Bath & Spa Subscription Boxes That Bring Pampered Luxury to the Everyday (2021)

Relax. Renew. Refresh. It’s time to enjoy the 3R’s each and every month with an at-home spa experience delivered right to the front door. Let’s treat bath time the way it deserves to be treated, because it’s possibly the oldest (and best!) therapy for washing away the stresses of day-to-day living.

Take indulging to the next level with some of the best spa subscription boxes available here on the Cratejoy marketplace. Draw a warm bath and soak in the soft scents from some of the most luxurious bath products money can buy. Delivering handcrafted delights, from bath bombs and teas, to artisanal soap and rejuvenating face masks, pampering yourself has never been easier.

We all deserve some me-time to relax away our worries and find the balance we need. Here are some spa subscription plans that are sure to deliver warm and calming vibes. Perfect for a treat yourself gift or as a gift for a loved one, these monthly boxes are simply ahhhh-some!

The Best Monthly Spa Subscription Boxes

1. Seasonal skincare box


Price: Starts at $60.00/quarter

Sugarloaf Botanics focuses on organically grown herbs and plants, making it the perfect box for those focused on connecting with wider purpose. A seasonal box of skincare and herbal products, each item is made from botanicals grown and wildcrafted in Ireland. The seasonal boxes reflect the changes in flora around Wicklow, making each product one-of-a-kind.

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2. Sam Wish


Price: Starts at $10.00/month

Featuring only the highest quality ingredients, each handcrafted small-batch product packed into the Sam Wish monthly spa box does the trick when it comes to staying fresh and clean. Choose to receive 1 all-natural deodorant each month, or opt for the Bathing Beauty kit to unbox 4 eco-friendly products, including 1 bath soak, 1 lip balm, 1 sugar scrub and 1 special surprise, all designed to deliver a monthly dose of TLC.

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3. Bath Blessing Box


Price: Starts at $37.99/month

Finding time in a busy schedule for high-quality self-care time is not an easy task, so send yourself a gentle monthly reminder with the Bath Blessing Box. Available in either a Bath Lovers or Shower Lovers box, each month brings 5-8 full-size bath and body items, including everything from luxurious soaps and moisturizing body butters, to sweetly scented bath salts, bath teas, fizzy bombs, and more!

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4. Sudzly


Price: Starts at $41.67/month

Sudzly is a monthly spa subscription that encourages everyone to focus on self-care and self-love with budget-friendly organic bath products. Draw a warm bath and slip into luxury with a monthly box that’s brimming with handcrafted products made from environmentally-conscious ingredients that are good for bodies and the planet, including soaps, body scrubs, fizzies, lotions, and more.

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5. Fire and Nice


Price: Starts at $14/month

Available in 2 unique sizes, Fire and Nice is a body subscription box that's filled with wellness products made from high-quality natural ingredients. Just what's needed to relax tension away after a long day at work or at home, each box includes a themed variety of items like handcrafted bath and body care products, fragrant candles, handmade soaps, and other luxurious artisan self-care items.

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6. Blue Heron Farm


Price: Starts at $7.92/month

Treat yourself or a special someone to a bath box from the Blue Heron Farm that is definitely the G.O.A.T. Specializing in freshly made bath and body products that feature milk from the farm’s Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats, these products pack moisturizing properties into every soap, sugar scrub, and lotion. Featuring new scents every month, each box also sends product samples and pictures and bios of the special herd.

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7. Modern Skyn Apothecary


Price: Starts at $30.99/month

Highly rated for delivering high-quality products at a great price, Modern Skyn Apothecary has a veritable tribe of happy subscribers. Care to join? Featuring all-natural, organic skincare, each Bath & Body Ritual Box packs in $100 worth of handcrafted full-size products, including bath soaks and salts, mists, toners, and plenty of high-quality skincare products for soft and supple skin.

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8. Whimsical bath box


Price: Starts at $35.00 CAD every 2 months

Who says bath time has to stop being fun once you become an adult? Packed with cheery home spa essentials, these bright & bubbly boxes treat the soul with happy colors and refreshing themes while pampering the body with skin-quenching ingredients. It’s self-care and fun in one, perfect for quirky cuties and fun-lovers of all ages.

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9. purp-ess box


Price: Starts at $8.40/month

It’s self care and soul care in one! purp-ess delivers a reminder of Christian purpose in each curated collection of fresh, handmade, all-natural soaps. Each box highlights, explains, and celebrates a “purposeful” ingredient related to a biblical principle. It’s a beautiful, meaningful way to treat a faith-driven person on your gift list.

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10. 1 Bar Every Month


Price: Starts at $7.83/month

One lovingly handmade bar soap is included each month! That’s it, that’s all, and for many, that’s absolutely perfect. (Think minimalists, dorm dwellers, and anyone short on storage space.) And the best part of this monthly subscription gift is that just when one bar has finished being enjoyed, another’s on their doorstep. Brilliant!

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11. Thankfully Packed


Price: Starts at $19/month

Thankfully Packed has everything you need to show gratitude to a wonderful lady in your life. It shows her all the love and appreciation she deserves with a bevy of bath, body, and self-care luxuries designed to help her relax and unwind after a full day of being there for others. Something else to feel good about? Each box features handmade picks from women-run small businesses.

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12. Xstacey Bath Products


Price: Starts at $45.00 CAD/month

This box from Xstacey Bath features all-natural, handmade bath and body care produced in small batches with the finest ingredients. Each decadent monthly subscription box is themed with anything from fun, fruity scents to lighthearted fragrances like Monkey Fart, making this the perfect gift for luxury lovers who don't take themselves too seriously.

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13. Laki Naturals


Price: Starts at $19.99/month

With Laki Naturals, recipients receive a set of two bath soaks — or a soak and a scrub — in a choice of several beautiful, relaxing scents. Plus, every box includes a special surprise to delight your loved one. Consider it an essential ingredient to spa night, done right...delivered monthly.

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14. Pamper Me


Price: Starts at $27.08/month

Sure, this box pampers. Magnificently, with full-size, artisan-crafted bath and body delights. But beyond that, it celebrates special occasions perfectly with themed boxes that coincide with the season. Our suggestion? If not treating a singular loved one on the monthly, have the subscription delivered to your home and have a box on hand for gifting occasions all year long.

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Price: Starts at $16.50/month

Though it’s packed with top-quality, truly beautiful bar soaps, what’s special about this artisan-crafted and specially curated subscription is what isn’t included. There’s no synthetic dyes, no parabens, no toxins...and each soap is cruelty-free as well. Plus, a portion of the purchase price goes to educational causes across the globe. It’s a gift that’s truly giving!

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16. Monthly Self-Care Box! (All Natural Products)


Price: Starts at $20/month

Gift shopping can be tricky. It’s hard to know what someone wants or needs. But here’s a universal truth about everyone on your shopping list: they all have skin! Treat the skin they’re in with pampering self care from Busy Girl Bath Bakery. It has everything to soothe, scrub, moisturize, and show skin a whole lotta love.

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