Wonderful Objects by Wonder and Company

Unbox a Story with magical teasers and mystery boxes. Whimsical experiences for adults and kids.

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$72.00+ $63.00+ / 3 months
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Unbox a Story. So much more than a mystery box.
Look with wonder at the world around you and ask "What if...?" A mystery box each quarter with unexpected magical teasers arriving unannounced. Boxes for both whimsical adults and kids. "It's like living inside a book!" - Kade "I bought this for date nights with my wife. We open [everything] and talk about it over dinner. We love it." - James
  • Each quarter is themed around a "What if...?" question: What if you ran away with the circus? What if you could fly? These are the wonderful objects you would bring home when you return.
  • Unexpected magical teasers arrive unannounced ahead of your mystery box.
  • Each box contains custom-designed and handcrafted objects hand-picked to transport you into a world of wonder:
  • Interesting items for your home and creative space, wearable delights (from baubles to scents), limited edition art, stationery, and more!
  • Kids' Box designed in partnership with historic children's publisher Cricket Media. Interactive multi-media elements across magazines, the mystery box, and Cricket-moderated forums for kids to solve codes, add to the story, and more!
Subscriber Reviews
4.3 of 5 stars
by Teresa written 2 months ago
I'd seen glowing reviews for this box on different sites. The items always looked amazing, unique, and high-quality. The "Lucky" box I received was anything but. Aside from a cute unicorn print, the other items were tiny or oddly low quality--a huge plastic (?) wishbone paperweight and a keychain? Just not worth the high price of the box. Hopefully they can bounce back to awesome citations like the "Time Traveler" box I missed out on. I won't know, as I've already cancelled.
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So much fun!
by Theresa written 3 months ago
I ordered both the kids and the adult boxes and absolutley loved them both. The items we toughtfully curated and themed around claw and hand. I was intrigued and mind open to wonder. There was a prequal letter, that at the time did not make sense to my kids because it was the final piece to an ongoing puzzle. I think they changed this sequential format and moved into a thematic singular stand alone box. The service was outstanding, since two of the items (being fragile) arrived broken they were replaced immediatly and without any hassle. My only issue is the cost. But for a special occasion, I would/will purchase again.
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Brings out the kid in me
by Michelle written 6 months ago
The worst thing about this box is waiting for it to arrive. I wished it shipped monthly -- or is weekly too frequent? This box is such a delight. The items are fantastic -- they're the types of things I admire in stores but often pass over because of their price or out of a concern I'd never use them. But in the hands of Wonder and Company, each item becomes a souvenir from a magical journey: a necklace becomes a relic from a trip though time, a keepsake box becomes a trinket discovered in a secret garden. The boxes are carefully curated to transport you on a journey of the imagination. In the weeks before the box arrives, you'll receive a mystery package that hints at the box to come and then the anticipation builds! It's just so much fun to step outside of your workaday world and immerse yourself in the story they create for you. The adventure is definitely worth the price.
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