Mental Health Boxes That Gift Self-Care in Anxious Times (2021)

Whether you're looking for a monthly subscription to help you incorporate daily dose mindfulness or a little treat to give you some "me time," the Cratejoy marketplace has the best self-care subscription boxes tailored just for you. Uncover new resources that will help you and your loved ones navigate, accept, and help boost your mental health with self-care practices.

What are the best mental health subscription boxes?



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Dive into a new self-care practice with a subscription that inspires, motivates, and restores your mind and soul. The Hope Box delivers full-sized vegan quality products like aromatherapy, candles, books, organic soaks, and masks tailored to pampering and restoring your faith. Whether you're looking for a box for yourself or a loved one who needs a little cheering up, send them a box with thoughtfully curated artisan products that also have an inspiring story of their own.



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Part of self-care is finding joy in the little things. Start with a box from Feeling Fab, a subscription with lifestyle products like essential oils, beauty products, candles, mists, gems, and more that will help you create a mindful routine you can always come back to. Stay on track with included self-care checklists, affirmations, and inspirational items that will help improve your overall wellness and happiness.


Anxiety Self-Care Box

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Prioritizing your mental health is truly your greatest wealth. Subscribe to a monthly subscription dedicated to exploring different self-care practices to help with anxiety, depression, and PTSD. Each month, you'll receive items like soothing tea, sage, candles, and comfy socks, along with educational resources like books and activities covering a range of mental health topics. Add a monthly self-care ritual with this unique box that you can learn and unbox with the entire family.


Read - By Introverts Retreat

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Stay in and unwind with a monthly subscription service that will take you to a fictional world of adventure, have you solving a thrilling mystery, or whisked away in a heart-throbbing romance story. Retreat into your sanctuary with a box packed with a new read, a soothing beverage, and gourmet treats that you can enjoy while you recharge and relax at home.


CoachCrate Quarterly

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CoachCrate Quarterly is your accountability partner and your self-care reminder all combined in one. Each box includes a custom journal, 1-2 coaching items, self-care goodies, and a three-month personal growth plan to help you reach your goals. Growth plans come with checklists, progress tracking, and a calendar to help you stay on track and feel empowered to achieve your dreams. Get access to an exclusive online community, partake in quarterly challenges, and explore new personal growth topics with other like-minded individuals!


Bath Bevy Subscription - Monthly

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Draw a warm bath and float away in a cloud of bubbles with a box from Bath Bevy. Each subscription box includes hand-crafted and small batches of fizzy bath bombs, lotions, artisanal handmade soaps, bath salts, scrubs, and other body care products. Honor your self-care ritual with a monthly subscription box that will help unwind your mind and rejuvenate your soul with an at-home spa experience.



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Enjoy a monthly subscription service to TheraBox, one of Cratejoy's best-selling boxes on the market! Each box centers around a unique theme and is packed with tools, teas, skin care products and aromatherapy to help make self-care a priority. Dive into research-inspired therapeutic activity and workbooks created to deliver the ultimate self-care experience.


Simple Loose Leaf Tea

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Unwind with a wellness box that you can brew and sip. Many health benefits come from drinking tea, like boosting metabolism and contributing to better cognitive memory. Simple Loose Leaf Tea comes in a rotating mix of black tea, herbal tea, green tea, or a variety pack. Your first box even comes with an eco-friendly and cotton tea filter.


Monthly Large Box

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Indulge in a little relaxation the traditional way with the oldest self-care product – candles. There's something magical about lighting a scented candle that sets the vibe and tone for a day of stress-relieving activities like reading, lounging, or coloring. Have your home smelling like a spa or luxury boutique with a monthly deluxe candle from Wickbox that burns for up to 100 hours. The plus side – candle container makes for adorable home decor.


Charcoal Expressions Drawing Box

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Art can be a therapeutic activity to help quiet the chatter and calm the mind. With Charcoal Expressions Drawing Box, carve out some quality time with yourself or a loved one and create new drawings together. Each box includes two drawing projects, quality supplies, video tutorials, and a magazine! Play some good music and tune the world out while you create a world of your own!


Coloring And Classics

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When anxiety strikes, why not channel your energy into an activity that's both creative and soothing? Studies show that coloring, drawing, and reading are stress-reducing self-care practices. Dive into this box with various activities to choose from, like adult coloring, activities, and novels to help refocus your brain.