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Worst Customer Service
by KayGriffin written Jul 24, 2018
I was super frustrated with this company. They forgot to send me two of my first three watches. I had to email them to remind them to send them. I was also overcharged for my subscription renewal and have had no success in trying to get my money refunded, mainly due to the fact that I literally just cannot get ahold of the support team.
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Do not recommend
by N written Jun 18, 2018
I purchased the upgraded tier membership. I initially saw the watch for the current month. In the description it says you can request the current months watch (as long as membership is purchased before the end of the month), so I emailed the support team to confirm I would get the current months watch. After 1 week no response.....another email sent.....2 weeks later no response. I finally called today to just cancel the membership, and the call went to voicemail. So it looks like I need to call my bank now.
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Awful service
by matt written Jun 12, 2018
They said they would send a exchange and didn't after i complained. Right after the payment stopped pending on my bank account everything changed! The way the run the company is just like a scam... Go to watchgang 10x better watches and service, this company wont last with giving you $3 watches you can get on amazon
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Do not use this service
by Michael written Apr 15, 2018
I recieved my watch from this company and the watch was too small. Customer service told me sometimes watches of that style come small. They reffered me to amazon to replace my leather band with a nylon one. Company refused to except an exchange for a larger size nor refund. I have found another site that actually questions your size and style. I refuse to tolerate treatment of this sort from any company i am a paying customer and deserve to be treated with more respect.
Not a bad deal - but CS is horrible
by Jovanni written Mar 15, 2018
I've been an elite member since August 2017, so I pay $39/month for a watch and a complimenting bracelet. However, I have already received 2 duplicate bracelets which is rather irritating when I'm paying the extra $10.. I've also had 2 watches with the leather bands have the second strap holder snap. I have reached out to customer service on multiple occasions with either zero response or a late response after several follow up emails. Having many years of customer service experience I take this very seriously. I have a smaller wrist, and most of the bands that come with the watch are too big, or not able to adjust (I have a watch kit and I can't take out the links) - so I emailed them asking about the band sizes so I could order my own to make them fit. This being said, I have heard no response and I have about 4 watches that are useless because they don't fit.. The lack of customer service + duplicate bracelets + cheap bands is making me want to cancel my membership or jump ship to another watch subscription. Not to mention, I have yet to receive my March watch and it's already 15 days after it was supposed to ship. The site claims they ship your watch on the 1st, but that maybe happened once or twice since I started this subscription. Wrist Society needs to re-evaluate their priorities, which I would recommend having a better focus on their customer service and timing of delivery. I will say that I do like most of these watches, and the price isn't that bad. I'll stick around for another month or so but I will probably be cancelling.
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A true, high quality service!
by Kelly written Mar 07, 2018
This is a fantastic service and product. I've been a member for roughly a year and have yet to be disappointed. With my job, I work about 80 hours a week and getting out to buy the very few accessories that most men incorporate into their attire, such as a good watch, is rare for me. That being said, Wrist Society resolved that problem with their monthly subscription service and I truly appreciate the quality and craftsmanship put into the watches that I receive each month. There are a lot of subscription services out there that offer similar products, but WS is by far the most legit. I also had a brief opportunity to talk to the owner to ask a couple of questions. Michael was very polite and did not make me feel rushed. Having come from a customer service background, too often do you hear about the negative experiences, when we should be taking more time to discuss all of the positive. I will tell you this...WS is the real deal and they have a customer for life. Thank you guys!
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Did not feel it was worth it.
by Johnny written Jan 01, 2018
I had this subscription for 3 months to give it a good try. The only watch I feel that was worth the money was one I bought from their store (that they did not create). When Wrist society started to create their own watches is when I feel the quality went way down. The three that I received as part of the subscription were light, and felt cheap to wear. I also have a subscription with Watchgang for the same period of time, I have since ended my subscription with Wrist Society, and continue with Watchgang, as I feel the quality is not only better, but since the watches from Watchgang can be researched you know the quality that you get, where as Wrist Society makes their own watches, there is no way to tell the quality of what you get. I really tried to like this subscription, but just couldn't. It didn't help that when talking with the webchat it was a big argument when I asked how they can prove that quality of what we get, it was not reassuring at all.
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Waste of money
by michael written Nov 26, 2017
Let me start off by saying that I am not person that ever writes reviews on anything and I was excited to try Wrist Society since I recently started collecting watches and already have a WatchGang subscription. I signed up with ease but have not been able to find a sign in page for members after my account was created to cancel my subscription. When my 1st and only watch came from them it was in a standard small watch box but when I opened it I was shocked to see that the watch was just loose and not secured to anything or even a little pillow to hold it in place. When I picked it up it felt like it was some cheap metal vending machine watch you pay 50 cents for in an arcade, it was rattling and I could hear that something wasn't right with it. The Hour/Second hand just moved freely in every direction that the watch went and it even tell time. So to summarize this it was a complete piece of crap and wouldn't recommend this to anyone. WatchGang is far superior in every way and the watches you get from them are quality time pieces. Don't waste your money on Wrist Society!
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Wrist Society said...
Dec 11, 2017
Hey Michael! First off thanks for the review. We actually take these very seriously. Watch quality is extremely important to us, we never send watches we wouldn’t personally wear, and let me tell you here at Wrist Society we’re tough critics when we put our watches to the test. You mentioned a competitor, some of things that sets us apart is the ability to send back watches you don’t like, in fact if you want - we would love to exchange the watch for you free of charge! Additionally with Wrist Society you can enjoy cheaper shipping as well as being part of a community where you vote on all our custom watch designs. To end, we’re sorry you feel this way! We wouldn’t be where we are today if we didn’t listen to the people that took time to review us. If you’d like an exchange simply reach out :)
by Timothy written Nov 22, 2017
My wife got me this subscription last year for an early Christmas present and I have been so thrilled with it. The watches that have been coming every month are perfect additions to my ever growing watch collection. On top of great watches the customer service this company provides is hands down one of the best I have come across. I make sure to mention Wrist Society to all my friends who are looking to expand their watch collection.
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Just okay
by Jonathan written Aug 03, 2017
Watch was okay....just a basic watch you could buy at Kohls for 40 bucks. The bracelet was broken. I only recommend if you want something your not going to really like.
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