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Disappointed with this box

Jul 14, 2019
Laura G.
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Subscribed for 2 months

Disappointed with this box. Had good reviews and the pictures of the box were great. Yeah, those pictures showing a nice wooden box crammed full of goodies are not in anyway representing this box. They are seriously misleading, even the one showing a lady 'opening' a box. There was a problem with the shipping on my 1st box but was fixed with the 2nd box. The 1st box had a book-reading the back cover made watching paint dry sound exciting, a sample size of citrus smelling bath salts, 4 half melted candies that looked like lemon chews and a nice vibe. The information card didn't even give basic info on how to use or care for the vibe. This box is being advertised for newbies and experienced women. I find that very distrubing. Is the vibe waterproof? How do you clean it- soap/ water or a toy cleaner? What about lube, water based or can silicone be used? What about storage? Nothing was included. The 2nd box was not worth the shipping cost. A mini vibe- still no care or information included with it. A notebook and pen-pen didn't work, a sample size of a citus perfume and some chocolate. The information card said there was a lemon candle but it wasn't in the box. I don't understand about the lemon/citus stuff. Both cards said it would help set the mood. The only thing I think of when smelling the stuff was cleaning products and cleaning, cleaning the bathroom...

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