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Mar 07, 2019
Lisa J.
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For $22.00 I got a card, a small candle, a stick of palo santo, a fossil and a plastic necklace. All of which you can get cheap at any metaphysical store.

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WEvolve Box said...Mar 08, 2019

Thank you for sharing your thoughts about this months Cosmic Mini Box. The necklace you are referring to is actually quite lovely, it is made with rose petals and rue herb encapsulated in a clear resin pendant, very modern and unique. It is strung on a delicate sterling silver cord with a magnetic clasp. The retail value of this necklace is more than the cost of the box itself. This months stone is a 4 million year old Goniatite fossil, which is quite rare, and hold a beautiful energy. The candle is infused and decorated with crystal chips and herbs. Palo-santo is a sacred tree, and ours are particularly fragrant, bringing new and positive energy into a space when burned. We strive to include original,...

Bivination Box

Nov 08, 2019
Marcee S.
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It would have been very beneficial to include a book on runes and divination since that is what the box was about. There are those of us who are new to runes and divination.

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WEvolve Box said...Nov 08, 2019

Hi Marcee. Each box had an art card with information on the runes as well as an additional sheet that described each rune and the meanings of each rune with a suggested spread. It sounds like you didn't receive yours, I am reaching out by email to resolve.

it was just ok..

May 03, 2017
Courtney S.
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I know cost of all the stuff in my first box.. im a little disappointed.. the value didnt even make it to $10. Not sure if I will keep this subscription.

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May 07, 2017
Danielle C.
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I ordered a couple of different boxes and it's really subject to what items you can buy locally etc. nothing in this box excited me because you could get any of it at your local Chinese restaurant at the counter. Nothing was special or unique. I'm sure some would be happy with this but I was looking for a little more pizazz

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