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He loved it

by Ashley W., Mar 17, 2019

I bought this for my fiance so he can have a lityle splurge item come in the mail and he LOVES wwe and wrestling. The items were nice and the shirt was a good quality. There was a shirt, pin, a dvd, a signed picture, and a little action figure that resembled those pop dolls. There were also some promotional wrestling things like wristbands that he didnt care for, but otherwise he loved it. I think the owners could even go down a box size because when we opened it, the box looked empty but overall, the items in it were fun. He mainly liked the shirt. Hes excited for next month!

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by Dana B., Jun 15, 2018

An item was misplaced originally from the Crate, but Wrestlecrate was quick to answer my questions and concerns about the missing item and replaced it immediately and were super friendly! Great service, will definitely be purchasing more products from Wrestlecrate!

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Because Queen KB says so!

by Kendra B., Jun 15, 2018

I've been a WC subscriber since almost the start. The crates were decent, but not great until the new owners took over. Since then the crates have been on time, and always perfect.

Okay, not always. One month I got a much smaller shirt, but before I could even email them I got a whole new crate in the mail with the same shirt in the correct size, and a slew of other items that were not in the first crate that month - no extra charge at all!

Last month there was an item missing from my crate, so I sent out an email. I received a confirmation email immediately. The next day was a personalized email, and two days after that I got a padded envelope with the item enclosed.

I'm working up an extensive numerous month review for my wrestling site, but seeing as so many people were unhappy with this crate, I thought I'd write up my feelings to counteract those written by people who had to deal with the previous owner.

Wrestle Crate is fantastic and my devotion to them over any other wrestling crate I've tried is proof of that.

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by Seth D., Jun 15, 2018

this is the best dang box in the business great value great products excellent customer service dont be a jabroni signup and get in on all the awesomeness that is wrestle crate its the only box that leaves me wanting the next months right after unboxing the current month never a bad item if your on the fence give em a shot its well worth it

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by Brandontypeshere, Jun 15, 2018

I love Wrestlecrate! It's filled with everything a wrestling fan would want. They are a great company and easy to talk to. If your a wrestling fan you can't go wrong with subscribing to this!

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by Rachael, Jun 15, 2018

Wrestle crate is better than any other subscription box I've tried and I've unsubscribed to the other ones that were a waste of my money so I can get the ultimate crate each month! From their customer service to the products I get in each and every crate I couldn't be more impressed. I will be a wrestle crate subscriber for life!!

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Awesome Crate

by Gary S., Jun 15, 2018

I get 4 different crates a month and by far wrestle crate was the best one of the month

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Wrestle Crate said...
Nov 14, 2017

Thanks for subscribing Gary! Appreciate the kind review.

Best wrestling crate out there!!!

by John B., Jun 15, 2018

I have been a subscriber for several months now. I get much more value than what I pay each month. They have great shorts, goodies, and autographs on each crate. Just the shirt and autograph alone is worth the crate by itself. Definitely get the ultimate crate so you get even more wrestling awesomeness each month.

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by Jordan C., Jun 15, 2018

Awesome box! Cant wait for more to come! Really hoping for some exclusive stuff in the future! Would like if they kept putting Indy DVDs in the boxes instead of WWE. Keep the figures coming!!

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by Patrick B., Jun 15, 2018

Consistently Impressed, Well worth the price, I started with the first box, and I don't plan on canceling.

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