Wild Crystals Box
Monthly Selection of Curated Healing Crystals, Stones, and Minerals!

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4.5 of 5 stars
by Kayla written today
I loved my first box & can't wait for my second one!
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by Amanda written today
I am so excited every month to receive this box!! I live in an apartment complex and my office manager wants me to open it in the office so she could see what's inside! I love how every month is a new theme and a description letter inside. There's usually a big crystal piece inside along with smaller stones and I've searched other places and found that would cost at least twice as much for the larger piece that comes in the box than the subscription! Thank you ladies for all you do and I will continue to look forward to these magical gift boxes! ✨💜✨
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A tad sad
by Brooke written yesterday
I have done lots of watching others do unboxings and I'm not sure if things have recently changed but I feel others received more. I did get the sage smudge and the grid. In bubble shave was a medium agate I'm assuming and a burlap bag with one white tiny very smooth stone. I saw so many others receive cards and or sticker labels saying what everything is and it's purpose, nice blue velvet bags and burlap bags with many more than just one tiny stone. The only thing in the box was a postcard detailing some common crystals witch none i received. Not sure what to do If this is what is sent out compared to what so many videos are advertising you are to receive.
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Awesome company
by Patricia written 2 days ago
I got my box within about a week and a half after ordering. I had questions about the pieces, being they had thrown a free gift in, and they answered within 24 hours, and it turns out one of my pieces was missing, which I hadn't even noticed, but when I sent the curator a picture she noticed and is now sending out the replacement. This is a great crystals box and affordable unlike some others, who only give you one Crystal and a small bag of chip stones and to get more the want over 58+ dollars. I will be sticking with this subscription.
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by Sheri written 2 days ago
I was very happy with my first box.
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by LisaFairchild written 3 days ago
Not sure why my review only shows 4 stars, I am pleased with my crystal box and meant to give 5 stars!
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by Dolores written 4 days ago
I am just beginning to learn about crytsls and stones. Thid was a hood starter box.
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Fun in a box!
by LisaFairchild written 4 days ago
I love getting my crystals by surprise! I anxiously await their arrival, I am upmost pleased with my first two boxes and I am expecting the next one any day! Hoping for a wand!
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Wild Crystals Box
by Ashley written 11 days ago
I have really enjoyed all the boxes I have received so far. The box I got in December consisted of a grid, a large amethyst, two small clear quartz, and sage for smudging. I really appreciate the printed information provided to explain what everything is for beginners like myself. They even provided a 2018 moon calender to help you stay on track with cleansing and charging of your crystals. I was very excited to receive my January crystals box as well. Again this box included a description piece of what is in the box and the lore behind them. I can't wait for my February box! I look forward to these little gifts which is the highlight of each month for me!
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Nicely packaged and worth the price
by Rachelle written 11 days ago
The first box came as described, with a grid, smudge stick, crystals, and info on the crystals inside. I got a very large display agate, it was bigger than expected, and also 2 small opal stones. They were small but that is ok. I liked the detailed paper on the agate and the opals, I feel like these were meant for me at this time. I don't feel like the box was overpriced and am totally happy with it. I will wait excitedly for my second box! q
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