Cratejoy Marketplace Is a No-Brainer For All Sellers. Here’s Why.

With over 3 million monthly page views, Cratejoy’s Marketplace is the go-to destination for all things subscription boxes. It’s no surprise then that more than 80% of Sellers on Cratejoy choose to list on the Marketplace in addition to creating their own websites. With unparalleled exposure to subscription box fans, there are many benefits to

The 5 Best Areas to Launch a Subscription Box Right Now

If you’re thinking about starting a subscription box, we’ve identified the areas that receive the most search traffic and have the least amount supply— in other words, the areas with the most amount of eager subscribers and the least amount of competition. Below, you’ll see the top 5 categories and the specific reasons you should start

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Three Reasons to Start a Witchy Subscription Box

E-commerce and the blogosphere agree: Girl Power is in. And we’re not just talking Beyonce and Leslie Knope- we’re going all the way back to the beginning of recorded history: the witch. Women’s empowerment takes no purer form than that of the sorceress: a paradoxical symbol of both independence and sisterhood, unlimited power, and self

3 Reasons to Start an Anime Box

We recently identified the most searched terms on Cratejoy and discovered ‘anime’ is one of the biggest areas of demand. If you’re an anime buff, starting an anime subscription box is a great way to do what you love and engage with a passionate like-minded community all while making extra income on the side. We’ll

4 Reasons To Start a Yoga Subscription Box

Yoga isn’t exactly a new practice, but it is a growing one. In fact, as of 2016, roughly 1 in 10 Americans are yogis. From a business perspective, Yoga is a niche filled will passionate followers that tend to be dedicated not just to yoga, but to health, wellness, and mindfulness as a whole. Here, we’ll run

Top Areas of Subscription Box Demand

Over 30,000 customers visit Cratejoy every day looking for subscription boxes to purchase. This gives us a lot of data about what consumers want and popular subscription box categories. But since we don’t actually sell our own subscription boxes, we’ve decided to make this data public! If you’re looking to start your own subscription box,

3 Reasons You Should Start a Date Night Subscription Box

At Cratejoy, we’ve noticed an increased demand for date-related boxes. In fact, “Date Night” is among the top five searched queries on the Cratejoy Marketplace with thousands of searches just last year. People love that subscription boxes feel like a surprise each month. And with a date box, it’s a surprise for both parties. This makes it