Spiral Rain's Witch box

by Spiral Rain
Work with the moon cycles, find the magic within &manifest your dreams through intention & rituals

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Canadian box for spiritual-witchy-eclectic souls!

Spiral Rain's witch box is filled with handmade items and simple rituals to include magic in your everyday life. Each month, your box will come packed with supplies that resonate with the energy and theme for that month. OCTOBER'S SUBSCRIPTION BOXES ARE SOLD OUT! PURCHASE NOW TO RECEIVE NOVEMBER'S BOX!
  • Expect to receive a handcrafted box of herbs, healing crystals, ritual oils, incenses, candles, and many more tools you will need for working within the wheel of the year. In addition, we provide an extensive set of grimoire pages filled with corresponding deities, spiritual alchemy, energy and body work, herbalism, affirmations, kitchen witching, astrological forecasts, ritual work, and magick for the month.
  • Monthly subscription boxes curated with intention and filled with full of magickal items, to empower your journey to spirit, witchcraft, spellcasting, help facilitate your connection with spirit and with nature.
  • For every box sold, we donate 1$ to Sustaining Hope Intl. Their goal is focused on relieving poverty in developing nations, by providing clean water to individuals or families in need by supplying water filters to areas where the water supply, or lack thereof, is deemed inadequate for human consumption.
  • All our products are carefully designed, blended or curated using only high quality & natural ingredients. Everything we make is handcrafted, hand poured, & hand chosen with intention.
  • Spiral Rain is for lovers of magical, mystical, spiritual & witchy things. Open to receive a mix of items curated with the highest quality materials that always include a splash of magic to make you feel extra special! Anyone can subscribe to get a box. Whether you are a baby witch or well-seasoned practitioner, these boxes are crafted to suit any level of experience.

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Photo of Spiral Rain's Witch box current box 2022 BOX THEMES


2022 Witch box themes : January - Green Witch / February - Cottage Witch / March - Traditional Witchcraft / April - Faery Witch / May - Kitchen Witch / June - Cosmic Witch / July - Sea Witch / August - Divination Witchcraft / September - Hedge Witch / October - Sigil Witchcraft / November - Draconic Witchcraft / December - Egyptian Witchcraft

Order by December 14th to get this box!

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Q: Hi, I’ve been messagingSpiral Rain. I have 3 sub gifts and 3-4 for me. All of them say there was a problem with delivery and to message them… and I have. They haven’t contacted me.but still take my $$Asked by Brandi G., October 2021

Spiral Rain answered...October 2021

Good morning Mrs Goodge,
I have responded to all 7 of your emails yesterday morning with pictures attached as proof. Please check your inbox. All of the boxes I have sent you are tracked and the tracking shows all of them have been delivered and your October boxes are in transit to be delivered next week.
I am not sure why you are sending me these awful emails and also writing this on our posting. Although I am not sure why you are claiming fraud when you have obviously received each month's shipments. Each month when the boxes are shipped out, the shipper and Cratejoy will send you an email saying your boxes are shipped. Maybe this is confusing you to think there is a shipping issue...

Good morning Mrs Goodge,
I have responded to all 7 of your emails yesterday morning with pictures attached as proof. Please check your inbox. All of the boxes I have sent you are tracked and the tracking shows all of them have been delivered and your October boxes are in transit to be delivered next week on October 6th. There are no issues with your packages.
I don't understand why you are sending me these awful emails and also writing...

by Rani K., October 2021

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Boîte mensuelle

Sep 02, 2022
Verified Purchase
Nadejda S.
1 Review
Subscribed for 2 months

J'adore tout le contenu de ma boîte! Tout est magnifique, choisi avec goût et de très bonne qualité !

Must have witchy subscription box

Aug 20, 2022
Verified Purchase
Kristin B.
3 Reviews
1 Helpful
Subscribed for 4 months

I have tried a lot of witchy subscription boxes, and this is one of my favorite by far. Every month, it is full of useful items that are so beautifully curated and clearly made with so much love and intention. The booklets which accompany the boxes always have excellent information pertaining to the practice, and I keep them all for future reference, they are huge value alone. The energy that goes into Spiral Rain is pure magic, I only wish I could get them all!! Excellent for beginners and experienced practitioners alike.

Excited for the next one!

Jan 12, 2022
Christine L.
1 Review

This is a lovely box--it came much sooner than we expected. I enjoy the amount of effort (including from her daughter!) into making the pieces and carefully wrapping them. The guides are also immensely helpful.

AWESOME BOX (only if discounted sadly)…

Dec 15, 2021
Verified Purchase
Claire G.
2 Reviews
2 Helpful
Subscribed for 26 days

LOVED BOX/have been desperately wanting to subscribe for some time now and it lived up to expectations :-) will say tho that sadly, given hefty price tag of subscription box, don’t feel like really got items equating/exceeding amount paid. Had I not purchased with coupon code, I think I might hav Edelstien differently.

Lovely but lacking

Oct 15, 2021
Verified Purchase
Jody B.
2 Reviews
2 Helpful
Subscribed for 27 days

I received my first box and found it to be lacking a little bit. I didn’t feel like I got a big enough bang for my buck like some of my other subscription boxes. I’ll still keep trying though…I usually give a company 3 tries to hold my attention.

Love these boxes!

