Wonderful Objects by Wonder and Company

Unbox a Story with magical teasers and mystery boxes. Whimsical experiences for adults and kids.

$54.00+ / 3 months

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3.8 of 5 stars
No box sent
by Tanya written Mar 28, 2018
I had a subscription with them in their early days and enjoyed it (clever, interesting concept and cool boxes), but canceled because it was a bit pricey for my budget. Resubscribed back in November 2017, paying for a full year. It's now the end of March 2018 and I have yet to receive a box. I regret subscribing. Learn from my mistake :-(
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by Trista written Mar 14, 2018
I ordered a box for my child in October, I read it was on a quarter system so i knew it would be a while. Come January, still no box, I become weary. Days before Feb we received an email stating due to christmas (2 months prior) shipping was delayed... Ok, i was willing to over look this, Feb came and went and early March I received an email that the box had finally shipped. I just received the box today (March 13th) and man was I disappointed. My daughter opened the box to find a beautifully wax sealed envelope with a note and key inside. I was ready to see the wonders that 60 plus dollars brought my child. That letter is were the "wonder" both began and ended. Inside i found a piece of cardstock with a "tesseract" printed on it ($1), note cards... (yes freaking notecards $1), one floating motion drop (that comes in a pack of three for 15 dollars so it costs 5 bucks at most), a six inch wooden door ($3 at the local craft store sure they got a dicount for buying bulk) dollar store arcylic paint, a 50 cent "magical" easer and a kikkerland bulb light ($8 on amazon) sooooo. please spend your hard earned money somewhere else. PLEASE STAY AWAY. If you want your kid to have a magical experience, look up how to create your own box and just buy items yourself. Wonder objects is a scam.
Box very very late.
by Lori written Jan 21, 2018
I really enjoyed my first box, even though it had a broken item (that I contacted the company about and never got a response back). I signed up for a year's subscription in May of 2017 and I have only received one box (as of late January 2018) so far. They've finally sent out an update mentioning vendor problems and promise a February ship date on the Fall box. Since I signed up they've lowered their pricing--so now I REALLY feel like I've wasted money.
They’ve contacted me.
by Nicole written Jan 13, 2018
They’ve made contact and they’ve offered a refund. Am not happy with this experience but atleast they offered a refund.
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by Kathy written Sep 07, 2017
This was my first box and I'm thrilled with the contents! They are unique, interesting and quality? I'm so glad that I subscribed!
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Good Customer Service
by Cristina written Sep 05, 2017
I posted a negative review yesterday that I never received my box and I canceled my subscription. Shortly after, I did receive an apologetic email right away offering a refund. I also received an email today notifying that my box has shipped out. I am looking forward to the arrival of the box and am pleased with their customer service.
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perfect gift
by Sara written Sep 05, 2017
This is the best thing I've ever given, a year of magic! The gift subscription plan is so easy, you can set it up for a one time purchase, to renew quarterly, or nab a full year at a time. I am so excited for my sister to receive her fancy gift message and hope she loves the items as much as I have with my own subscription. I don't ever want to miss a quarter!
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Eagerly awaiting my next adventure!
by Lauryl written Sep 04, 2017
I am absolutely obsessed with the magic and wonder that is the Wonderful Objects subscription box! I seriously cannot even begin to describe how delightful it is. I eagerly await it's arrival every quarter and with it's arrival, I am transported into the most marvelous story. I love how it all unfolds with every item I uncover in the box. Not only do the items transport you into the story for a moment, they are actual items that I use in my every day life, therefore placing a little magic and wonder in the mundane of the ordinary. Now when I dry my dishes I feel a little luckier because I'm using the cutest towel from the luck box. When I light a candle, have a sip of hot chocolate, and take a bath I am off in another time, because I'm using the candle, bath salts and drinking chocolate from the time travelers box. Every box offers a little escape from the crazy realities of life for a magical moment that I get to relive over and over again as I actually use the items received. I can hardly wait for my next adventure!!!! I love the care and detail that goes into each box and the customer service is out of this world!
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Magical, whimsical and amazing
by Sara written Sep 04, 2017
So far this subscription has blown my socks off -- from the gorgeous items, magical questions each box asks, to the fun tone even the customer service emails use. Each box has been wildly varied and I love how everything arrives unexpectedly every quarter. Please Wonderful Objects, NEVER STOP MAKING THESE BOXES. I have received the Tourist Trap Box, Time Travel Box, and Lucky Box.
by Teresa written Jun 28, 2017
I'd seen glowing reviews for this box on different sites. The items always looked amazing, unique, and high-quality. The "Lucky" box I received was anything but. Aside from a cute unicorn print, the other items were tiny or oddly low quality--a huge plastic (?) wishbone paperweight and a keychain? Just not worth the high price of the box. Hopefully they can bounce back to awesome citations like the "Time Traveler" box I missed out on. I won't know, as I've already cancelled.
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