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Sep 10, 2019
Pamela N.
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I liked the products but hoping to get some British and Japanese products next! I really loved the Indian “Cheetos”.

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Jul 09, 2018
Randi R.
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I ordered june 28th and recieved my package july 9th. It took a week or better before my box was ready to be shipped, not the day of. The chocolate stuff is melted so i had to stick the box in my fridge for a while. I wish it came with a paper or booklet that stated where each item came from. I had to google some items because some didnt have a "product of" description on them. Otherwise im satisfied. I subscribed for 3 months so i hope my next 2 boxes dont take as long and that the items wont be all melted.

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Good box but shortcuts taken

Jan 13, 2019
Lauren B.
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Great variety, but include the contents. They just have a paper that says to look at the packaging of each snack to see where the snack is from. Not all of them say in English. I don't know what several of the items are. Kinda kills the fun of it. Exploration Crate put the effort in. This would be five stars if they would just put in the same effort.

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