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2.7 of 5 stars
No Quality Check
by Abigail written May 01, 2018
I have received 3 copies of the same audio book - The Dead Lands by Benjamin Percy and two copies of A Foreign Country. I wasn't going to say anything with the doubles, as I thought it was just an innocent mistake. However, when I received three copies of the same book it became ridiculous. I have enjoyed the subscription as this was my first experience with audio books. I do get my shipments on time and in good cartons. The audio books sent are enjoyable when not duplicates.
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Got my Pkg Yippee!!
by MICHELLE written Apr 25, 2018
Finally got my package after waiting about two months for my 3rd shipment - but I got it. Great selection of audios too! Thanks
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Never got my 3rd box
by Joy written Apr 25, 2018
I cancelled after third month but before the payment was due to come out again. However never got my third box. In one of the boxes I did get they included one abridged version of one of the two books which seemed like a bit of a rip off.
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Never got the 3rd box!!
by MICHELLE written Apr 23, 2018
Still waiting on my 3rd box- still hasn't arrived. Over 25 days now. Sellers have not responded to several emails! Rip off!!
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I tried
by Jessica written Mar 15, 2018
So I ordered March 2nd and got an email saying it'll ship within 7 days. Great. Well 7 days comes and goes and I still haven't heard anything. I tried contacting through the site and I've either been ignored or it's not working. Come to March 15th and I've been charged again. Canceled my subscription and I'm asking politely for a refund before I go to my credit card company and refute the charges. I thought I was gonna love it but I never even got the product to try. Would have given it to the end of the month if they responded at all. But charged twice in one month with confirmation that there's even anything on it's way threw me off.
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Missing orders, Duplicate Books
by Emma written Feb 06, 2018
Some books were decent, others not so much. And the missing order that no one responded to after my inquiries
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by Sarah written Jan 30, 2018
Ordered this back in October and still haven't received anything and it's January. No one is replying to my emails. This must be a scam. So upset, waste of money
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by james written Nov 28, 2017
THE ONLY audio book subscription on crate joy and they dont even offer scifi, fantasy, action, westerns, Or audio comic books! When they offer these genres THEN we'll talk...
by Connie written Aug 22, 2017
I'm giving them 3 stars only because they refunded my money and I got 4 audio books. First book I listened to is not that great. Short stories. I ordered my first box on July 13. It arrived August 21st. After about a week and a half, And cancellation of my subscription, I got an email saying that he had no idea I was trying to get ahold of them. I sent messages from their sight using "contact seller". Loooooong story short, 1st box was mis-addressed. Wrong state and wrong zip code. Went to CA. I'm in Nebraska. Shipped another box out July 31st. I, myself, called the post office in Arizona and got it cleared up. Not the company. Got the second shipment 8 days later. Not taking another chance.
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by tammie written Aug 17, 2017
i changed my mind i love the audio books i got and they got here on the 17th
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