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20 Must-Have Subscription Gift Boxes For Women

Looking for the perfect, personalized gift for the women in your life but don't know where to start?

We’re here to help! What about a specially curated subscription box of gifts for beauty lovers, a monthly book club, or even a gift box for female foodies? No matter her hobby or interest, we've got tons of great gift ideas!

Below is a list of some of our favorite gift ideas for women that are as unique as she is and will truly delight and surprise, month after month and keep her smiling all year long.

1. Her Fit Club


Price: Starts at $28.99/mo

What you’ll get: For the fit ladies who love to sweat! Help them do it in style with Her Fit Club. This fitness subscription box focuses on sending monthly boxes filled with fashionable athletic outfits and gear. There are 5 box sizes delivering items such as: athletic apparel, body products, skincare items, lifestyle gifts, workout equipment, and so much more!

Shipping: Ships worldwide on the 12th of every month

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2. My Reward Box


Price: Starts at $24.00/mo

What you’ll get: For all the hardworking women out there, sometimes you just need to slow down and allow yourself to indulge in something. My Reward Box offers a fun box full of full-size “rewards” like luxury bath & body products, scrumptious snacks, jewelry, makeup, and much more!

Shipping: Ships to the U.S. around the 20th of each month.

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3. Revival Kit


Price: Starts at $39.95/mo.

What you’ll get: Revival Kit is a monthly subscription with 5 to 8 full-sized essentials to help her relax and unwind. Revival Kits have a combination of healthy snacks, natural/organic beauty and body products, and tools dedicated for your relaxation. This is perfect for anyone who is always on the go.

Shipping: Ships worldwide from the U.S., the 2nd Saturday of each month.

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4. The Artisan Box - by GlobeIn


Price: Starts at $40.00/mo

What you’ll get: The Artisan Box by GlobeIn features gorgeous artisanal products from over 40 countries around the world. Whether it’s apartment goods or handmade jewelry, each item is especially curated for this box.

Shipping: Ships within United States; 1st boxes ship immediately, then the 18th of each month.

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5. SinglesSwag


Price: Starts at $24.99/mo.

What you’ll get: SinglesSwag is the ultimate subscription box to empower fabulous single women, featuring a medley of products like fun, functional accessories, delicious snacks, and even life-improvement books!

Shipping: Ships worldwide from United States

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6. Trendy Memo


Price: Starts at $34.99/mo.

What you’ll get: If she’s an organizer, instagrammer, or boss babe, she’ll want these chic office and organizational supplies to keep all her plans and goals in line. Impress her with 4-6 beauty, desk, stationery, and other work-related items every month.

Shipping: Ships to the U.S., Canada, U.K, and China in the 1st week of each month

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7. Sparkle Hustle Grow


Price: Starts at $24.95/mo

What you’ll get: Curated with female entrepreneurs in mind, each box includes 4 to 6 items like books, chic office supplies, planners and a monthly business training. Plus, subscribers gain access to Sparkle Hustle Grow’s exclusive subscriber community.

Shipping: Ships within the U.S. around the 19th of the month

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Price: Starts at $18.00/mo

What you’ll get: If she loves gorgeous stationery and keeping things organized, CLOTH & PAPER is right up her alley. The Penspiration box ships a variety of 4 to 6 hard-to-find pens and pencils, while the Stationery Box contains 5 to 8 items ranging from notecards to journals to pens.

Shipping: Ships to the U.S. on the 18th of every month.

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9. Bath Bevy


Price: Starts at $36.95/mo.

What you’ll get: Who doesn’t love drawing a nice, hot bath complete with luxury bath products? Bath Bevy is the perfect box for anybody who decompresses in the bathtub. Each month, boxes will contain high-quality bath bombs, salts, soaks, scrubs, bubbles, and more! Adding a glass of wine is optional.

Shipping: Ships to the U.S., Canada, and the U.K. from the United States

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10. SeaCrate


Price: $34.99/mo

What you’ll get: If you’re craving the ocean, SeaCrate brings waves of fun right to your door! Every month, you’ll get the best nautical treats plus surprise beachy bonus items. Each box contains 5 items for home, bath or body that feature jewelry, beachcombed treasures, ocean-themed products, coastal recipes and sweet and salty treats.

