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I like the box but have a few suggestion

Apr 18, 2019
Sarah C.
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I think I could go from just liking and it being ok I guess to actually loving and looking forward to this box every month IF there was more info about what each thing is and what it does #1. That's my biggest thing with the cosmic mini. Idk what it is or does. I have to literally Google almost everything I get from this box!! Also we also receive a tarot card for the month. Would love it too if u would collaborate on the card!!!! What deck is it from? What does it mean?!!!! Especially when there is absolutely no writing on the card! It's like what's the point of sending it if I don't even know what it means and can't even look it up because there is no info on the deck it was chosen from or which card it even is! At least give us that info.. but other then that I like the box and it's ok..... Really wish we had WAAAAY more info then what we are provided with this box.

So I'm updating my review. And to reply back to the comment from Welove box...Yes I got the small paper with what each item was called and the "price" of each item. Other then that that's about all I got. But that's not my biggest prob ANYMORE now. My prob is I STILL haven't received my APRIL box now....was got a email FINALLY like very end of April saying it shipped and...

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WEvolve Box said...Apr 23, 2019

Oh no! It sounds like you did not receive the insert that is included in the Cosmic Mini Box. We apologize for this oversight! Each box includes an insert that explains each item and their symbolic meaning. We will make sure you get one in your next shipment. Thanks for letting us know. All boxes from your subscription have been shipped and delivered according to the tracking information.

Disappointed with Quality and Value

Jun 13, 2017
Kirsten R.
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I signed up based on the great reviews, but the box I received was nowhere near $50 in value. The majority of the items are mass produced and available at the big metaphysical wholesalers, and I was really hoping for something a little more unique. I already own a pendulum, altar box, plenty of nicer candles, large abalone shells, and plenty of sage, and the largest item in the box is a statue of a deity outside of my religious practice. The photos of prior boxes made this look much better than it turned out to be.

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