12 Verifiably Awesome Vegan Subscription Boxes!

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Being a vegan is truly remarkable! Vegans care enough about the impact of their consumption that they opt out of BBQ and name-brand cosmetics that test on animals. Tasty food and beauty products do exist in the vegan world, even if they are kind of hard to find. For the healthy and environmentally conscious mind, we collected the best vegan food and cruelty-free beauty subscription boxes around!


Vegan Snack Subscriptions

1. RawBox – $39.95+/quarterly

RawBox Subscription Box

Alright, enough is enough. You’ve been going from grocery store to grocery store trying to find the best of the best vegan snacks. Save yourself some gas money and subscribe to RawBox! Each delivery brings you 10-12 delicious and nutritious vegan treats that are completely plant-based! You can be the ultimate herbivore and more with RawBox!

Details: Only ships within United States


2. American Gluten-Free – $24.95+/mo.

American Gluten Free

So not only are you vegan, but you also have a gluten allergy. That’s totally ok, American Gluten-Free is the subscription box that will save your day! After you subscribe, you’ll receive celiac-friendly treats that are completely dairy-free and easy on your tummy. With this monthly box, your snacking options have just increased to things that actually taste great!

Details: Only ships within United States


3. The Well Necessities Collection – $39.99+/quarterly

the well necessities collection

Not all healthy snacks are one and the same. Some claim to be at the peak of nutritiousness but they don’t have a seal of approval. With the well necessities collection, you’re guaranteed to enjoy treats that have passed the inspection of a qualified dietician and doctor. Every box contains 10+ items that are clean and appetizingly addicting!

Details: Ships worldwide from United States



4. SnackSack – $22.00+/mo.


We don’t know about you, but different times of the year warrants different cravings. If you’re like us, SnackSack will appease those seasonal taste buds of yours. Not only is this subscription completely vegan but they also curate their snacks based on the themes of the month. In each box, you’ll get to munch down on 11-15 different snacks that are going to delight and excite you every single time!

Details: Only ships within United States


5. Louisville Vegan Jerky Of The Month Club – $19.99+/mo.

Louisville Vegan Jerky Of The Month

Who says a vegan can’t enjoy some quality jerky? Rip into the best jerky around with the Louisville Vegan Jerky Of The Month Club! With this subscription, you’ll be tearing into three bags of amazing that is made out of organic, non-GMO certified soy strips. If your mouth isn’t watering by now, you obviously didn’t read something right…

Details: Ships worldwide from United States


6. Num-Nums Munch Box – $8.99+/month

num-nums munch box

Sometimes being vegan comes secondary to your other dietary needs, like allergies. Fortunately for you, Num-Nums Munch Box is one of the few snacks subscriptions that does custom boxes for all dietary restrictions. With every box, you’ll receive snacks specifically curated for whatever allergy you may have so you can feel safe enjoying this tasty subscription!

Details: Only ships within United States


Vegan Beauty Subscriptions


7. Merkaela – $58.00+/quarterly

One of the best things about vegan beauty products is how carefully handmade and holistic they tend to be. Merkaela is the best example of beautifying products that are made with love. This quarterly subscription box delivers natural, organic and chemical free items that support wellness and self-care. Merkala isn’t just a subscription box, it provides everything you need for a clean mind, body, and spirit!

Details: Ships to select countries from United States


8. My Reward Box – $24.00+/mo.

You’re a hardworking vegan who deserves to treat yourself, especially after a long day at work. With all of the positive vibes and energy from this box, My Reward Box is exactly what you need. With every unboxing, you’ll discover 5-6 high-quality vegan jewelry, body essentials, home decor and more!

Details: Ships to select countries from United States


9. LOVE GOODLY – $29.95+/bi-monthly

Love Goodly

Want to go vegan and be charitable? LOVE GOODLY is a great place to start! This bi-monthly subscription provides nontoxic, vegan beauty products and they donate to causes like Farm Sanctuary and Beagle Freedom Project! So every box you receive will not only make you feel great, it will warm your heart knowing who you are contributing to!

Details: Ships to select countries from United States


10. Pip & Lola’s Everything Homemade – $6.49+/mo.

pip and lolas everything homemade

Finding a decently made, all-natural soap can be pretty hard. Your search ends today with Pip & Lola’s Everything Homemade! With this subscription, you can opt into a vegan selection which exclude any soaps that contain goat’s milk, beeswax, and honey. Every month you can expect 4 full-sized bars that will enlighten your bathing experience with blissful scents!

Details: Ships worldwide from United States


11. Lathered Organics – $17.00+/mo.

lathered organics

Essential oils smell so good, if only you could bathe in them… oh wait, you can! Lathered Organics creates cruelty-free, vegan soaps that are saponified using 100% organic oils! Each month, you’ll receive 4 full-sized, organic bars of soap that are completely phthalate-free made out of non-GMO ingredients. After a shower, you’ll be smelling like the eco-friendly vegan you truly are!

Details: Only ships within United States


12. Orglamix Beauty – $29.00+/mo.

Orglamix Box Contents Lotion Eyeshadow Natural Cruelty Free

Being the vegan that you are, of course you want vegan makeup products. Orglamix Beauty is your one-stop shop for all things makeup and vegan. All products include in this monthly subscription are handcrafted and focus on the natural aspects of beauty. The box curators are so worldly conscious that every box sold provides a meal to an orphaned child! How beautiful is that?

Details: Ships worldwide from United States


Didn’t find the veganist of all boxes?

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