Shipping: Ships worldwide the first week of every month

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11. The Inky Box


Price: $14.99/mo

What you’ll get: The Inky Box is for the women who are obsessed with lettering! Each box includes a hand-picked monthly selection of tools, supplies, and prints by your favorite lettering artists. For a monthly subscription full of lettering goodness, The Inky Box makes for a great gift.

Shipping: Ships worldwide from the U.S. the first week of the next month

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12. My Garden Box


Price: Starts at $21.50/mo

What you’ll get: If the gal in your life loves to spend sunny days playing in the dirt with her plants, then gift her a gardening subscription box! My Garden Box is gardening made easy, delivering all of the plants, supplies, containers, tools, and instructions you need to create a garden! Perfect for all of the #plantmoms out there.

Shipping: Ships mid-month within the U.S.

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13. Once Upon a Book Club


Price: Starts at $34.99/mo

What you’ll get: Know any lady bookworms who constantly needs something new to read? This book subscription box delivers 1 fiction novel, 3 to 5 gifts, 1 quote print, discussion questions, and more to readers on a monthly basis. There’s box choices for young adults and adults, guaranteeing that all books and items will be curated specially for age! Bonus: Each gift can only be opened at a certain page number, making the this box all the more exciting!

Shipping: Ships worldwide on the 17th of every month

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14. My Coffee and Book Club


Price: $33.99/mo

What you’ll get: Settle into a cozy daily ritual with My Coffee and Book Club, a monthly subscription box delivering a 12 ounce bag of fresh roasted coffee beans and your new favorite book. Each box has your choice of a 12 ounce bag of whole bean or ground coffee from micro-roaster 1910 Roasting Co., two new hardcover books in your genre of choice, an e-Book for reading on the go and more! What could be more perfect than good coffee and good reading!

Shipping: Ships worldwide from the U.S., the last week of the month

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15. Pearlesque Box


Price: Starts at $39.95/mo.

What you’ll get: Travel around the world of organic beauty with Pearlesque, the monthly high-quality, all-natural skincare product subscription box. Each month features a skincare brand from a different region of the world, delivering 1 to 2 full-sized and 1 to 3 travel-sized premium products.

Shipping: Ships to the U.S. the 20th of every month

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16. mintMONGOOSE


Price: Starts at $12.00/mo

What you’ll get: mintMONGOOSE is a customizable jewelry subscription box that delivers high-quality fashion jewelry every month. Choose between three subscription options for just jewelry, or jewelry plus other accessories, and specify the whether you want silver jewelry, gold jewelry, or a combination of both!

Shipping: Ships worldwide on the 15th of each month; first time orders ship within 48 hours

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17. Chi Box


Price: Starts at $25.00/mo

What you’ll get: Feeling centered is important for any woman leading a busy life (hint: most of them do!). Meditation can be essential in providing that much needed spiritual calm and growth! Chi Box delivers healing items such as crystals, tarot cards, spiritual guides, and more every month. Give her the gift of balance!

Shipping: Ships worldwide by the 7th of every month

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18. Jewlybox


Price: Starts at $29.00/mo

What you’ll get: You can never have too many accessories and Jewlybox is the perfect pair for the jewel-loving woman who craves new styles. Treat yourself to a monthly box full of gorgeous statement pieces tailored to your personal preferences. You’ll enjoy 3-5 premium necklaces, bracelets, rings and more!

Shipping: Ships worldwide from the U.S. on the 10th of every month

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Price: $29.95/2 months

What you’ll get: Join the movement for a cruelty-free, healthier lifestyle and beauty routine with LOVE GOODLY. Each box includes nontoxic and vegan beauty, skincare, lifestyle and wellness items, and healthy snacks. Plus, every purchase supports an animal rights or women’s health cause.

Shipping: Shipping in the U.S. by the 5th of every other month

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Price: Starts at $26.00/mo

What you’ll get: If she loves music and already owns a top notch record player, get her a few LPs to add to her vinyl collection. Rated highly by Forbes, Vinyl Moon chooses 10 fresh, new artists to feature every month. The record jackets are also designed by professional visual artists so you’re also gifting her some cool wall art or home decor.

Shipping: Ships worldwide around the 17th of every month

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