Wheel of the Year Box 2022/2023

by Busy Witch Box
Sabbat rituals and tools magickally crafted by witches for witches to enhance your practice in 2022/2023.

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Wheel of the Year Box - For The Busy Witch!

The Busy Witch Box is created for all witches looking for a bit of help for each ritual. We plan each Sabbat for you! Our boxes are authentically crafted for your magickal journey in 2022. Items may include: annointing oil~ritual bath blend~incense blend+charcoal disk~altar cloth~candles~altar card~crystals~rituals~Sabbat gift )O(
  • Hand-Designed Ritual
  • Anointing Oil
  • Wooden Tarot Card Holder
  • Color Correspondence Piece
  • Surprise Bonus Box

Sneak Peek

Photo of Wheel of the Year Box 2022/2023 current box Yule Sabbat Ritual Box Celebrated on Winter Solstice. ✨One of a kind magickal objects for your practice & Craft✨

Yule Sabbat Ritual Box Celebrated on Winter Solstice. ✨One of a kind magickal objects for your practice & Craft✨

Yule is deeply rooted in the cycle of the year as it is on Winter Solstice. It is the seed time of year. It is on this the longest night of the winter, 'the dark night of our souls', that there springs anew - 🌲❄✨Our Yule box included the following: Witch Blessings Ball-Anointing Oil-Ritual Incense-Spell Work- Ritual-Mulling Cider-Witch Bells-Altar Cloth-Altar Card-Yule Candles. All items are created to correspond with Yule and the symbols of the Sabbat.Pic is past box🖤

Order by December 15th to get this box!

Customer Questions (5)


Q: If you so if you choose the 12 month subscription are you signing up for 8 boxes or 12 box total?Asked by Katie M., November 2022

Busy Witch Box answered...November 2022

Hi Katie-
The 12 month subscription is only 8 boxes. I do follow the Wheel of the Year.
The billing comes out to about $33.00 per month for the 12 month breakdown.
Please feel free to reach out with any other questions✨✨✨Lia


Q: Are you charged only in months there is a Sabbat or monthy even though there is not a box monthlyAsked by Tabatha C., October 2022

Busy Witch Box answered...October 2022

Hi Tabatha-
I move the payments to match the boxes,which is approximately every 6 weeks. In some instances, there will be back to back as in Beltane & Litha.
✨Brightest Blessings✨ Lia


Q: Do the boxes come monthly (12 per year) or for each sabbat (8 per year)? If they are monthly, are the other 4 boxes seasonally themed?Asked by Nicole R., May 2022

Busy Witch Box answered...May 2022

Hi Nicole!
The boxes are timed to the Sabbats. 8 boxes per year with a bonus box at Samhain (9 in total).
✨Brightest Blessings ✨


Q: what is your tiktok to look at your products the video isn't loading?Asked by Hannah F., March 2022

Busy Witch Box answered...March 2022

Hi Hannah-
Our TikTok is @busywitchbox

Reviews (2)

Amazed and thankful

Aug 05, 2022
Verified Purchase
Anita B.
6 Reviews
3 Pictures
1 Helpful
Subscribed for 10 days

OMG.... I LUV 💞 IT... So perfect and packaged so uniquely. It's wonderful 🥰
Blessed be💫

so happy

May 09, 2022
Verified Purchase
Shyla S.
1 Review
Subscribed for 1 month

I am super happy with this box. It felt very personalized when I opened it. The curator has great comunication and did an excellent job with items and presentation. I have subscribed to 5 other witchy boxes, and this one is in my top 2 favorites! My box (Beltane) was loaded with high quality items for my altar and Beltane celebration.
I am very pleased and will continue subscribing!

Past boxes from Wheel of the Year Box 2022/2023

Sabbat Box - Imbolc

Sabbat Box - Imbolc

Here is our premiere subscription box we launched for Imbolc!

Sabbat Box - Ostara

Sabbat Box - Ostara

Preview of our upcoming Ostara Ritual box! 💚Beautiful brass Pentacle bell, Abalone shell, Nest w/ crystals, Bath ritual, Anointing Oils, Altar cloth, Candle 'Dressing' herb blend, awakening snake charm, and more! ✨✨✨

Sabbat Box - Beltane

Sabbat Box - Beltane

This box will be a magickal delight! A fire festival meant for revelry. As the union of Earth and sky, Goddess and God, a cross quarter fire festival celebration. The Beltane box has all of the charged corresponding elements of past boxes. Oils, hand crafted loose incense, candles, charms, custom rituals, altar tools/spellcraft. And includes an additional divination gift item! 🔮 (image is a past box sample)✨

Sabbat Box - Litha

Sabbat Box - Litha

🌻 Litha, a midsummer celebration on the longest day of the year! We revel in the expansive light on summer solstice.Abundance, luck, protection and growth are the main focus of this Sabbat.The Litha Ritual Box will feature protection magic, dream divination & self love elements, both very powerful during this time.We're including divination & altar tools for you in this magical offering! Brightest Blessings 💛 Lia (new Litha pics coming soon~image below is Beltane!)

Lammas / Lughnasadh

Lammas / Lughnasadh

First harvest is upon us. The nights are getting longer as we begin to consider our journey inward, The Goddess exudes abundance & high summer is glowing on us all. Prosperity & abundance ring true for Lammas. While we face the coming 'loss' of light, this is the time of fruition and reflection. The seeds we planted have bloomed or fallen away. The magic of the halfway point is showing us the ever approaching shadow season. Begin your darker months with me to explore you



Mabon celebrates the Autumn Equinox (Northern Hemisphere) as the second harvest festival when we honor the changing seasons and celebrate the deepening harvest. A day of equal light and dark, the turning of the wheel signifies a time of giving thanks for our abundance & blessings. As we begin to experience the thinning veil, this ritual focuses on balance and moving inward. Everything you need for your altar & ritual will be included in this magical Sabbat Ritual box.

Samhain Blessings

Samhain Blessings

As the wheel turns, we enter into the 'dark season'. Samhain is the festival of the dead referring to Summer's End, celebrating the end of harvest and welcoming the darker half of the year. The veil has thinned, honoring our ancestors and the Witches New Year is upon us! This box celebrates the magic of this season. Our magic, the power within. At sunset we begin! The Samhain box focuses on the veil our divination magic & the power overflowing in us. Samhain Blessings!

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