The Best Subscription Box Posts on Instagram | Week of June 19

Updated by Meredith Raico

Sure, we rave about our favorite subscription boxes on Cratejoy , but why should you take our word for it? Social media is a wonderful platform for seeing happy people enjoying happy things, so we scoured the Instagram seas to find the top posts from gleeful subscribers.

Check out these fabulous people enjoying their boxes and your’ll see we don’t feature these boxes in our blogs for nothin’, pinkie swear!

Goddess Provisions from @livshealthylife

olivia instagram

Photo by @livshealthylife

One of the many things we love about @livshealthylife ‘s Instagram post is how candid the shot seems. She is flaunting the cute, ironed-on patch from Goddess Provisions like her denim jacket came with it!

While this spiritual subscription box is full of aromatherapy, vegan beauty supplies, and other items to nurture her inner goddess, @livehealthylife takes pleasure in the beautiful simplicity of the ‘Shell Out Good Vibes’ patch.

She does an excellent job at getting everything out of her Goddess Provisions subscription. Taking your time and appreciating the small things is truly the way to go!

Fandom of the Month Club starring @msmegalyn

Photo by @msmegalyn

@msmegalyn ‘s outfit is gloriously aesthetic. Her purple hair and light blue necklace matches well with the Captain America earrings from the Fandom of the Month Club subscription box. With all its high-quality goods, Fandom of the Month Club is perfect for a fangirl like @msmegalyn. We know Captain America has almost no concept of the internet but we’re sure he’d find a way to like this Instagram post.

Southern Cigar Co starring @hondo57

bob instagram

Photo by @hondo57

If you didn’t know, smooth texture on a cigar tells you that it has been well taken care of. No one knows that better than @hondo57, a happy subscriber to Southern Cigar Co. It’s one of the only cigar subscription boxes that insures quality cigars are delivered to you monthly. He knows whats up!

Sparkle Hustle Grow starring @everyoneslibrarian

lis instagram

Photo by @everyoneslibrarian

@everyoneslibrarian isn’t the only one taking advantage of the goodies in her Sparkle Hustle Grow subscription box. Her kiddo is obviously a huge fan of nutritious goodies because Sparkle Hustle Grow only delivers the best things for entrepreneurial women. Every month subscribers receive books, chic office supplies, online tutorials and more!

We really love how enthused he is about these low calorie cookies and it looks like @everyoneslibrarian has a little entrepreneur on her hands.

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