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4.6 of 5 stars
Switched clubs
by JustinPizzino written 11 months ago
I liked this box so much I switched to this club because I found myself only using the wet shaving products. The DE razor they sent me is by far my favorite even though I have several.
A great box every month!
by Jeffrey written last year
The first box is a perfect way to get started with wet shaving. They include the razor, blades, brush shave soap and a bar of awesone soap (according to my wife who took it foe herself) as well as a couple of lotion and face wash samples. A great value for the price The second box builds on the first with more blades, another shave soap, pre-shave oil and aftershave as well as lip balm. All the products work amazingly well and are all handmade . Today that is an awesome bonus because so much of what we buy is mass produced. Overall this subscription box is a great value and we'll worth your time and money. Can't wait for box number three!!!
by Christopher written last year
Got the best shave this this razor but needed galette blades
Best shave ever
by Katherine written last year
The first box comes with everything you need to get started. The soaps and accessories are great quality and the razor gives the closest shave you will ever have. Throw your Cartridge razor away and make shaving fun!
Chore turned into ritual
by Jeffrey written last year
It started with the first box and realizing that nothing in that box was second rate. Every month I have enjoyed exploring new products, scents and explorations. I have truly turned a mundane chore into an enjoyed ritual.
Awesome, Period!
by Dempsey written last year
I've been with WSC for a month now, I can say I love the hilt they sent me, has just the right amount of weight. And that shave soap! Thanks! Looking forward to what more you send! #bestcrateever!
After shave saves day. !!
by Stanley written last year
First, I thought your box was rather cheesy, ho hum Until----- I tried the Blades Grim 'smolder after shave' That is the BEST, cleanest, I have EVER experienced !!!
by Max written last year
Such an amazing shave and quality products. Highly recommended to all my friends.
Rockwell Blades
by Russ written last year
I was surprised by the blades from Rockwell. I don't know who makes them but they held an edge longer than I am used to. I am looking forward to trying their new razor when it comes out but have become a fan of their blades.
by Michael written last year
The shaving soap and aftershave included in this month's box were superb!