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Good so far
by Alex written Jun 29, 2018
I've only received the one box, but so far I love it. I received a jade Dragon figurine, a soap that smells delicious, a crystal. What made me decide to continue my subscription is the card from an angel affirmation deck. I loved that personalization and meditating on what that card meant for me as well as how it fit into my box. The card was "Patience" and it has a delightful poem on the back that I now display on my altar. I'm really delighted so far, and I plan on subscribing to the Esoteric box when it becomes available for even more depth to my boxes and in turn my practice. <3
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by Rose written Jun 19, 2018
I have only recieved one of each of the boxes but I am already hooked. An item came damaged in my Cosmic Mini box and customer service was amazing in resolving the issue quickly. The Esoteric box excites me because of the new book to read this time. I can't wait to try out my new tea either. Overall, I am impressed and after seeing them, all of my friends are asking where to get their own boxes. A win so far in my book.
Love this box!
by Beda written Apr 27, 2018
I received my first box in April and I adore it! Everything about it! First of all, Ganesh is just perfect!! I have recently been drawn to Ganesh more and more and had been looking for a nice representation of him! Well, I couldn’t believe my eyes when I opened my box and there he was!! And a beautiful representation too! The timing of this box in my life was just perfect! I know it was meant to be! Now I can hardly wait for the next box!!! A great value ...I really could not be more pleased!!
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Love and Light in Every Box!
by Ana written Apr 10, 2018
My first box was the April Manifest Box and it met every expectation that my imagination could conjure up! The theme is complete with every item needed and instructions for the ritual intended. I am so grateful for Lalania’s gift of curating the most magical package that I wrote her the letter below...”Just writing to say that Ganesha and I are finally in each other’s arms. It was love at first sight. I love every single detail that you have crafted into the Manifestation Box. I am looking forward to a quiet house on Saturday morning to perform my manifest ritual. My emotions have exploded to the moon and back! Thank you again for your time and the energy you have placed into each box. The Universe and I thank you for spreading your light and love. Looking forward to my Cosmic Mini and my next Esoteric Box. Many blessings, Ana”
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by DeltaApple written Mar 21, 2018
I love my WEvolve box, I look forward to it every month!
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Love my WEvolve box!
by SueFerenz written Jan 18, 2018
Love, Love, Love my 1st box! Everything in there is amazing down to the wonderful Meditation candle (Which I think Smells like a little bit of Heaven!)
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In love!!!
by Elizabeth written Dec 09, 2017
This is my favorite box ever! Absolutely perfect for who I am. So excited to have found you. I will be signing up for the mini boxes now too 😍😍😍
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A treasure box
by Heather written Dec 08, 2017
What a treasure of items, and such a good variety. I'm really excited to play with it all.
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Pleasant blessings
by Heather written Nov 04, 2017
I received my first box from Wevolve, the cosmic mini November box, and was pleasantly surprised. Every item feels positive and are definitely things I would use. I especially loved the heart and soul Oracle card, it spoke to me on many levels. Definitely worth the money. Look forward to my next box!
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Love these boxes
by Anjanette written Oct 27, 2017
I was first introduced to WEvolve Boxes from the Cosmic mini box and later the Esoteric boxes. I immediately fell in love with this boxes. I receive my month Cosmic boxes that never disappoints me and Esoteric box, which the Egyptian box was by far my favorite. I can't wait to see what is coming next.
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