Mental Health Boxes That Gift Self-Care in Anxious Times (2023)

Anxiety, depression, and PTSD are all silent struggles that we may go through at a particular point in our life. In fact, 6.8 million adults in America, or 3.1% of the population, live every day with Generalized Anxiety Disorder. If you’re a woman, you’re at an even higher risk, as women are twice as likely to be affected by this emotional disorder as men. Although you should always seek out treatment from a licensed professional if dealing with major mental health issues, self-care and wellness are essential tools to better your day-to-day quality of life.

While sometimes it's easier said than done, prioritizing self-care into daily, weekly, and monthly rituals is one way of breaking down negative thinking patterns and self-defeating beliefs. Carve out some time to revisit some of the hobbies you used to love, like coloring, reading, and meditating as a part of your routine. This is backed by science: the National Institutes of Health recommends engaging in relaxing activities, setting achievable goals and priorities, and focusing on positive outcomes in your life if you are struggling with anxiety and depression.

If on some days it may be a struggle to get out of bed and go through the motions of each day's highs and lows, starting small and finding joy in the little things are all progress toward making your self-care and mental health a priority. Whether you're looking for a monthly subscription to help you incorporate daily dose mindfulness or a little treat to give you some "me time," the Cratejoy marketplace has the best self-care subscription boxes tailored just for you. Uncover new resources that will help you and your loved ones navigate, accept, and help boost your mental health with self-care practices.



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Dive into a new self-care practice with a subscription that inspires, motivates, and restores your mind and soul. The Hope Box delivers full-sized vegan quality products like aromatherapy, candles, books, organic soaks, and masks tailored to pampering and restoring your faith. Whether you're looking for a box for yourself or a loved one who needs a little cheering up, send them a box with thoughtfully curated artisan products that also have an inspiring story of their own.

Shipping: New orders ship in 2 to 3 business days, and all additional boxes ship quarterly on the 15th of the month.

Why Subscribers Love It: “I absolutely Love Love this Subscription box! I haven’t smiled this much in a long time! when I was unboxing and looking at all the wonderful surprises that were in it. It was like they personally know me. This subscription box is something I needed and I know many others need a hope box in their lives as well. It’s worth every dollar and more.” – Cidney S.



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Part of self-care is finding joy in the little things. Start with a box from Feeling Fab, a subscription with lifestyle products like essential oils, beauty products, candles, mists, gems, and more that will help you create a mindful routine you can always come back to. Stay on track with included self-care checklists, affirmations, and inspirational items that will help improve your overall wellness and happiness.

Shipping: Ships worldwide to select countries from the United States by the 17th of each month.

Why Subscribers Love It: “What a lovely self-care box that I look forward to every month. It is crafted with care and reminds me to take care of myself! I love that they use small businesses and I get to try new products that I would otherwise never have the opportunity! Affordable and worth it!” – Erika L.


Mental Health Care Package

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Prioritizing your mental health is truly your greatest wealth. Subscribe to a monthly subscription dedicated to exploring different self-care practices to help with anxiety, depression, and PTSD. Each month, you'll receive items like soothing tea, sage, candles, and comfy socks, along with educational resources like books and activities covering a range of mental health topics. Add a monthly self-care ritual with this unique box that you can learn and unbox with the entire family.

Shipping: All boxes ship on the 15th of each month.

Why Subscribers Love It: “Gifted this to a friend and they absolutely loved it! The curated items were such a treat. Will be purchasing another box in the future.” – Ebony J.


Bath Bevy | Bath & Body Goodies

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Draw a warm bath and float away in a cloud of bubbles with a box from Bath Bevy. Each subscription box includes hand-crafted and small batches of fizzy bath bombs, lotions, artisanal handmade soaps, bath salts, scrubs, and other body care products. Honor your self-care ritual with a monthly subscription box that will help unwind your mind and rejuvenate your soul with an at-home spa experience.

Shipping: Subscription boxes ship around the 1st of every month.

Why Subscribers Love It: “I look forward to this box every month. My mail lady(who now subscribes) even brings this box to my door because it smells soooo good. The quality of the bath bombs are great and for the first time I have tried a "tea bag" bath and it was so relaxing. I love the bath salts ans the have the greatest smell that lasts a long time. This is a box I will keep getting.” – Meghan E.


TheraBox | Self Care Box

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Enjoy a monthly subscription service to TheraBox, one of Cratejoy's best-selling boxes on the market! Each box centers around a unique theme and is packed with tools, teas, skin care products, and aromatherapy to help make self-care a priority. Dive into research-inspired therapeutic activity and workbooks created to deliver the ultimate self-care experience.

Shipping: Ships worldwide from the United States the last week of every month.

Why Subscribers Love It: “I received my first TheraBox and I LOVE it! It’s got all the essentials to help you relax and get your mind flowing with positive vibes. Can’t wait to receive my next one! 😍” – Tiara W.


Wickbox: Luxury Candle Subscription Box

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Indulge in a little relaxation the traditional way with the oldest self-care product – candles. There's something magical about lighting a scented candle that sets the vibe and tone for a day of stress-relieving activities like reading, lounging, or coloring. Have your home smelling like a spa or luxury boutique with a monthly deluxe candle from Wickbox that burns for up to 100 hours. The plus side – the candle container makes for adorable home decor.

Shipping: Wickboxes ship to select countries from the United States on or around the 15th of the month.

Why Subscribers Love It: “I bought a three-month subscription for my wife for her birthday. She absolutely loved it! We have gotten two boxes so far, and she loved the scent every single one (she is particular about candle scents and I was so impressed they picked perfect ones for her)!” – Taylor J.


Charcoal Expressions Drawing Art Box

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Art can be a therapeutic activity to help quiet the chatter and calm the mind. With Charcoal Expressions Drawing Box, carve out some quality time with yourself or a loved one and create new drawings together. Each box includes two drawing projects, quality supplies, video tutorials, and a magazine! Play some good music and tune the world out while you create a world of your own!

Shipping: All boxes are shipped in the last week of the month.

Why Subscribers Love It: “This is so much fun. He's so easy to follow. You have everything in the pack to make a great picture. It's totally suitable for framing and something I'm proud to have made.” – Jennifer G.


Coloring And Classics

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When anxiety strikes, why not channel your energy into an activity that's both creative and soothing? Studies show that coloring, drawing, and reading are stress-reducing self-care practices. Dive into this box with various activities to choose from, like adult coloring, activities, and novels to help refocus your brain.

Shipping: New orders will ship within 2 business days, and subsequent boxes ship on the 1st of each month.

Why Subscribers Love It: “I am very impressed with my coloring and classics box! The coffee is delicious, I am loving my sci-fi fantasy book, and am over the moon with the lunar chronicles coloring book! This box is a great value and the company has excellent customer service!! I am now subscribed to three of their boxes: my coffee and reading club, coloring and classics, and my thrill club! Highly recommend!” – Danielle I.