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Zen Tea Bar

Blooming a new way to Zen-fully sample teas you'll love!

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3.9 of 5 stars
Bad Gift Idea
by Jennifer written Nov 25, 2017
I am embarrassed to have given this as a gift back in August. I kept getting the same runaround about pre-shipping labels being created but nothing actually shipped. One box went out in September (which was a replacement for the August box), and nothing since then. Extending my subscription renewal date seemed like a nice gesture at the time, but what is the point when nothing has been shipped since September, and it's supposed to be a monthly subscription?
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Never received my order
by Sara written Nov 10, 2017
I decided to give this box a chance since most reviews were positive. Unfortunately I have yet to get anything from Zen. A pre-shipment label was made on the 26th of October but no updates. I contacted the seller at least a week ago and no response. Very disappointed.
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Zen Tea Bar said...
Nov 15, 2017
We really appreciate subscribers reaching out to us regarding their concerns. Our ship date is on the 20th of every month. Your subscription was received on the 26th of October. Your box will be shipped on November 20, 2017. Please review our shipping information on our Cratejoy listing.
Delighted with contents!
by Louise written Sep 19, 2017
A lovely selection of teas was received, and customer service was very courteous. This box of tea will easily last a couple of weeks, as there is so much to choose from. I especially look forward trying the pumpkin chai!
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Was really looking forward to trying it!
by Louise written Sep 04, 2017
I too was charged for a box I never received. Tracking showed a shipping label was created 17 days from my writing this. Apparently it never shipped. I contacted the company and was told I'd hear back from them in several days, but I never was.
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Probably would have been great...
by Cen written Aug 28, 2017
It would have probably been great, but unfortunately I was charged for a box I never received.
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by Larae written Jul 27, 2017
This box is AMAZING! Definitely the real deal and you get so much bang for your buck. I have been extremely satisfied with the selection of teas in each box I have received, and I love the variety. Bottom line, this box is the bees knees and I highly recommend it to any tea lover out there.
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Amazing Box! Love it!
by Jordan written Jul 18, 2017
This was my first box and I have to say I am pleasantly surprised. For only $10 you got 17 cups of tea and extras! What an amazing deal, would definitely keep this subscription!
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Delightful box
by Melyssa written May 20, 2017
I was extremely pleased with my first box and look forward to many more!
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by Chereasa written Mar 21, 2017
I received my first box of tea from Zen Tea Bar yesterday. I was super excited to open the package! I got tea bags for my tea, a pretty bamboo tea spoon, plus four varieties of tea. One thing I thought was really cool was this card they sent telling you, depending on the type of tea, how much tea leaves to use and how long to steep it. Very handy!! Way exceeded my expectations. Thank you.
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Incredible deal
by Becca written Feb 19, 2017
Got my first shipment, and this is truly a lovely, gorgeous box. This is one you could give as a gift without any worry. It came with generous portions of a variety of teas (including seasonal special teas) with specific brewing temps and times, and nice extras -- not cheap little things, but quality pieces that look nice on your table. Also included a personal note and a gift certificate.
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