Wonder Crate (Ages 7-11)

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Books and fun activities to introduce kids to real people that changed the world.
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Who They See, Shows Them Who They Can Be!

Inspire the next generation of change-makers by introducing them to real people that used their courage, perseverance, and passion to make the world a better place. Each package contains a chapter book AND hands-on activity to spark curiosity and connect kids to their own possibilities. The Wonder Crate series is for ages 7-11.
  • Paint portraits with Frida Kahlo, create a zen garden with the Dalai Lama, build houses with Frank Lloyd Wright. Who they see, shows them who they can be!
  • Fun hands-on activities to spark curiosity and connect kids to their own possibilities.
  • Books from NY Times best-selling "Who Was" book series to inspire kids to dream big, one great role model at a time!
  • First month comes in a 100% cotton tote bag.
  • Makes a great last minute gift! 1,3, 6 and 12 month gift subscriptions available. Printable gift card included with all gifts.

Sneak Peek

Photo of Wonder Crate (Ages 7-11) current box Creative Construction: Frank Lloyd Wright and You!

Creative Construction: Frank Lloyd Wright and You!

Read about Frank Lloyd Wright and learn how a boy that loved blocks went on to design the Guggenheim. Then design your own dream house. Get ready to be inspired!

Order by December 1st to get this box!

Customer Questions (5)


Q: Thinking of buying the Wonder Crate Combo as a gift for my niece 11 and nephew 9 Is it too young for an 11 year old? Can I order past crates? Which famous people will be featured in the coming months?Asked by Claire R., January 2021

Wonder Crate answered...January 2021

We recommend Wonder Crate for ages 8-12 (though it depends on the child). We use the Who Was chapter book series. We currently have 1 past crate on our website but sometimes more get added. As for upcoming boxes, you can check the "What's Inside" section of our website to see the boxes in each series (however, we do continue to add more).


Q: Is there a way to order this now and make sure it doesn’t ship until just before Christmas?Asked by Christina C., November 2020

Wonder Crate answered...November 2020

Yes! Just send us an email when you place the order or put a note in the gift message letting us know when you want it to ship.


Q: What is the age range for this box? I want to find a subscription box for my 4 year old niece; although she's young, she's pretty advanced and doesn't enjoy "normal" 4 year old things.Asked by Molly M., July 2019

Wonder Crate answered...July 2019

We recommend ages 6-12 but it depends


Q: Can I have your official web add to review the crates?Asked by Sherry C., August 2020

No answers yet! Be the first to help by adding an answer below.

Reviews (13)

Wonder crate

Sep 25, 2021
Verified Purchase
Becca B.
7 Reviews
1 Picture
1 Helpful
Subscribed for 15 days

Love this! My students will enjoy the books and activities.


Oct 28, 2020
Verified Purchase
Kathy M.
2 Reviews
Subscribed for 1 year

she loved it

One subscription we want to keep!

Jan 26, 2020
Cc H.
1 Review
2 Pictures
3 Helpful

My kiddo is into the subscription boxes and we are trying out many of them to see which ones are keepers. Here’s what we think about the wonder crate jr box for 5 to 7 year olds.
- really like the idea behind the crate. What differentiates it from other craft and learning crates is that you focus on learning about one innovator/notable figure
- excellent quality book included. Kiddo sat through in one reading and we re read it again. She learned a lot
- fosters the type of values that my family wants to encourage (so true what the creator says about social media and entertainment begin the focus of what mainstream media wants for our kids!)
- kiddo really enjoyed making her dream catcher which was a cute craft paired with the crate
- came with pamphlet highlighting points about the figure featured
- a new pencil - and yes somehow kids like pencils
- and a small booklet with activities but that didn’t hold my kiddo’s attention much
I think it’s a fun box and I’m glad we subscribed. It feels a bit costly for what you get in the junior box but we would subscribe with a discount and/or a longer subscription period to cut down on price.
It is a great box to complement other of my kid’s favorite boxes and I’d recommend it !!

