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Wet Shave Club

Discover awesome wet shaving items every month. Free razor & brush in your first box!

$49.99+ / 2 months
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Product Overview
  • Ships worldwide from United States except for select countries
  • Subscriptions automatically renew. Cancel anytime
Soaps, aftershaves, blades and more!
Wet Shave Club delivers wet shaving goods to your door monthly, guaranteeing thirty days of smoothness. We're bringing back the art of traditional wet shaving - welcome to 30 days of handsomeness
  • High Quality Wet Shaving Products
  • Free Razor and Brush in Your First Box
  • Soaps, Aftershaves, Lotions, and more! 
Subscriber Reviews
4.4 of 5 stars
Wet Shave Club Gift Box Review
by Patricia R written 3 years ago
Shaving while saving! My husband loves his Wet Shave Club gift and won't go back to disposable razors!
Full Review
by Shannon written 27 days ago
They have charged my credit card 2 straight months now and I have received nothing in return and no return messages to date.
by Nicholas written 2 months ago
You can tell they were a good, efficient company a year ago. Now, any customers who have ordered anything from their site have had their money taken, but received nothing in return. I paid them $57 2 months ago and they won't even return a message. If business got rough and they had to close up shop, that's one thing. I can understand that. But if that's the case, they need to take down all their links and websites and the ability to give them any money!
Switched clubs
by JustinPizzino written last year
I liked this box so much I switched to this club because I found myself only using the wet shaving products. The DE razor they sent me is by far my favorite even though I have several.
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