10 Magickal Subscriptions for the Witchy Woman

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Magickal revelations, powerful crystals, and celestial readings can be spiritually healing for yourself as well as your friends who might appreciate the gift of majestic and witchy goodies.

Witchy practices revolve around understanding your inner spirit and connecting it with the energy of other living beings as well as the earth. However, the witchy items you need aren’t always easy to come by.

You’ll never run out of inspiration with these 10 high-quality monthly subscription boxes delivering you crystals, sage, meditation essentials, oils, herbs, and more.


1. Awakening in a Box

Awakening in a Box


Awakening in a Box wants to join you on your journey of awakening through crystal energy. Every month, your box comes with 3 or 5 crystals picked just for you, as well as at least 2 products designed to aid you on your path toward enlightenment. Every crystal is cleansed, charged, and comes with a detailed description card.
Ships worldwide between the 20th and 25th of every month

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2. House of Rituals Box

house of rituals


Ready to take your new moon ritual to the next level? Each month Wild Rituals Box delivers 1 written ritual and 3-4 or 5-7 tools like smudge, candles, incense, crystals, herbs, and oils.
Ships worldwide during the last 2 weeks of the month

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3. Goddess Provisions

Goddess Provisions Subscription Box


The Goddess Provisions Box is curated to nurture your inner goddess and help grow your spiritual practice. Each monthly box includes 4-6 full-size items, including crystals, aromatherapy, apothecary beauty products, superfood snacks, teas, crystals, books and more. Bonus points: all items are 100% vegan and cruelty-free.
Shipping to the U.S. Ships worldwide in the first week of every month

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4.Enchanted Crystal

Enchanted Crystals subscription box


If you’re just looking for quality crystals from across the globe to guide your practices, Enchanted Crystal is the box for you. You can choose to receive 1 or 4-8 crystals and every box includes a few mini crystals and a pouch.
Shipping to the U.S. Ships worldwide between the 5-8th of every month

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5. Wild Crystals Box

Wild Crystals


The Wild Crystals Box by Tamed Wild Apothecary sends you a carefully curated selection of natural crystals, stones & minerals each month. Each crystal is accompanied by an information card detailing the popular healing benefits, how to clean & charge, ritual, and lore.
Ships worldwide in the third week of every month

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6. The Witches Moon

The Witches Moon


The Witches Moon is passionate about their craft and wants to share their knowledge and practice with the world. The box includes 10-20 items for your rituals such as candles, herbs, salts, smudges, and altar tools needed to embrace the specific energies for each month.
Ships within the U.S. between the 1-10th of every month

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7. Box of Shadows

Box of Shadows wiccan subscription box


Box of Shadows delivers your most basic worship needs straight to your doorstep every month. They includes candles, incense, smudge, an Herb and/or Gem Stone of the Month, a surprise altar decor and worship items, as well as pagan-related surprise items just for fun. You can choose the amount of items you
Ships worldwide between the 1st and 10th of every month

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8. MoonBox by Gaia Collective

MoonBox by Gaia Collective


Feel connected to the moon with an oracle card, 3 crystas, bath soak, essential oils, and an item from a local artisan. You can also throw in a wearable gem if you fancy.
Ships worldwide from the U.S.

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9. Honey & Sage Company

Honey & Sage Company


Honey & Sage Company’s mission is “Better Woman + Better Earth”. The Sage Woman Care Package is a monthly, seasonal wellness box with 5-7 goods for your spirit + body + daily practice. It’s a monthly reminder to nurture your spirit, body, and earth through radical self-care.
Ships worldwide between the 9th and 13th of every month

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10. Nova Luna

Nova Luna


Nova Luna is a monthly box filled to the brim with crystals, a candle or wax tart, aromatherapy, journals, and other magical goods for working with that month’s New Moon energy.
Ships worldwide between the 5th and 10th of every month

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Didn’t see the perfect witchy box for you? Don’t worry, we have more!


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