Wild Crystals Box

Monthly Selection of Curated Healing Crystals, Stones, and Minerals!

$16.00+ $16.00+ / month

Subscriber Reviews

4.5 of 5 stars
by Kimberly written 5 days ago
Love my new Crystal box it's beautiful and more than I expected looking forward to my next surprise!!
Love this box
by CorrinaJean written 7 days ago
I’ve gotten my second box now. So worth the money. In love with the crystals I got. Worth the money.
by Violet written 7 days ago
What an amazing box! So many little treasures! I'm in love with every piece.
I am pleased
by Ruth written 8 days ago
With my first subscription. Looking forward to the next one
by Nomi written 8 days ago
was so fun to get the rocks, except for one detail. The black quartz was not labeled so if a customer did not know that it was a black quartz it would've been a little confusing. Although it was wonderfully wrapped and all of the little accessories were so beautiful. Looking forward to the next shipment !
Love it!!!
by Nicole written 9 days ago
Great love it! Can't wait for my next box!
Not worth the money
by written 9 days ago
I hate to write a bad review, but I've received 2 boxes so far and was disapointed with both, I am not looking for your generic response of how everything you mail out is well worth the money, I know enough about crystals to know that is false. Both clusters I've received have been tampered with and are claimed to be something they are not. (Example, my "amethyst cluster" looked like dyed geode, and my "citrine cluster" looked like heat treated amethyst. In fact, it was burned.) I am disappointed in the size of the specimens you choose to throw into the mix. The crystal grids are NOT WORTH 16 dollars, that is what they retail at. The packaging is adorable but that's it. This box is just a way for you guys to make a profit and I am sorry I didnt take this money elsewhere. There are so many people who really have a passion in the crystal game, and this box is spreading false information.
Wild Crystals Box said...
9 days ago
Hello! We are sorry you did not find value in your Wild Crystals Box, however ones passion for crystals and their healing properties is personal and spiritual, and cannot be judged by another. While you may not feel it to be so, we are very passionate about what we do and with the crystals we work with. We are blessed to be able to have our passion also be our business and take all feedback seriously. Thank you for giving us a try and we hope you are able to find a box more suitable to your needs.
citrine & calligraphy script stone box
by Holly written 9 days ago
This is my 2nd box. Starting to get excited about this subscription. The detailed information around what's inside is very useful. Will be taking my crystal usage to the next level!
Impossible to contact
by Caitlin written 13 days ago
I've tried to contact this seller 3 or more times but still have not received an answer and still haven't received my box that I got charged for a month ago.
Wild Crystals Box said...
10 days ago
Hello Caitlin! I looked into your email and your account, and we show that we responded to all three of your emails. In those emails we included tracking numbers for your shipments, which have all shown delivered. Please check your spam folders for our emails, as we would never ignore a customer request. Feel free to reach out again at hello@shoptamedwild.com if you need further assistance.
Such a thrill
by Amber written 19 days ago
I'm never disappointed. I've loved every box. I've gotten about 5? They're all perfect.