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Your Audiobook Club

Delivering brand new audiobooks to your doorstep, providing hours of entertainment!

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$19.99+ / month
Product Overview
  • Your first box will ship within 7 days. For renewals we ship on the last week of the month. Expect to receive your order on the first week of the following month.
  • Ships to select countries from United States
  • Subscriptions automatically renew. Cancel anytime
Your Audiobook Club
Your Audiobook Club is a unique book themed subscription that delivers monthly boxes of entertainment right to your door. We deliver audiobooks that are easy to travel with and have multiple CDs to provide hours of entertainment! These are your CDs to keep.
  • 4 subscription options (based on genre): Thrillers, Romance, Nonfiction, and Surprise Me
  • Each box includes: 2 new audiobooks (multiple CDS)
  • Retail value always more than the subscription price
Subscriber Reviews
2.6 of 5 stars
Never got my 3rd box
by Joy written today
I cancelled after third month but before the payment was due to come out again. However never got my third box. In one of the boxes I did get they included one abridged version of one of the two books which seemed like a bit of a rip off.
Verified Purchase
Never got the 3rd box!!
by MICHELLE written yesterday
Still waiting on my 3rd box- still hasn't arrived. Over 25 days now. Sellers have not responded to several emails! Rip off!!
Verified Purchase
I tried
by Jessica written last month
So I ordered March 2nd and got an email saying it'll ship within 7 days. Great. Well 7 days comes and goes and I still haven't heard anything. I tried contacting through the site and I've either been ignored or it's not working. Come to March 15th and I've been charged again. Canceled my subscription and I'm asking politely for a refund before I go to my credit card company and refute the charges. I thought I was gonna love it but I never even got the product to try. Would have given it to the end of the month if they responded at all. But charged twice in one month with confirmation that there's even anything on it's way threw me off.
Verified Purchase
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