Subscription Commerce

Cratejoy helps you launch and grow a subscription box business quickly. Listing in our marketplace puts you in front of 30,000 customers every day.

Cratejoy also offers powerful tools for shipping logistics, customer management, analytics and marketing.

Subscriber Accounts

Customer Accounts

View all of your shipments in a single convenient page and easily see who you have to ship to next. Survey data, variant choices, SKUs and all customer notes are readily available.

Easy Subscription Changes

Subscribers can easily manage their subscriptions and change options right from their accounts.

Update Billing Information

Keep your churn low by allowing your subscribers to update their credit card and billing information right in their accounts.

Update Shipping Destination

The shipping settings section of the account page lets your subscribers keep their shipping information up to date without calling you.

Skip a Renewal Cycle

Optionally allow your subscribers to skip a renewal cycle if they need to. This is a great way to keep someone from cancelling if they have too much product, or want to skip a month for financial reasons.

Customizable Subscriptions

Prepayment Discount Terms

Give your subscribers a discount for paying up front for multiple billing cycles, this is a great way to lock in cash up front.

Calendar Renewal Schedule

Renew your subscribers on a particular day of the month with our renewal calendar. Your cash-flow will be more predictable by putting all of the funds into your bank on the same day each month.

Cut-off Date Support

Prevent your subscribers from being charged twice before they receive their first shipment with our cut-off date support. Subscribers who sign-up after the cut-off date won't be billed again right away.

Customizable Subscription Variations

Subscribers can customize their subscription by choosing variants you've configured on the subscription product. Each variant combination is assigned a unique SKU for inventory tracking and seamless fulfillment logistics.

Per-product Subscription Settings

Each of your subscription products can be configured to have their own schedule, variations and pricing.

Shipping Collection for Subscription Products

Shipping fees are calculated by collecting for each subscription cycle. Even if your subscriber signs up for a 6 month prepay, the shipping amount collected covers your cost for each of the 6 subscriptions.

Product Features

Product Variations

Create multiple variations of your product and allow your customers to choose these options at checkout, such as size, color or material. Each variation has its own SKU, price, and weight.

Multiple Images

Show your products off from every angle by uploading multiple images to each of them.

Product Reviews

Increase customer engagement by allowing your customers to write reviews on your products.


Secure Shopping Cart

Bank standard 256 bit SSL encryption is used to protect all credit card and customer data.

Accept all credit cards

Accept all major credit cards such as Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover right out of the box.

Major Payment Gateways

Cratejoy supports most major payment gateways including Stripe,, WorldPay and CyberSource.

Offer Free Shipping

Improve your conversion rate by offering free shipping to your customers on a per product basis. You can also run free-shipping promotions using the coupon system.

Automatic Shipping Rate Calculation

Cratejoy can automatically present your customers with the correct shipping price for their destination at checkout by communicating directly with the shipping carrier.

Customizable Data Capture

Capture additional information from your customers at the time of checkout such as their business name or telephone number.

Subscription Sign-up Surveys

Take customization to the extreme by presenting a survey to your subscribers during the sign up flow. Survey results are stored with each subscription giving you the option to personalize each box.

Shipping Rates

Configure custom shipping rates based on product, weight, total order price or country and state.

Automatic Taxes

Automatically calculates taxes to add on to the order based on your location of business and your customer's home address.

Customer Management

Customer profiles

Your customer's order history, active subscriptions, shipping information and notes are linked together in the customer management interface.

Customer Search

Tracking down an individual customer is as easy as typing into the search box on your merchant panel. You can search by customer name, e-mail address, id number, or even product they are subscribed to.

Customer Notes

Stay organized by putting notes for customer support or fulfillment reasons directly on your customer profile page. These will be shown when doing fulfillment or exporting orders.

Cancellations & Refunds

You can cancel an active subscription, refund an order, or refund just part of an order with a few clicks on the customer management interface. This makes it easy to handle customer mistakes, or tricky support situations.

E-mail Templates

All stores come with customizable e-mail templates to notify your customers based on specific events. Automatically send a welcome email, shipping and refund notices, receipts and more.

Account Management

Multiple User Accounts

Invite additional members of your team to help manage your store by adding additional user accounts in your store's management interface.

Access Control List

Grant access to your fulfillment center, website designer or employees without worrying about exposing customer or financial data with our 'Access Control List' functionality.

Admin E-mail Notifications

Receive customizable e-mail alerts when activity happens on your store such as a new order being placed or a customer changing their shipping address.


Using our diagnostics view you can easily diagnose any problems with your store such as checkout failures reported by your customers.


Shipping Page

View all of your shipments in a single convenient page and easily see who you have to ship to next. Survey data, variant choices, SKUs and all customer notes are readily available.

Bulk Operations

Using bulk operations on the shipping page you can mark all, or just a subset, of your shipments 'as shipped' which generates the customer e-mail notification.

