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Sep 22, 2019
Beckie R.
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The first thing I opened was the purpose notes, which I found to be unhelpful, inaccurate, and the $40.00 price tag is outrageous and the information could be found in a Google search. The so-called original art looks like color copies and they were listed as $30.00 each. The value of these paper items seems fabricated to inflate the overall value of this subscription box. I would rather have the overall value at its true cost and not have these useless items, that have found their way to the trash. What a waste.
The other items, such as the salt and pepper shakers, tea towels, and Lenox glasses were nice and of better quality. But are not my taste and don't go together as well as I would expect with the cost of this subscription. I would like to have a note or story of how these items were decided upon or why they are being shipped together. I have other subscription boxes that tie all the items together with a theme or season that makes it more fun and interesting to receive.
I did like the earrings however I have seen them in the store for much less. Another fabrication of pricing to make the box seem more expensive.
If I hadn't paid for a 6 month subscription, I would be cancelling this order instead of writing this review. I am hoping the seller will take my feedback and create a box that matches the...

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