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Aug 27, 2018
Tessa S.
1 Review

I love getting these boxes when they have actual toys in them and not just a lot of condoms and lubes to try out.. Being married, condoms are not used often and just sit around.. Most of the toys are not the greatest quality, The most recent one with the clit hugger has a rubber top that falls off often when using and the on/off switch is impossible to twist and usually resulting in the batteries falling out..

Good box but........

Aug 18, 2018
Emily T.
2 Reviews

I liked what I got but I wish they would put more in the box.

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Jun 15, 2018
Katie O.
2 Reviews

I received my January box, and it's definitely filled with more goodies than December was! 3 condoms, a sample of lubricant, ben wa balls, a calendar, and a sample cramp relief cream. I'm excited to use the calendar and see how the sample of cramp relief cream works. Not too sure that I'll be using the ben wa balls anytime soon, they look intimidating in size, but they may be great in the future! Not having sex right now so the condoms aren't useful, but it's always good to carry one and feel empowered to make that decision whenever! I'm giving the rest to friends who are currently more ~active (especially as one of the condoms is about to expire).

Overall, this box was better than December. I'm still not 'wowed', but maybe February will blow me away!

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What's In Your Box? said...

Hey Katie! Thanks so much for taking the time to leave this thoughtful review on your latest WIYB delivery—so happy to hear you enjoyed your box this month! As we continue to expand and grow our service, feedback from our subscribers is essential. Looking forward to hearing from you about the next one!

Mar 08, 2018
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