Your Audiobook Club

Delivering brand new audiobooks to your doorstep, providing hours of entertainment!

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$9.99+ / month
Product Overview
  • Your first box will ship within 7 days. For renewals we ship on the last week of the month. Expect to receive your order on the first week of the following month.
  • Ships to select countries from United States
  • Subscriptions automatically renew. Cancel anytime
Your Audiobook Club
Your Audiobook Club is a unique book themed subscription that delivers monthly boxes of entertainment right to your door. We deliver audiobooks that are easy to travel with and have multiple CDs to provide hours of entertainment! Audiobooks are great for commuters, business travelers, vacationers, and book enthusiasts. Give this as a gift or to treat yourself!
  • 4 subscription options (based on genre): Thrillers, Romance, Nonfiction, and Surprise Me
  • Each box includes: 2 new audiobooks (multiple CDS)
  • Retail value always more than the subscription price
Subscriber Reviews
3.3 of 5 stars
by james written last year
THE ONLY audio book subscription on crate joy and they dont even offer scifi, fantasy, action, westerns, Or audio comic books! When they offer these genres THEN we'll talk...
by Connie written last year
I'm giving them 3 stars only because they refunded my money and I got 4 audio books. First book I listened to is not that great. Short stories. I ordered my first box on July 13. It arrived August 21st. After about a week and a half, And cancellation of my subscription, I got an email saying that he had no idea I was trying to get ahold of them. I sent messages from their sight using "contact seller". Loooooong story short, 1st box was mis-addressed. Wrong state and wrong zip code. Went to CA. I'm in Nebraska. Shipped another box out July 31st. I, myself, called the post office in Arizona and got it cleared up. Not the company. Got the second shipment 8 days later. Not taking another chance.
by tammie written last year
i changed my mind i love the audio books i got and they got here on the 17th
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