Subscription Boxes to Look for in 2014

There are so many different subscription boxes available right now – from dog toys to cheese to craft supplies. While there are a bunch of options to choose from, there are also a large number of the same types of boxes available (like snack boxes… there are so many snack boxes). We love all our subscription boxes out there, but here are a few categories that we’re excited to see grow in 2014.

1. Rental Boxes

Closer to the Netflix business model, these boxes ship you stuff with a return envelope for you to return it when you’re ready. There are a ton of rental boxes out there right now from Le Tote to Rocksbox to Freshneck. The idea is simple: fashion changes and so does your style, so why not just rent items that you would normally not have in abundance? Give guys more options with their ties without having to fill a closet full of them, or women a chance to try out different jewelry that they wouldn’t normally buy. Rental boxes keep your wardrobe fresh without having to break the bank.

2. Niche Boxes

There is an endless list of boxes for dogs, snacks, and makeup, making it hard for new companies to get a piece of the market. Instead of fighting the other giant, well-established boxes, why not try something in a more niche market that you know well? Boxes like A Horse Box, For the Makers and Loot Crate offer specific boxes for specific types of people. Not only are these boxes doing well, but their fans are obsessed.

3. Meal Boxes

Dinner out is expensive. Making dinner at home is not as delicious (at least when I cook). Solutions like Blue Apron and Plated make me excited to actually make food at home. Instead of just making another batch of popcorn and calling it dinner, these boxes send you everything you need and nothing more. This means that you’re not stuck buying a spice you only use for one recipe or trying to figure out another way to add celery to something that you bought for a recipe days ago. Plus these boxes brag on their chefs behind the recipes, so you know that they’re good.

4. Local Boxes

There are endless possibilities with a local box and unique partnership opportunities. Partnering with relocation companies, real estate agents, churches, homeowner associations, etc. You can find people who have moved from your state or people who just moved to your state and give them a box of awesome local food/stuff. I see local boxes with a huge opportunity for 2014. Go get ’em, Georgia Crafted and Mitten Crate!

What are some categories you want to see grow in 2014? If you’re anything like me, then you’re looking for the “practical thing of the month” box so I don’t have to keep running out oftoothpastee.

Anyone else want that?

(Bueller? Bueller?)

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