10 Best Science Boxes for Kids with Hands-On Activities

Just because summer is in full swing doesn't mean the learning has to stop: keep your kiddos interested, focused, and engaging their growing brain with high-quality science subscription boxes designed just for them. Whether it's a STEM subscription box that focuses on coding (and no, you don't have to know how to do so yourself for your child to benefit) or a box that allows them to DIY their hearts out with incredible science experiments, why not make this summer — and this pandemic season — one of learning that's still engaging and fun?

See a few of our favorites below!

Fun (and Educational) Science Boxes for Kids

1. Spangler Science Club


Price: Starts at $18.33/month; use code TRYSTEM10 at checkout to get $10 off your subscription of 3 or more months to STEMlab or STEMdeluxe

What's Included: Designed by renowned science teacher Steve Spangler, this monthly subscription box is a great way to prepare your young scientist for a future in STEM-based fields. Each science kit is filled with experiments and science project ideas for a variety of hands-on activities and challenges. Spangler Science Box is available in three levels for your 5- to 12-year-old child.

Shipping: Ships to the US and select countries; ships around the 6th (STEM Deluxe) or 21st (STEM Lab) of each month

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2. Bitsbox


Price: Starts at $24.95/month

What's Included: You may not know how to code, but that's no reason why your child can't learn to! This subscription box delivers coding projects monthly to your door that will teach your child to make "video games, greeting cards, simulations, and more." By using examples to demonstrate the engineering design process behind simple codes, Bitsbox can lead your child to inventing their own apps which will work on any mobile device. Great for kids ages 6-12 — no experience necessary.

Shipping: Ships worldwide from United States every month

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3. Groovy Lab in a Box


Price: Starts at $24.95/month; use code TISGROOVY15 at checkout to get a special discount

What's Included: Sometimes you have to try it yourself to really learn: Groovy Lab in a Box delivers a complete, DIY experiment to your door to your child for a different STEM activity each month. Kids are introduced to both scientific inquiry and an engineering design process that will enhance their critical thinking and problem-solving skills, allowing them to create their own inventions. Ideal for ages 8 and older.

Shipping: Ships to select countries from the US 7-10 days after your order each month

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4. Creation Crate


Price: Starts at $29.99/month; use code C5JFO at checkout to get a special discount

What's Included: Each month, Creation Crate delivers a complete DIY electronics and coding project with all the components and instruction your child needs for their project. With projects becoming more challenging every month, kids will learn electronics, coding (C++), circuitry, engineering, and critical thinking. This science subscription box is perfect for your 12-year-old or older child.

Shipping: Ships worldwide from Canada 3-5 business days after your order, then every 30 days after

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5. Green Kid Crafts


Price: Starts at $21.91/month

What's Included: The perfect mix of science experiments and kids crafts, each monthly subscription box contains up to 6 projects for your child to complete by themselves or with the whole family. With an emphasis on green values and ecologically friendly materials, every box contains all the components needed for every project. When science meets art, it will enhance your child's creativity and critical thinking. Subscriptions also include a 12-page monthly magazine filled with games, puzzles, book recommendations and project ideas. Green Kid Crafts is ideal for your young scientist and artist aged 2-10+.

Shipping: Ships worldwide from United States on a monthly schedule based on your first order

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6. Club Scikidz Labs


Price: Starts at $28.95/month

What's Included: Club SciKidz is a monthly lab kit and subscription box filled with STEM-based activities, experiments, and projects for budding engineers and young scientists. Hands-on and fun, Club SciKidz is a great way to introduce kids to a variety of scientific topics that connect to the world around them. Each box also comes with a lab notebook filled with micro-experiments, quotes, riddles, and real-life examples of scientists. While recommended for kids 7 & up, Club SciKidz is fun and informative for the whole family.

Shipping: Ships to select countries on the 26th of each month

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7. STEM Discovery Boxes


Price: Starts at $24.95/month

What's Included: This high-quality subscription box contains 3 STEM projects or experiments every month with all supplies included. Through hands-on activities, STEM Discovery Boxes lets your child explore a wide range of new topics such as electronics, chemistry, physics, coding, hydraulics and more. Perfect for ages 7-12, but parents will probably learn something too.

Shipping: Ships worldwide from the US between the 17th-20th of each month

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8. Beautiful Discovery


Price: Starts at $30.00/month

What's Included: Looking for a unique and creative subscription box? Eager to let your kids discover science through a wide variety of mediums? Give this option a try. All STEAM subjects are demonstrated through "art, ecogames, origami, code blocks, and natural wonders." Your kids (and you) will never look at a pinecone or shell the same way again! Each monthly box's trove of activities also includes "science-oriented games, drag-and-drop block code, stories and art activities for preteens." Recommended for ages 9 and older, everyone will discover something new in Beautiful Discovery.

Shipping: Ships worldwide from the US on the 4th of each month

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9. Slime


Price: Starts at $13.00/month

What's Included: Some people just like to play with slime, and luckily, there's a subscription box just for them! Each monthly, this themed box contains a wide variety of slime. Slime promises not just any slime—but the best slime—always tested by kids and approved by mothers. Perfect for kids of all ages, and a unique gift people will never forget!

Shipping: Ships in the US on the first week of every month

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