Poignant Random Acts of Kindness for the Remote Workplace

Updated by Timothy Paradis


Here at Cratejoy, we want people to experience moments of joy throughout their day. We love helping others discover what moves them and inspiring people to spread kindness in simple ways this holiday season and throughout the coming year.

As part of our Random Acts of Kindness series, we’re taking our favorite pay it forward ideas and giving them a job by listing acts of kindness you can perform at work. When you practice small acts of kindness at work or from your home office, you can have a ripple effect across your team, the company and your clients, too. By performing a few simple acts, sharing kind words, and demonstrating thoughtfulness, you can show your colleagues that you really care and help them feel supported and valued. These acts of appreciation and recognition gifts for employees can help make teams feel connected, even from a distance.

Most of these acts of kindness can be completed in just a few minutes, so they won’t take up much of your time, and we've included little gifts that are perfect for coworkers , remote or IRL. Don't wait for acts of kindness week when you can start right now!

A Team Effort

If teamwork makes the dream work, then practicing random acts of kindness for your whole team can feel like a dream come true. Below are some tips on how to quickly brighten your colleagues’ days with a few simple acts.

  • Start a workplace kindness calendar. Each week, a different team member can volunteer to bring in breakfast treats, organize a donation drive, or do something else that inspires community and support at work.
  • Rotate who runs meetings. This may offer relief to the staff who usually have to manage meetings while giving other team members the chance to develop their leadership skills.
  • Leave a note in the break room or on a bulletin board. Include a message of positivity, a joke, or an inspiring quote. (Just make sure it’s appropriate for work.)
  • Bring a little more positivity into the workplace. Instead of complaining about traffic or construction, try to say something positive at least once a day when making small talk. And, institute a company-wide gossiping gag order.
  • Prioritize self-care and mental health. Start meetings with a quick check-in, breathing exercises, or yoga poses — something relaxing that also aligns with your company culture.

One-on-One Support

There are several ways that you can offer kindness and support to your teammates and colleagues that are easy to do and work-appropriate.

  • Say hello to someone new or someone you don't often work directly with. Introduce yourself and offer to answer any questions they have about your department or the company.
  • Invite someone at work to have coffee or lunch with you. You can do this either in-person or over Zoom.
  • Leave a thank-you card on a coworker’s desk or send them an ecard as a token of your appreciation.
  • Share positive feedback with a colleague. Tell them why their work was exceptional or how much it has improved recently.
  • Leave a colleague a great review on LinkedIn. If you can, include a few keywords that describe their specific skills and expertise.
  • Ask a colleague for help on a project. You may be surprised at how much your coworkers want to assist you if they can.
  • Likewise, offer help to a colleague, especially if they’re new or if you can tell they’re feeling a bit overwhelmed.

Giving Joy

Recognition gifts for employees are a great way to demonstrate thoughtfulness and show you care. Employee recognition gifts can help keep team members motivated and let them know that they're doing a good job. You can find low-cost gifts that can have a huge impact. Plus, companies like Cratejoy make it easy to send employee appreciation gifts that honor and celebrate your team members.

  • Send a team member or even a random employee an appreciation gift . Include a note thanking them for their hard work or contribution to a specific project or initiative.
  • Give someone a gift card. It can be to a store or restaurant you know they like or that is conveniently located nearby.
  • Order a unique subscription box gift for a coworker . Cratejoy features several fantastic subscription boxes for employees, so you’re sure to find one that will surprise and delight your colleague.
  • Show your boss how much you appreciate their work and leadership. Check out our gift guide to find the best gift ideas for bosses .

Know Your Audience

This list of DIY acts that can bring joy to your coworkers’ days is just a starting point. Again, make sure that your random acts of kindness are aligned with your company culture and policies and remain professional.

We hope you have been inspired by these ideas and that they help you bring joy to your coworkers, whether you leave a kindness card written with thoughtfulness or give your teammates employee appreciation gifts. When staff members feel appreciated and connected , the effects can resonate throughout the department and even the whole organization. It's easy enough to help make coworkers happy to come to work. After all, everyone’s job becomes more enjoyable when all team members feel like their contributions are recognized and valued.