Oct 18, 2021
Jessyka K.
4 Reviews
4 Helpful

I love everything that I have received and am looking forward to receiving more! This month's Witch box didn't have a lot of items, but I understood why, once I opened my Hecate candle! A triple moon obsidian and a small Lemurian quartz point! Wow, those alone sell for over 10$! The oil format was also bigger than usually, a full ounce instead of 1/3 of an ounce! What does Hecate smell like, it's hard to say, at first, it's earthy, flowery and it finishes with a deep chocolate note! Wonderful, really! I also loved the ritual included in this month's box and I really appreciate that everything needed is in the box! The incense had a small obsidian piece sitting on top of it to charge the mix and they included charcoal disks which is always appreciated! A beautiful key, stickers, chime candles and last but not least a stunning rainbow moonstone pyramid! As usual, Rani's grimoire magazine tops it all off! I don't know how she does it, but she manages to create a magazine I look forward to each month!

Subscription box

Jun 05, 2021
Verified Purchase
Jaine G.
10 Reviews
3 Pictures
2 Helpful
Subscribed for 2 months

I love this subscription box! A very creative box. I love everything I have received. Excellent box!!!😊❤️

I love it!

Jun 11, 2021
Verified Purchase
Claire H.
2 Reviews
2 Helpful
Subscribed for 19 days

When I first opened the box it didn't seem much as there were 5 items only. However there was a booklet that came with the box and for me that made everything worth it. What I wanted from a box is to learn more about spirituality and witchcraft from a reliable source and how to implement the concepts into my everyday life - and this box does exactly that. The booklet Spiral Rain wrote clearly took a lot of effort and time and enlightened me on all aspects of witchcraft from astrology to chakras to spells and rituals and more. The products itself are also handmade and very, very good quality. For example, I received an intention candle charged with reiki and with moonstones and real silver flakes in it. Given the quality, despite the few items, the box definitely is a good value for money and definitely something worth purchasing if you want a learning experience.

Inspiring, Uplifting and Powerful!!

Apr 07, 2021
Verified Purchase
Emily C.
8 Reviews
6 Helpful
Subscribed for 1 month

This is one of the best boxes available for self-care, chackras, witchy information, intention setting and manifestation. The amount of detail Rani puts into her boxes is absolutely breathtaking, inspiring and magical. Her boxes feel like she made them just for you. She always has excellent reading materials and goes above and beyond with helping you to make the best use out of her boxes. I highly suggest visiting her website for even more amazing deals or box-purchase combinations (she makes 4 different types of boxes, and they are amazing). This is a wonderful box! Highly recommended!

Waist of Money

May 04, 2021
Verified Purchase
Ashley P.
8 Reviews
5 Helpful
Subscribed for 16 days

Saying that I was upset would be a understatement. I literally feel like I was robbed. I received a 4 oz candle, some busted bath salts that were all over the box a book and some tumbled stones worth maybe $5. I would say this is a $20 box maybe $25. Dont waste your money people.

Spiral Rain said...May 04, 2021

Hi Ashley,
I am sorry you didn't like your box and that it arrived with a broken bath salt. I wish you would have contacted me in order for me to be able to make it right by you and send you another. To be clear this month's box had a candle, bath salts, wood altar plaque all of these are handmade and have a retail value of 48$, also a book with a set of 5 crystals and the grimoire magazine. Was the altar plaque missing in your box??? FYI the book alone is sold at 24.99$ CAD. If you can get those stones at 5$ great for you, you have a better supplier than I do. The grimoire magazine alone has over 50...

Past boxes from Spiral Rain's Witch box

December Box Theme

December Box Theme

December’s Witch boxes are going to be a bit different. We have partnered with Sacred Spaces, and they have made 3 items to discover and to add to your rituals. December’s Witch box theme is Spirituality.

November's Theme

November's Theme

This month we are exploring the theme of Shinrin-Yoku which translates to Forest Bathing, open to find items to connect with Mother Earth and a special collection dedicated to Shinrin-Yoku.

October's Box Theme

October's Box Theme

October is a big month and my favourite! To celebrate, this month's box theme is Hecate, the goddess of witches. I have dedicated October’s box to her and made a special collection to honour her. Open to find a special crystal, ritual oil, soy wax candle, incense and a ritual to work with Hecate. for a retail value over 90$.

September's Box Theme

September's Box Theme

September is all about well-being and taking care of yourself at Spiral Rain. Open to find 2 spell kits to bring in light and ease pains, a tea ritual for Pitta balance, a 4oz soy wax candle and our grimoire magazine.

August Box Theme

August Box Theme

This month we are exploring th theme of Creativity. Open to find a ritual to get your creative juices going with a hands-on project, a soy wax candle, incense, ritual oil, crystal and our monthly magazine.

July's box

July's box

This month we are exploring the 22 chakras! Open to find items to help you cleanse and align your chakras including items focussed on the 7 main chakras and the monthly grimoire magazine of over 50 pages.

June's Box theme

June's Box theme

This month we are exploring the Moon theme and the goddess Selene. Open to find a beautiful book, a moon bookmark made by one of our subscribers, a soy wax Selene candle, a Selene ritual or room spray and a beautiful goddess stone.

May's box theme

May's box theme

This month we are working on bringing out the witchy goddess in you. What's better than a book, candle, bath salts, altar plaque and meditation ritual with crystals?

April's theme

April's theme

April is all about working with the elements and finding balance within them. We are also including items for Beltane which will be celebrated on May 1st.

March's Box

March's Box

This month it's all about Abundance and Ostara at Spiral Rain. Open our boxes to find items to help you with the law of attraction and to celebrate Ostara.

February's Box Theme

February's Box Theme

February is all about self-love at Spiral Rain. Open to find a self-love ritual and spells with a luxurious body scrub, love oil, facial toner, crystal grid with stones, candle and tea.

January's Box

January's Box

January is all about New Beginnings and a preview of Imbolc coming February 1st. Open to find items and spells to help you clear the old and set the tone for a intentional New Year.

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