Must Buy

Jan 28, 2020
Verified Purchase
Sandra F.
1 Review
1 Helpful
Subscribed for 3 months

I would give 10 stars if I could!! I bought this for two of my grandchildren for Christmas. Boy age 5 and girl age 10. I got my 5 year old the jr crate. They love it!! I did a survey and they sent a gift for each child. Their names in a colorfull magnet. WITH a handwritten note!! They were estatic!! The kids are our future and the need this positive nuturing! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!

Not what I was expecting

Aug 06, 2019
Verified Purchase
Katrina C.
1 Review
Subscribed for 1 month

My 6 year old struggled with this box. It was slightly advanced for him. Also, I was under the impression that they would receive a cape and badge which he did not receive.
Disappointed by my first crate.

Wonder Crate said...Aug 06, 2019

I am sorry to hear that you are disappointed. We used to have a box that was for younger kids that came with a cape but we haven't had that series in over a year. Where did you get that information from (so we can update it)? Our current product is recommended for ages 7-11 and introduces kids to a new inspirational role model each month with a book from the Who Was book series and fun hands-on activities.

We love it!

Apr 15, 2019
Verified Purchase
Heidi M.
9 Reviews
7 Helpful
Subscribed for 4 months

My daughter loves these books, so a subscription WITH them was definitely a hit in this house! We received Who was Marie Curie first. She reads them a little bit each day before school and had to finish before we do the activities (that's our deal with each other). Magnetic Putty is one of the coolest things I've ever seen. We're pretty obsessed with it now! The mindfulness cards that came with the Dalai Lama have already been a major help for everyone in the family. What a smart thing to send to little ones to learn coping mechanisms at such a young age! Can't wait for our 3rd book. Silly me though, I re-ordered 3 more months while still having a month left, I hope they see it and send 2 different books. If not, my fault I guess and I'll gift it.
Seriously though, money well spent here. We're all very happy!

So fun and inspiring!

Mar 20, 2019
Jessie C.
1 Review
1 Helpful

We look forward to our Wonder Crate deliveries. My 7 and 9 year old boys love the interactive game and crafts in each box. Our favorite is reading about these inspirational children making a difference in our world. My boys have gathered and donated their lightly used books to Read Indeed, after learning about the organization in their Wonder Crate box. It's helped them realize that they play an important role in our society and they can make a difference. Please keep inspiring our future generations.
P.S.- Wonder Crate makes for great birthday gifts. We have gotten positive feedback from the families we have gifted to.

Fun and educational

Dec 12, 2017
Bridgit A.
1 Review
2 Helpful

My 5-year old daughter loved the items in her Wonder Crate. They were age-appropriate and challenging, but not too frustrating. The puzzle ball is a great toy to keep her busy for a long car trip or waiting at the doctor's office and encourages problem solving. The game was fast pace and fun while she was learning math skills (but didn’t even know it). The book explained a growth mindset in terms that she understood and there was even a section for parents. The online lesson was a great way to reinforce the concepts in the book and the lunch box notes are a nice daily reminder for her. I feel like we've both learned a lot and have gotten our money's worth.

Love it!!

Dec 01, 2017
Annecavaliere C.
1 Review

Wonder Create has been great at helping me teach my daughter about the importance of effort. She can give up easily and I really wanted to get her a gift that helps her understand how persistence pays off. She loves the toys in the box and plays with the puzzle ball A LOT. The book was perfect for her age (8 years old) in explaining how she really can get better at anything she practices. I've seen a change in the way she looks at new challenges and I am so grateful. Thank you.

A refreshing alternative to the traditio

Dec 01, 2017
1 Review

My 7 year old received a Wonder Crate as recent birthday gift and she loved it. Lately everything seems to peak her curiosity and all the items in this box intrigued her. The Bubblegum Brain book was a hit and we enjoyed playing countless rounds of the Blink game. We love it because each game literally only takes a minute or so, so nobody gets bored. The lunch box notes were a big hit for both of us. Would highly recommend putting Wonder Crate on your short list of future gift ideas.