E-mail Tracking Codes

Your customers receive an e-mail letting them know when each shipment goes out and optionally provide a tracking code so they can track the package. These e-mails are fully configurable by you.

Print Shipping Labels

Use your own thermal printer to print shipping labels directly from your store's management interface with a single click. This speeds up the fulfillment process by removing the need for third party services.

Discounted Shipping Rates

Our exclusive relationships with major shipping carriers gets us the cheapest shipping rates around, far cheaper than you'll find anywhere else as we don't make any profit off of these shipments!

Export all Data

Export shipment data from the shipping page to a CSV for use in Excel or to send to your fulfillment partner. All shipment information is included in the export. You can export all of your shipments, or just a few.

Customization Data

All customer notes, survey results, variants and SKUs are presented on the shipping page so you'll know exactly what to fulfill.

Shipping Integrations

Cratejoy integrates with fulfillment solutions such as Shipstation right out of the box at no additional cost.

Marketing & SEO

Discount Codes and Coupons

We accommodate nearly all discount and redemption possibilities. Need to create a coupon that recurs every month? No problem! Need to upload 1,000 coupon codes for an upcoming Groupon deal? Easy!

Promotional Links Using Coupons

Drive signups by distributing links which automatically add a product to your customer's cart and attach a coupon code to the order.

Search Engine Optimized

All Cratejoy listings are fully optimized for SEO and use best practices.

Metadata Optimized

Metadata recognized by search engines is automatically created based on your product reviews, product listings and site information.

Social Media Integration

Your store can be connected to any of your social media accounts including Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter.

Email Marketing

Communicate deals and promotions to your customers using Cratejoy's built in e-mail system or the free Mailchimp app.

Coupons & Discounts

One-Time Discounts

Incentivize a sign up and increase conversions by offering a discount that only applies at the time of checkout.

Multiple Coupon Codes

Generate unlimited coupon codes for the same promotional discount, even limiting the number of times each individual coupon code can be redeemed.

Coupon Restrictions

Restrict a coupon to only be usable once, or as many times as you'd like. You can also make a coupon exclusive so that it cannot be combined with other coupon codes. This makes it easy to prevent a promotion from ever being abused.

Per-product Configuration

Create a coupon that only applies to a certain product or set of products to offer targeted discounts.

Promotion Scheduling

Coupons can be created to have an activation and an expiration date so it's simple to run a promotion that is only available for a fixed period of time.

Order Size and Quantity Requirements

Make sure you make a profit on your promotions by requiring that an order is over a certain dollar amount before a coupon is applicable to the order.

Recurring Discounts

Create a coupon that applies to just the first renewal or every renewal, or even a fixed number of future renewals using the discounts engine.

Percentage or Fixed-Amount Discounts

Set the exact discount amount to the cent or providing a percentage off of the total order.

Free Shipping Discounts

Offering free shipping is one of the most powerful incentives a store owner can give a shopper to purchase. This is just a single click on the coupon creation screen.


Analytics Dashboard

Our powerful subscription analytics dashboard is the first thing you see after logging into your management interface. This dashboard gives you actionable insights to make the most of your subscription business.

Subscription KPIs

The key performance indicators for all subscription businesses are Churn, Lifetime Value, Average Subscription length, Average Revenue per user. These KPIs are shown right at the top of your dashboard in your store.

Churn Reports

Understanding your churn is key to running a healthy subscription business. Cratejoy provides a detailed churn report that shows you how many customers have cancelled in any time frame as well as collecting information from your customers on why they have cancelled.

LTV Reports

The lifetime value of a customer is one of the most important pieces of information you need to run a successful subscription businesses. This information is displayed right at the top of the analytics dashboard.

Cash Flow Reports

Managing cash flow can be difficult, but Cratejoy makes understanding how much money should be arriving each month on a cash basis, or on accrual basis. Easy to understand cash flow reports are built into your management interface.

Export Reports

All reports in the management interface are exportable to CSV so you can crunch the numbers of your business in your favorite business tools such as Excel.

Google Analytics

Your storefront is ready for Google Analytics out of the box including Google Analytics Ecommerce support.

Traffic/Referral Reports

Get deep insight into who's referring customers to your store when using the Referral Program. Actionable information broken down by channel is built right into the analytics interface.

World Class Support

Dedicated Support Team

The Cratejoy support team is available via email and live chat. There are no call-centers here, you'll be communicating with a full-time Cratejoy customer success representative each and every time.

Knowledge Base

Our constantly updated knowledge base contains guides and FAQs that are always being expanded. Check out the knowledge base.

Subscription School

Cratejoy's Subscription School is a free resource that gives you everything you'll need to know to start your own subscription business. Read our high quality guides or watch our series of videos on the business of subscription businesses. Check out Subscription School.