer Solstice is a time to honor the life-giving light of the Sun and the light found inside each of us. It is a time to do some deep inner work, reignite our light within, and find meaning along life’s journey. Ritual No. 6 is your guide to honoring the light within during the Summer Solstice, nourishing the seeds planted during the Spring. It is a reminder that the Sun always rises, and by nourishing our body, mind, and spirit, we can rise again and again too.

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