The Best Camping Subscription Boxes from Glamping to Backcountry Hiking (2022)

The smell of the campfire, melty s’mores, or simply the anticipation of freedom, camping provides the perfect opportunity to hit the brakes on our fast-paced lifestyles and enjoy a little stillness and silence. Pitching a tent and roughing it is pretty much the grown-up version of a pillow fort, so pack those bags and head to the great outdoors for some good ol’ fashioned fun.

What is an outdoor or camping subscription box?

To help you get prepped for heading into the wild, camping subscription boxes are here to make sure you have what you need, and introduce you to things you never even knew you needed, but will definitely make life outdoors much more livable. Curated by outdoor enthusiasts, skilled hikers and fellow survivalists, monthly and quarterly subscription boxes deliver high-quality survival gear for campers of all ages.

And, for those who prefer to sip on a wine cooler and sway in a hammock, there are even boxes that cater to glampers -- those who would rather indulge in Mother Nature, while skipping the whole roughing it part!

What are the best subscription boxes for outdoor and camping gear?


The Happy Glamper

From $49.75 per box
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According to their Head Glamper in Charge, becoming one with nature shouldn’t have to involve suffering! Now reluctant campers can enjoy breathtaking scenery with a quarterly subscription to The Happy Glamper. Dedicated to meeting the needs of outdoor divas, each box explores a different State through local artisan products, handy gadgets and exclusive discounts to some of the countries top glamping destinations.


SCOUTbox - Monthly

From $38.00 per box
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Who better to help you prepare for your next camping or hiking adventure than a pair of Eagle Scouts. SCOUTbox is a monthly subscription designed by scouts, for scouts. Featuring themes like National Parks and backpacking, subscribers get a curated selection of useful EDC gear, snacks, cookware and educational guides at a budget-friendly price point that's guaranteed to be less than retail value. Fill your pack and head outdoors!


The Hikers Compass New Jersey Nature Guide

From $6.67 per box
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Subscribing to The Hiker's Compass is a great way to get motivated to stop the dreaded scroll and head outside instead! Best for those living in and around New Jersey State, every monthly delivery sets out to help you explore, hike and learn new things by sending NJ forest info, maps, plant ID cards and nature-themed accessories, like limited-edition stickers, tumblers and trail snacks.


Hiker Crate :)

From $30.00 per box
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Whether you follow cairns to your favorite lookout spot or fly fishing location, Hiker Crate is just what you need to make sure you head out fully prepped. This box helps you explore new outdoor brands, while introducing you to useful hiking gear. Unbox everything from a durable water bottle for hydration to a headlamp to guide your way, along with plenty of trail-ready snacks for your next adventure.


Wild Woman Box

From $34.00 per box
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Designed to help all women lead an active lifestyle, the Wild Woman Box is all about making communing with nature an accessible pastime. Curated by fellow adventurous spirits, each box sends an assortment of all-natural skincare and body products, full-size outdoor gear, useful accessories, snacks and lots of inspiration. What are you waiting for? Grab your pack and go!


*Monthly Outdoor Box

From $39.99 per box
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There's no right or wrong time to plan your next big journey into the wild. With Timber Edge Outdoors, you'll get a subscription service that will get you prepared for adventuring during all seasons throughout the year. Curated for those who love to hunt, hike, camp and fish, every box is filled with top-quality U.S.-made products, including pro plus apparel, hunting tools and tasty grab-and-go snacks and meals.