The Best Subscription Boxes for Kindergarteners (Ages 3-6)

Your kiddo is growing up right before your eyes and soon they’ll be donning their backpack, grabbing their lunch box, and heading off to elementary school. A time of endless play, exploration and learning, now is the perfect moment to invest in spending quality time with them and making lasting memories.

An easy and fun way to do that is with the help of kindergarten or preschool subscription boxes. Each month a fun surprise comes in the mail just for them! From children's book clubs and learning activities to stickers and craft kits for kids, there are plenty of monthly subscription boxes to choose from. Keep your little ones entertained and engaged with fun activities month after month!



Green Kid Crafts STEAM Box

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Green Kid Crafts is a unique educational subscription box that delivers STEAM projects that use only environmentally friendly materials! They offer 2 subscription options for ages 2-4 or ages 5-10, with both including 6 educational kits for eco-friendly DIY projects. All boxes also include an educational magazine to inspire creativity and learning!


Messy Play Kits monthly subscription

From $41.58 per box
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Let kids be kids with a monthly subscription to Messy Play Kits! Prep-free and low-stress activity kits turn up at your doorstep waiting to give them all the sensory play their little hearts (and hands) desire. Merging basic science with arts & crafts, each box encourages imaginative tactile play that's filled with fizzy, squishy, messy fun!


DIY Kids Crafts Kit – Award Winning Kids Art and Craft Box

From $30.00 per box
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With the We Craft Box, each month delivers quality craft time to enjoy with your kindergartener. Every box sends out 2-3 fully prepared kids crafts, so just open the box and you’re ready to roll. With the prep-work already done for you, craft time is stress-free and straightforward, putting the focus on fun.



Reading Bug Box for Babies & Toddlers

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Foster a love of reading in early learners with a monthly subscription to the Reading Bug Box. Thoughtfully curated picture books are handpicked just for your kindergartener based on their age group and interests. With 2-3 new books and gift items in every box, instill a love of reading while they’re young, because today’s readers are well on their way to becoming tomorrow’s leaders!


Little Bookish Wardrobe Book Club

From $33.33 per box
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The Little Bookish Wardrobe combines the best of reading and imaginative play. Delivering 1 engaging story to read, along with age-appropriate character-inspired costume pieces and arts and crafts, each month’s box packs in plenty of hours of playtime fun and offers the opportunity for lots of imaginative exploration.



Little Learners Busy Box

From $13.50 per box
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Little Learners Busy Box is an educational subscription box specifically designed to help prep kids for pre-K and kindergarten. Each themed box includes 5 or more activity kits that are perfect for exploration and helping them develop their fine motor skills. Designed for 2-4 year olds, all activities are organized in their own reusable containers, perfect for busy grown-ups who need fun projects at the ready!


Kindergarten Crate Subscription

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Perfect for early learning classrooms or homeschooling curriculums, the Kindergarten Crate comes highly rated by pre-K and kindergarten teachers who say it’s a valuable addition for their students. Designed as a classroom accompaniment, unbox supplies and materials for a pre-planned DIY educational activity, including a themed storybook, craft supplies, a teacher T-shirt and a surprise gift.



From $45.00 per box
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Prepare your little ones for what awaits them at school with Get Ready 4 Kindergarten. The name says it all, and works each month to help young children connect new ideas to familiar themes. Encourage engagement and hands-on learning with board books, sight word activities, kid-friendly recipes and crafts, outdoor adventures and plenty of fun, new ideas!


ParentingEQ Mini (ages 4-7)

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Parents with kids ages 4-7 know just how difficult emotional health can be. Since all feelings are meant to be felt, good and bad, get the support you need with ParentingEQ Mini. This 6-box series sets out to build emotionally healthy families by sending a monthly box filled with high-quality books and activities that focuses on a vital topic: self-regulation, communication, empathy, social skills, impulse control and problem solving!


monthly smART box

From $27.00 per box
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smART Box provides the perfect opportunity to encourage reading and let children spark their imaginations. They'll enjoy a fun unboxing experience that includes a new, colorful storybook and an open-ended craft, complete with step-by-step instructions, that allows your kiddo to get creative. Promote a love of reading, critical thinking skills, and self-directed learning with every monthly box!


Wiggle Worms Kits

From $28.50 per box
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STEM concepts are for all ages, even the littlest ones, and Wiggle Worms Kits proves it. Handcrafted and designed for early learners by experienced educators, each month delivers STEM toys, activities and crafts. All you have to do is open it up and get in the mood to play and learn. Plus, they include at least 2 reusable activities so the fun can last till next month's box!