Customized toolboxes of adult toys tailored just for you!

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$69.99+ $69.99+ / 3 months
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Let us do the Wurk for you...
Wurkbench custom curates a box of fun and adventure to spice up your sexy time. All you have to do is fill out a quick profile and let us get to work! We'll hand select items you want or are interested in exploring and send them to you every 3 months. The best part about it is that Wurkbench products bundled together are up to 40% off retail!
  • The Wurkbench Fantasy Box: 4+ products for $69.99+/3 months
  • The Wurkbench Sexy Time Box: 5+ products for $99.99+/3 months
  • The Wurkbench Pleasure Chest: several curated items for $129.99+/3 months
Subscriber Reviews
3.9 of 5 stars
customer service is a joke
by Chicago616 written last month
I have been trying to work with them for months to cancel my membership and get a refund for the box they sent after confirming my cancellation. It takes weeks and multiple attempts on my end before anyone responds and I still haven't seen a credit, even though the co-founder has been "working on it" for weeks. Save your time and don't do business with them.
by Erica written 3 months ago
Great customer service
Sex box, oh how fun!
by Courtney written 8 months ago
So just got my first box. Loved my special toys! Although the fishnet suit did not fit. I am 5'8 and chubby, with a long torso. So it didnt fit quite right on my chest. This is not a complete let down for me. Clothes are tough! The batteries that came with the one battery operated toy were dead, or the toy doesnt work at all. Ill be sure to update if it was indeed the toy being broken. All around, so far so good !!
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