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I have a yarn crush and should too
by Kathryn written 6 months ago
This is my favorite yarn subscription. The yarn is always fantastic, the patterns are diverse and fun plus they come printed and you can download them as well and the little extras in each box a fun and different too. But the best thing is the customer service. It is the best I've ever seen. Responses are fast and cheery. Absoluetly A1 service! ♡♡♡
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I love anything knitting and yarn!
by Amy written 9 months ago
I think this subscription is awesome!! However, I found the pattern for the Lemonade Parade Shawlette to be very confusing the way it was written out. I had to contact the designer for help, which luckily she responded promptly, but I feel it's important for people who haven't been knitting for years that the instructions are straightforward. Otherwise, I LOVE the yarn and I love that you included all the notions!
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Not for me
by Kimberly written 9 months ago
It's not difficult or expensive to include a pattern in the shipment instead of having to search for it online. Also needles are inexpensive and should be included.
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Wonderful Knit Pattern
by Marion written 9 months ago
Love the gradient yarn for the knitted shawl, however, I didn't like the crochet pattern. I do not have any small children in the household and do not know any small child to give it to
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by Karen written 9 months ago
Beautiful yarn, great projects - try this box!! I love the one I just got, last month's project turned out so nice and I'm looking forward to the next one.
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Love it!
by Jenna written 9 months ago
I'm a big knitter and a huge yarn snob. I had a really difficult time finding a yarn subscription that I really like. This one I LOVE!
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What's not to love?
by Jennifer written 9 months ago
I have yet to be disappointed by Yarn Crush! This month is not different. The gradient yarn is so pretty, I got the warm color set so I'm going to make the shawl but I'm sure I have some yarn that will be suitable for the narwhal too!
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Loved my box
by Donna written 9 months ago
Going to have someone teach me how to make the whale because I'm a knitter but that ok my grandaughter loved the pucture
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My 2nd box
by Tina written 9 months ago
Omg, I love the unicorn whale. The yarn is beautiful. I'm like a kid at Christmas when I see my bright pink bag in the mailbox
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Great yarn!
by Laura written 9 months ago
Love it! I like that it included two very different patterns. That makes sure everyone has something they like to make.
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