The Best Children's Book Subscription Boxes of 2022 for All Ages

Reading to your children can help them develop early literacy skills and a love of reading that will last a lifetime. And, kids' book subscription offer the perfect opportunity to boost their confidence and challenge them to push their limits. There's no need to stalk Amazon for the best price. Simply choose an option that works for your family, and get a monthly book subscription that arrives right to your front door!

Offering everything from adventure, imagination, diversity, science exploration, and even dress-up costumes, skilled curators have created a wide range of favorite book boxes for kids of all ages. Whether you're looking for a picture book box or board book box for your young readers, or you'd like to get new chapter books in the hands of your older readers who are devouring full series in one sitting, we've put together a list of the best book subscription boxes for kids.

What are the best monthly book clubs for kids?


My First Reading Club

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My First Reading Club is a subscription service to help your children develop a love for reading right from the start. Bookworms with a true passion for reading offer up subscription options for 5 distinct age ranges, delivering board books, picture books, or chapter books, plus an age-appropriate activity book and hands-on arts & crafts projects.


Baby Bug Box (Curated, 0-30 mos. old)

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Who is the box for? That's the question asked by Reading Bug Box before they handpick books for every child. Tailoring selections to age, reading level, and interests, book-loving pros select 3-4 books and an extra gift item. Grow your existing home library for your little literati with options for Baby Bugs up to 30 months old, Reading Bugs up to 13 years old, or a sibling box specifically designed for sharing.


Equestrians Box - Monthly

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Young equestrians and horse lovers will love the boxes from LaLa Horse. The perfect option for the horse-obsessed kiddo in your life, each monthly box brings an assortment of books, activity books, riding essentials and goodies, equestrian-themed jewelry and stickers, or a mixed bag of filly fun.


Our Little Book Club

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Help your tiny humans read more by enrolling them into Our Little Book Club, a monthly book box that specializes in everyone from newborns on up to 12-year-olds! No matter where your little bookworm is on their reading journey, there's a box for them that sends 2 age-appropriate board books, picture books, or chapter books, plus add-ons like an activity book and creative craft ideas.


Elephant Books: The Book Club for Kids 0-6

From $20.45 per box
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Elephant Books has two types of books depending on the age of your little one! Picture Books for Kids age 2-6 is for just beyond the newborn phase, delivering two newly published hardcover books each month. A few extra treasures in each box enhance the reading experience, and your kiddos will love the fresh stories and beautiful artwork.


Kids Read Daily Book Club for young readers age 0-12 years old

From $13.25 per box
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Perfect for home educators, a children's book subscription, like the Kids Read Daily Book Club, can be instrumental in encouraging and motivating kids to improve their reading skills. Whether you're in the Read Along or the Read Alone stage, every month delivers new books personalized to your child's reading level, age, and grade.


GIRAFFE Kids Reveal Book Box (0-3 yrs.)

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Donating a book to a child in need with every order, the Kids Reveal Book Box is a monthly subscription for children ages 0-9 years old. Personalized to each child's age, gender, and interests, every month new books are delivered right to the doorstep. Build a home library of parent-tested-and-approved books that will help your littles develop and improve their literacy skills.


Jambo Book Box (Ages 0-2)

From $34.83 per box
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Celebrate diversity and help kids realize how our differences make us unique with the Jambo Book Club, a monthly book box that focuses on showing families of all persuasions. Bringing 2 delightful storybooks that feature relatable characters of color, kids can explore and accept similarities and differences by exploring an array of diverse characters and themes every month.


Little Bookish Wardrobe Book Club

From $32.44 per box
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Bring together the best of reading and imaginative play with Little Bookish Wardrobe. Each month sends an engaging, age-appropriate book to read, along with character-inspired costume pieces and arts & crafts. With hours of playtime fun, you can just kick back and watch your children reenact each story and push the boundaries of their imaginations.


Sunshine Box (Ages 0-2) - 1 Book/Box

From $13.99 per box
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Every 3 months, OurShelves delivers book selections handpicked to intentionally showcase a diverse cast of characters and themes. Representation is a key component of building positive self-esteem, and every box––available for 3 unique age ranges––is LGBTQ+-friendly and committed to ethnic diversity to make reading fun and exciting for all families!


Music Library

From $48.33 per box
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From Bob Marley to Beethoven, Music Library is a monthly book club that allows kids to dive into the wide and wonderful world of music. Each box aims to improve music fluency, bringing a music-themed storybook plus coordinating activities, including physical and digital resources, and occasionally a rhythm-teaching musical instrument. Don't be afraid to let kids get creative and make some noise!


Snail Mail Weekly Letter from Sunny the Mail Snail for ages 3 to 8

From $15.00 per box
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Sunny the Mail Snail is ready and waiting to leave a surprise in the mailbox every week! Snail Mail for Kids enhances literacy competency and helps kids develop a love for reading. Sunny is sure to be a fast friend of the family, arriving in soft, squishy form with a map to track his global travels. Then each week, a letter arrives telling adventurous snail tales of all the fun he's having around the world.