Craft Kits for Adults

Updated by Akina Chargualaf

Think you don’t have a creative bone in your body? That couldn’t be further from the truth! Everyone has an artistic side, and it’s time to prioritize a DIY project with one of Cratejoy’s craft kits for adults. Avoid sinking hundreds of dollars into projects that don’t appeal to your sensibilities: These subscription boxes offer affordable ways for crafters – of all skill levels – to try something new!

From soap-making kits to crochet starter packs to wood burning, everyone has a talent to uncover.

Tactical Textile Techniques

Whether you’re learning to quilt , knit, or crochet, people who work with their hands will be delighted with Cratejoy’s adult craft kits. The Hopebroidery Box provides more than just a monthly project (with floss, scissors, fabric, and video instructions). You’ll also be included in an online embroidery community. Want to learn how to sew? With the Sew What Box , you’ll receive a range of small DIY projects that are designed specifically to build your skills. Previous projects include book covers, kitchen utensil holders, and storage baskets.

Proper Painting Practice

If you feel self-conscious at paint night, up your game and start taking at-home classes. With Your Paint Box , artist Kathryn Gray walks you through beginner techniques. You’ll receive canvases, high quality brushes, paints, and a palette knife. Essentialy, everything you need to get started. If you’re looking for something more meditative, try the Paint by Numbers Kit . It provides easy-to-follow instructions, materials, and low stakes!

Mystery Monthly Packages

Maybe you’re not sure where our talents lie. From candles to spin art to mandala stone creations, the Chartiers Creek Collective compiles a wide range of DIY kits for adults. These are specifically chosen for beginner and advanced crafters alike!

Get Started with Cratejoy's Craft Kits for Adults

Whether you’re starting a shop, learning a new skill, or simply want to keep your hands busy, Cratejoy’s craft kits for adults are a phenomenal way to accomplish this. The possibilities are endless – happy crafting!