The Best Science Subscription Boxes for Kids (2022)

At-home learning is never-ending. When science pique’s your kiddo’s interest, you know that they’re always hoping you’ll fit a science lesson into the day (somehow). Now is the perfect time to add a fun layer to their at-home learning with high-quality science subscription boxes.

Keep them curious and imaginative while engaging their growing brains with STEM subscription boxes designed to teach them the ins and outs of science, technology, engineering, and math. Whether you'd like to introduce them to coding (and no, you don't have to know how to do it yourself!) or help them DIY their hearts out with incredible science experiments, why not make everyday one that's filled with plenty of learning fun?

Right from the very first box, your kids will be engaged and looking at the world around them with a newfound curiosity.



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You may not know how to code, but don't let that stop you from teaching your child programming basics! This month-to-month subscription delivers monthly coding projects to your door that will teach your child to make "video games, greeting cards, simulations and more." The fun, colorful projects in every Bitsbox demonstrate the engineering design process and help your child create their very own apps.

Shipping: Your first Bitsbox ships immediately within 1 business day of your order being placed. Subsequent boxes ship every month thereafter!

Deann H. wrote, “My son loved it and he really enjoyed the activities in the box! Looking forward to the next box.”


Creation Crate: 12 Electronic Projects Annually

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Each month, Creation Crate delivers a complete DIY electronic and coding project with all the components and step-by-step instructions your child needs to reach a successful outcome! As projects become more challenging every month, kids build on previous months to learn electronics, C++, circuitry, engineering, and critical thinking. This interactive science box is created for kids ages 12 and up.

Shipping: Your first box will ship on the next Tuesday or Friday. If you purchase a: Monthly subscription, you will receive your next box every 30 days. Quarterly subscription, you will receive your next box every 90 days. Semi-Annual subscription, you will receive your next box every 180 days. Annual subscription, you will receive your next box every year.

Rachel C. wrote, “I bought the 12 project box. I've made a few of the projects, and so far they've been fun! Glad I decided to check it out. My favorite so far has been the mood lamp--I'm currently working on a battery operated version that I can take to work once I'm back in the office.”


STEM Discovery Boxes - STEM Science for Kids

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This high-quality subscription box contains 3 STEM projects or experiments every month with all supplies included. Through hands-on activities, STEM Discovery Boxes helps your child explore a wide range of curiosity-piquing topics like electronics, chemistry, physics, coding, hydraulics, and more. Although it's designed for young learners between the ages of 7-12, we're not going to rule out that parents and caretakers may also learn a thing or two!

Shipping: Subsequent boxes ship between 20th-27th of upcoming month.

Tiffany D. wrote, “My oldest daughter impatiently waits for her box every month. Absolutely love this subscription.”


Green Kid Crafts STEAM Box

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The perfect STEAM box for your littles, Green Kid Crafts subscribers can look forward to up to 6 themed science and art kits that explore everything from the solar system to backyard science. Unbox materials, instructions, a game-filled magazine, and extra puzzles and project ideas. Placing an emphasis on green values and eco-friendly materials, each box is designed for young scientists in the age range from 2-10+.

Shipping: We are shipping on schedule! Free Shipping for US orders! Your order is shipped from our facilities between 1-4 days of being placed, and you will be notified with details. Subsequent boxes ship monthly from your first order.

Lindsey D. left a 5-star rating and wrote, “My son absolutely loved the contents and activities in this box.”


Messy Play Kits monthly subscription

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Don't leave preschoolers and little learners out of the STEM fun––and never underestimate the learning power in all things messy! All that oozes and gushes, erupts and fizzes is not only tons of fun, but helps young brains make connections with the world around them. If you're committed to the cleanup, Messy Play Kits does all the rest for you, designing and prepping a kit of 3-5 science, art and sensory play activities, like melting snowmen and DIY slime.

Shipping: All boxes ship around the 8th of the month.

