Best Subscription Boxes for Toddlers

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As soon as toddlers start moving, it seems like they gain the speed of an Olympic track athlete. These fun years go by faster than they can crawl out of your site so slow some things down with quality time and memorable moments. With all of their fun activities, toys, and educational material, subscriptions for toddlers can really bring you two together and these 8 boxes are the best of the best!


1. Bookroo – Starting at $17.99/month

Bookroo subscription box

With all of their extra energy, it can be hard getting toddlers to settle down. Reading with your toddler can help them learn how to sit and concentrate on reading and Bookroo delivers this experience every month! After you subscribe, you can expect 2-3 books that are age-appropriate and durable! Sit down, and get some one-on-one time with Bookroo!

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2. Little Bookish Wardrobe – $32.99+/mo.

Little Bookish Wardrobe

Every kiddo wants to be the hero of their own adventure and with Little Bookish Wardrobe they can be! With this subscription, your little one will receive a book to read with a matching costume that goes along with the story. Now when you tell your toddler they can be anything they want to be, you’ll have the subscription box to encourage them!

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3. TuTu-Royal – Starting at $30.00/month

TuTu Royal Princess Subscription Box STEM Dresses

Your little princess deserves everything and more! But princesses are all about glamour, they’re smart too! With TuTu-Royal, your royal toddler can enjoy the glamorous life of being a princess who is also learning about STEM. Each box comes with princess dresses, accessories, wands and STEM books! She’ll be the bell of the ball and lab!

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4. Reading Bug Box – $19.99+/ mo.

Reading Bug Box

Reading Bug Box is a customized children’s book subscription from The Reading Bug – independent children’s bookstore. Each box is curated for the child’s age and reading ability, from board books to new readers, and books are selected to match each child’s interests.

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5. AdorableEars – $19.99+/mo.

adorable ears

Disney is such a magical place for children and part of the fun are the mouse ears! Bring a little bit of that magic home every month with AdorableEars! This monthly box only delivers the best Mickey Mouse ears that match the theme of the month and holidays. Each delivery will contain one set of ears for your kiddo to put on and remember their fun times at The Happiest Place on Earth!

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6. Sensory TheraPLAY Box – $39.95+/mo.

Sensory TheraPLAY Subscription Box

For toddlers on the autism spectrum, finding the proper toys that fit their needs can be frustrating. Sensory TheraPLAY Box specifically curates their boxes based on sensory processing that autistic toddlers experience. Each month, your kiddo will get 5-8 calming, sensory toys that help development of motor skills. For your child, this subscription just makes a lot of sense!

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7. The Preschool Box – $29.95+/mo.

the preschool box

As children grow, it’s important for them to interact with learning materials in these early, important years. By subscribing to The Preschool Box, you’ll be providing an excellent educational experience for your toddler every month! Your toddler will be interacting with products that will help them learn counting, writing and more! They’ll be a little einstein by the time they get to preschool!

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8. Hoppi Box – $75.00+/quarterly

hoppi box

With every step they take, your toddler learns new things about the big world around them! As their brain takes in all of this glorious information, Hoppi Box can provide age appropriate toys that will nurture your baby’s development! Every quarter, they’ll get to play with eco friendly, all-natural toys that are bound to keep them occupied and happy!

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