Customized toolboxes of adult toys tailored just for you!

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F@*k Yeah!
by Lindsay written yesterday
I absolutely adore all the toys I received in my first box. The anticipation of the second is welling up inside me. 😉
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by Abigail written 2 months ago
Do not order !!! No box ever arrived and no one ever responds. Looks good on the surface from website but they are just there to scam people now.
customer service is a joke
by Chicago616 written 4 months ago
I have been trying to work with them for months to cancel my membership and get a refund for the box they sent after confirming my cancellation. It takes weeks and multiple attempts on my end before anyone responds and I still haven't seen a credit, even though the co-founder has been "working on it" for weeks. Save your time and don't do business with them.
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by Erica written 6 months ago
Great customer service
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Sex box, oh how fun!
by Courtney written 11 months ago
So just got my first box. Loved my special toys! Although the fishnet suit did not fit. I am 5'8 and chubby, with a long torso. So it didnt fit quite right on my chest. This is not a complete let down for me. Clothes are tough! The batteries that came with the one battery operated toy were dead, or the toy doesnt work at all. Ill be sure to update if it was indeed the toy being broken. All around, so far so good !!
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First Delivery (Fantasy Box)
by Ebony written 2 years ago
I'm very pleased with the outcome. I subscribed as a surprise to my Husband for our Anniversary. I didn't time it well and it came a month too early, but he was still pleasantly surprised. The toys seem to be good quality and at a fair price. I plan to try all of the boxes so I'll follow up. Enjoy!
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by Rocky written 2 years ago
I opted for the "Pleasure Chest" $129 + $8.95 shipping. I have received two boxes from Wurkbench and the first box I felt like I didn't get my money's worth (quick search on amazon - items in box worth about $80) so I wrote the company to ask them if I had received everything that I should have. I was told that I was missing an item from the box and they sent the "missing" item to me. When I received the missing item it was very obvious that this "missing" item was never meant to be in the box with the other items as it was too big. So at that point I knew that only the people that complained would be getting all that was owed to them. Even though the first box didn't go smoothly I decided to give it another shot. So when I got my second box, this time I only received about $110.00 of merchandise. I wrote the company again and after speaking with the Co-Founder Julie, I was promptly told that I should just cancel my subscription. She spoke to me as if I was just being ridiculous and a difficult customer. I told her that I only want what I was promised. On the Wurkbench website it says: " Not to mention you will save up to 40% or more buying through this subscription ". In my case it's more like spending 40% more by using their service. She didn't even try to make things right, She just canceled my subscription "as a courtesy". She told me that: "I'll credit you back $13.44 to cover the total cost of shipping we paid for and the "value" you've given your box." But after 3 weeks and no refund I asked her again about it and she gave me $15. So if you are thinking about trying this box you would be better off just searching "sex toys" on Amazon and buy the first 7 things that pop up and hope for the best. At least you would be getting a fare value for those items.
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So much fun!
by Patti written 2 years ago
We enjoyed everything in the box!
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by Jillian written 2 years ago
Very good products
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High quality! Great value!
by Corinne written 2 years ago
This subscription service is totally worth it for anyone looking for high quality relationship or personal use products. I received four amazing items, two of which I would have had difficulty finding on my own. Nothing was sample sized. Highly recommend.
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