Photos from reviews of Wonder Crate (Ages 7-11)

Past boxes from Wonder Crate (Ages 7-11)

Brave Exploration: Sally Ride and You!

Brave Exploration: Sally Ride and You!

Learn all about Sally Ride and the confidence and curiosity it took to be the first woman in space. Then study the stars with your stargazing guide and make glow-in-the-dark constellations for your bedroom. You will be sure to dream about being an astronaut!

Compassion in Action: The Dalai Lama and You!

Compassion in Action: The Dalai Lama and You!

Read about the Dalai Lama, practice mindfulness for inner peace and compassion, create your own zen garden to quiet your mind, and earn your compassion button.

Protecting the Planet: Jane Goodall and You!

Protecting the Planet: Jane Goodall and You!

Learn about Jane Goodall, discover how you can protect the planet and earn your social responsibility magnet.

Curious Minds to Build a Better Tomorrow: Bill Gates and You!

Curious Minds to Build a Better Tomorrow: Bill Gates and You!

Learn about Bill Gates, create your own computer game using Scratch, make a binary code bracelet and earn your curiosity magnet.

Using Your Voice: Malala Yousafzai and You!

Using Your Voice: Malala Yousafzai and You!

Learn about Malala Yousafzai, discover how you can use your voice to help others and earn your bravery magnet.

Overcoming Obstacles: Louis Braille and You!

Overcoming Obstacles: Louis Braille and You!

Blind from the age of four, Louis Braille was only fifteen when in 1824 he invented a reading system that converted printed words into columns of raised dots. Read about Louis Braille and discover how he overcame many obstacles in his quest to bring the world of books to the blind. Teach yourself how to sight read basic braille and practice writing in braille with candy dots. Get ready to be inspired!

Optimistic Outlook: Maya Angelou and You!

Optimistic Outlook: Maya Angelou and You!

Read about Maya Angelou and how she went from an actress and calypso dancer with a traveling opera to a civil rights activist and one of the most celebrated poets of all time. Create your own poems on your metal lunch box with your magnetic poetry set. Get ready to be inspired!

Curious Minds: Nikola Tesla and You!

Curious Minds: Nikola Tesla and You!

Read about Nikola Tesla and how he went from a curious kid who stayed up all night reading to one of the most brilliant and influential scientists of all time. Experiment with static electricity and discover how circuits work with your light-up Energy Ball. Get ready to be inspired!

Determined Dissent: Ruth Bader Ginsburg and You!

Determined Dissent: Ruth Bader Ginsburg and You!

Read about Ruth Bader Ginsburg and how this soft spoken and kind child grew up to be a tireless fighter for gender equality and civil rights. Then practice making your own arguments with the Make a Case Card game. Fun for the whole family. Get ready to be inspired!

The King of Jazz: Louis Armstrong and You!

The King of Jazz: Louis Armstrong and You!

In February we are celebrating innovators, activists and artists of color that have changed the world. Read about Louis Armstrong and how a poor boy from New Orleans became a jazz musician beloved around the world. Then practice making your own musical arrangements and learn how to play the harmonica. Get ready to be inspired!

The Queen of Cooking: Julia Child and You!

The Queen of Cooking: Julia Child and You!

Read about Julia Child and how this 6'2" teenager who loved to play basketball (and was a bad cook) became a fearless woman who filmed French cooking lessons in her own kitchen. Then design your own apron and practice making recipes from scratch. Get ready to be inspired!

Curious about Crocodiles: Steve Irwin and You!

Curious about Crocodiles: Steve Irwin and You!

We are celebrating Earth Day with a box about Steve Irwin. Read about Steve Irwin and how this boy with a pet python went on to save wildlife and their habitats around the world. Grow your own pet alligator and do your part to help the planet by making seed paper cards.

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