Kristina D. found the perfect rainy day fun. Read their review here: “Such a unique and fun box! We’ve loved the messy crafts and it’s a great way to spend a rainy or snowy day!”


Beautiful Discovery Box

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The world is full of wondrous things, and getting our tweens and teens to see that beauty can be a challenge. Thankfully, the Beautiful Discovery Box is here to enchant (and educate) anyone 9 and up. Now they can explore the patterns found in nature through fun activities and STEAM fundamentals for visual learners. Decode the mysteries of the natural world using science and math, coding projects, crafts, eco games, and more!

Shipping: First box ships within 5 business days of your order. Subsequent boxes ship by the 11th of each month.

Kimberly L. left a rave review! “This is a FANTASTIC subscription box! We are homeschoolers and I have a tween who loves science, patterns, and nature and this box has the most wonderful combinations of all three! I was specifically looking for boxes for older kids, since many subscriptions are geared toward the younger elementary age group. Each box has lots of activities, experiments, and information - enough to spread out over the course of a month until the next box comes. I can't recommend Beautiful Discovery highly enough!”


Wiggle Worms Kits

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Similar to Kiwi Crate, the Wiggle Worms Kits brings playful STEM toys, crafts, and activities every month. Experienced early-learning educators have taken the time to design and handcraft a box of explorative fun for your little one! No need to stress about getting everything together; this open-and-go box sends all the materials and supplies kids need, along with at least 2 reusable activities so the fun lasts until the next delivery.

Shipping: Renewal orders ship on the 1st Wednesday of each month.

Christina G. says, “I ordered a Wiggle Worms kit for my 4-year old, and I am so glad that I did! He and I watch the videos on Youtube together, and it helps us complete the activities. He has learned so much with these kits!”


X Workbox STEM Subscription Box for Kids

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Time for the kiddos to put those screens down and engage with the fascinating world around them! STEM kits from X Workbox offer the perfect opportunity to do just that. This tinker crate for older kids comes with a mix of hands-on projects that help to make learning about science and engineering fun and relevant. They'll get all they need––materials, tools, and simple step-by-step instructions––for every fun STEM project.

Shipping: Your first box ships within 2 business days after purchase. Subsequent boxes for following months will ship around the 1st of each month.

Susan B. says they wish they could leave more stars and wrote, “This box was the best money I have ever spent!!!! I cant believe Im getting such high quality thought out projects for such a LOW price!!!!!! My 10yr old loves these kits!!!!! I love thats hes learning!!!! Its a win win for me.”


Sensory TheraPLAY Box!

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Whether you're looking for playthings to help a child with sensory processing needs or you're interested in STEM toys that offer tactile stimulation, Sensory TheraPLAY Box fits the bill! Getting hands-on with textured toys, putty, hand fidgets, and more can help children learn self-soothing techniques, develop fine motor skills, and create pathways for improved neural processing.

Shipping: Your box will ship out during the first week of each month. For example, the July box will ship out during the first week of July and the August box will ship out the first week of August. You will receive a confirmation email with USPS tracking information as soon as your box is on its way!

Alison C. is impressed by the unique finds in the subscription box. They wrote, “So fun! Many more items in the box than I expected. I have been buying sensory items for my kids for many years and this box surprised me with products I’ve never seen on store shelves.”


MEL Chemistry — Science Experiments Subscription Box for Kids DIY Educational Kit Learning & Education Toys for Boys and Girls STEM Projects Ages 10+

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Make physics and chemistry come to life with the 3 unique science kits offered by MEL Science. From the very first month, kids will unpack a box of science goodies that includes experiments, STEM projects, and coordinating activities. Not only will they get the chance to explore and discover, but they'll get all the materials, equipment, and reagents they need to conduct each experiment twice!

Shipping: Your first package will arrive within 2 weeks of registration. Subsequent monthly packages will be delivered within 2 weeks of each monthly charge.

Michelle J. says, “Got this as an all year present for my nephew, he loves it!!! He has a beautiful mind and this really fuels his curiosity.”