Your 4 P’s – Product, Price, Promotion, & Place

Product: Your product is what you sell (your subscription box). While this is the most intuitive part of marketing, it’s a bit more nuanced for subscription boxes since what goes in your box changes from month to month. The key to having a good product is to fundamentally understand your customer. 3 key questions to

Pre-Launch & SWOT

Polling, Interviewing, & Pre-Launch: Polling and Pre-Launch campaigns are a great way to do primary research. Start a poll and put it in an influential Facebook group or subreddit. Rather than asking your target market what they want, ask them what they like or don’t like about what’s available. Find out what needs they have

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Analyzing Consumer Data and Competition

At this point, you should have your target market all figured out. The next step is to figure out who they really are– like Facebook stalking, but more professional. Afterwards, competitive analysis can help you find out what kind of products/services exist and how you can stand out among them. The best way to do

Segmenting, Targeting, & Positioning

Segmenting: Segmenting boils down to grouping your customers into manageable chunks based on similar characteristics. You don’t want to waste time with generalized messaging when you could directly target a smaller number of people and get more subscribers. Example– Let’s say we wanted to start a subscription box that delivers eyeglass frames. Who could feasibly

Subscription Box Marketing Guide

“Marketing is just advertising and stuff, right?” Wrong! Marketing goes well beyond what you would learn from watching a few episodes of Mad Men. Marketing and market research are crucial aspects of your subscription box that will help you grow, manage your business’ image, engage with your customers, bring in revenue, control your product’s price,

How to Build Your Own Subscription Box

Creating a prototype box is the first tangible step towards building your subscription box business. It’s an exercise that will help inform the type of products to offer, the kind of packaging you’ll need, and the price point of the box. In this piece, we’ll cover those topics and more, as well as provide in depth resources

Mistakes to Avoid When Starting a Subscription Box Business

Let’s cut to the chase – starting a subscription box is like any other entrepreneurial endeavor – it takes hard work, commitment, and follow-through. And just like opening a brick & mortar shop or launching an ecommerce empire, subscription boxes have their own set of challenges. From pricing, to customer service, to executing a less-than-stellar launch,

How to Start a Subscription Box Business

Subscriptions boxes are one of the best ways to shop, period. They offer consumers unique experiences curated around products, introduce new brands, and make checking the mail just plain fun. On the business side, they offer a stable financial model rooted in recurring monthly revenue that can be built around almost every niche – from puzzlers to beauty to pets. If