What's In Your Box?
The curated monthly subscription box for women's sexual health & satisfaction!

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4.2 of 5 stars
by Jenny written 13 days ago
Awesome & Fun way to get in touch with your femininity. For those who want to explore new items but might not know where to start or shop, WIYB gets creative for you and brings it right to your door. Definitely would recommend product!
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by Jenna written 15 days ago
I've subscribed to lots of different monthly boxes over the years but this is by far my favorite! There is such a variety of products/toys in each box that I didn't even KNOW I needed! It's always such a fun surprise to coming home to a new WIYB after a long day.. Highly recommended! You won't be disappointed.
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Best Box for your Box
by Rachel written 16 days ago
I’ve been receiving this box for almost a year and I still love it! I swear each month gets better and better! Trust me your box will thank you! This is also a fun gift to give! I cant stop telling all my ladies about this. The price is also great for what you get each month, it’s a great deal and a great way to try out things without having to leave the house. It’s like I’m gifting my lady bits each month, all about that self care!
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It was interesting.
by Paige written 23 days ago
Not really what i thought it was going to be but the items were interesting.
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Just do it....they don't bite!
by RACHEAL written 24 days ago
I am honestly so clam-damn excited when I see that lil box waiting for me by the front door....butt don't think I didn't appreciate that Booty-full box from October...that was more of a "backdoor" kind of delivery :).... Seriously though, I have never been so excited to be a part of such a punny business!!! What ever you do, don't stop, its great....keep it up, WIYB!!
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by Katherine written 27 days ago
Honestly, I can’t complain. LOVED the calendar, and the rest of the products were great too. Thank you!
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by Hannah written 27 days ago
Loved the diversity in types of products, appreciated the breakdown of each item as well.
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Good so far
by Laura written last month
I ordered this for my girlfriend and we're pretty pleased with the January box. I wish there were a lesbian option, though--we don't really have any use for condoms! ;-)
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by Katie written last month
I received my January box, and it's definitely filled with more goodies than December was! 3 condoms, a sample of lubricant, ben wa balls, a calendar, and a sample cramp relief cream. I'm excited to use the calendar and see how the sample of cramp relief cream works. Not too sure that I'll be using the ben wa balls anytime soon, they look intimidating in size, but they may be great in the future! Not having sex right now so the condoms aren't useful, but it's always good to carry one and feel empowered to make that decision whenever! I'm giving the rest to friends who are currently more ~active (especially as one of the condoms is about to expire). Overall, this box was better than December. I'm still not 'wowed', but maybe February will blow me away!
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A Monthly Treat
by Stefanie written last month
WIYB is great! I have been a loyal user since the beginning. Each month the products in the box encourage you to try new things and explore either solo or with a partner. The tip cards are always informative and helpful when you're inexperienced and unsure how to use some of the products included. Since signing up for What's in Your Box, I have truly become more comfortable talking about sex and WIYB gives you the ability to explore while being discreet due to the awesome packaging.
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