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Our Marketplace helps subscription box businesses find subscribers in their niche, and we work hard finding quality subscribers for you. No fees until we've helped you!

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Display and Video Ads

We run general ads on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and other large networks. Cratejoy pays all costs, no risk to you.


We work with a large network of subscription box review and blog affiliates to send you customers. Cratejoy pays the affiliate when they bring you a sale.


Group Created with Sketch. Many customers discover subscription boxes through unboxings on video platforms. Cratejoy manages all the relationships and payments.

Email Marketing

Over 200k people have signed up to receive the Cratejoy newsletter. We feature Marketplace subscription boxes several times a week.

Merchant Features

Our Box Insider blog features different Marketplace merchants and subscription boxes every week to help you get noticed.

Box Placements

We work with major websites and publications to have subscription boxes promoted to new audiences.

What Our Merchants Say

Rachel Henderson

Rachel Henderson

Benevolent Beauty Box

"Before I launched, I never thought I would be growing this quickly. This month I sold out 2 weeks early! Their marketing and exposure has been amazing and I can't thank them enough for making it as easy as possible for a start up!"

Humberto Valdes

Humberto Valdes

Abuela Mami

"The Marketplace is bringing me customers, driving sales and giving my business credibility. No extra effort in my part required. It’s a no-brainer!"

Noah Orozco

Noah Orozco


"More than half of my new subscribers come from the Cratejoy Marketplace. My subscription box is a one man operation, so it's great to have Cratejoy take care of the marketing so I can focus on the fun parts of running my business."

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get listed on the Cratejoy Marketplace?

Cratejoy merchants can create and publish listings from within the merchant dashboard by clicking on the Marketplace button. You can manage your images, add promotions, change your box description and more. Your customers can also leave reviews of their experiences with your subscription, which is great extra validation for new prospective customers.

What is the Marketplace fee?

Cratejoy charges a recurring 10% transaction fee for all sales through the Marketplace. This fee covers our costs to acquire customers and operate the service. More about the Marketplace fee.

Why do you charge a Marketplace Fee?

It costs money to acquire new paying customers and it's often one of the most challenging parts of running a subscription business. The Marketplace fee allows us to run ad campaigns, pay affiliate fees, and have staff work on marketing promotions. We only make the earn the fee if we actually get you a customer.

What is the criteria for approving new listings?

Your Cratejoy store must be live and in a paid plan. You need to have at least one existing subscriber.

What if a Marketplace subscriber cancels?

If one of your subscribers who came from the marketplace cancels, you will not pay the Marketplace fee anymore. The fee is only charged for active subscribers.

What if a Marketplace subscriber uses a coupon code?

The Marketplace fee is only charged on the transaction amount (not the retail price). You can publish coupon codes to your Marketplace listing if you're running a promotion.

How can I remove my listing on the Cratejoy Marketplace?

Your listing can be removed at any time. Click the "deactivate my listing" button found in the bottom right hand corner in the Marketplace section of your merchant dashboard. Be advised: deactivating your marketplace listing removes not only your listing, but also all customer reviews and featured reviews from the marketplace. It may take a few days before Google and other search engines entirely remove the listing from search results.

Can I edit my listing at any time?

Yes, your listing can be edited from within your merchant dashboard. Click the "Marketplace" button and you'll be able to make a variety of different changes to your listing. Each revision you make to your listing must be approved. Please allow up to 24 hrs for your revisions to go live.

I have more questions, who do I ask about them?

Log into your dashboard and choose the "Live Chat" option if available or click "Help" and open a ticket.

I'm a shopper, how do I get my questions answered about the Marketplace?

If you've got any questions we advise you to directly contact the merchant you purchased your subscription from. If you’re ever in doubt as to who to contact, feel free to contact us and we'll sort you out!

Do I have to be a Cratejoy merchant to get listed on the marketplace?

Yes, you have to be a Cratejoy merchant or partner to be listed on the Marketplace. Cratejoy merchants can easily list on the marketplace from their business portal. If you do not use Cratejoy, you will at least require some form of affiliate relationship or business partnership with us. We evaluate those on a case by case basis. To know more, contact us.

Are there any limitations on the types of products that can be listed on the Marketplace?

We exercise our own judgement about listings. We’re not particularly squeemish but we won’t violate any laws or risk hurting other merchants by putting up listings that will deter consumers.

What if someone writes a damaging review that is incorrect?

We totally understand. If you think a review is factually in error we will take it down if you can provide documentation. E-mail us a link to the relevant review and whatever supporting evidence you have at:

How do I get featured on the home page of Cratejoy?

The home page trending section is mostly determined by the number of new reviews, amount of customer churn, and quality of photography.