What Subscription Box Should You Get Based on Your Zodiac Sign?

Posted by Karen Li

Let the planets guide you this year! It’s time to start planning birthday gifts tailored to the unique traits of your friends and family.

If you ask “What’s your sign?” when you meet someone new, you understand that our personalities can sometimes be mapped by the constellations in the sky.

We’ve matched the 12 star signs with their ideal subscription box gift to help you out.

1. Aquarius ♒|Sparkle Hustle Grow

Free thinker, tech-savvy, original, and independent.

Sparkle Hustle Grow Subscription Box

Price: Starts at $24.95/mo

What You’ll Get: Sparkle Hustle Grow comes with 4-6 items like books, planners and chic office supplies to inspire you and help you and your business grow. You’ll also get access to an online course or tutorial and private Facebook group to create community & collaborate.

Shipping: Ships within the U.S. on the 18th of every month

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2. Pisces ♓|My Coffee and Book Club

Sensitive, imaginative, gentle, and reserved

My Coffee and Book Club

Price: Starts at $21.99/mo

What You’ll Get: My Coffee and Book Club delivers a new hardcover book, in the genre of your choice, a delicious bag of whole bean or ground coffee every month, and a movie in the genre of your choice. Each box includes a fun surprise gift every month!

Shipping: Ships worldwide within 7 days of purchase

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3. Aries ♈|Hiker Crate

Adventurous, quick-witted, active, and goal-oriented

Hiker Crate


Price: $35.00/mo

What You’ll Get: Climbing a mountain can give Aries that sense of accomplishment and adventure they crave. Hiker Crate includes 2-3 items of hiking gear and 3-6 snacks to get them there.

Shipping: Ships within the U.S. around the 17-19th every month

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4. Taurus ♉| Art Tarte

Artistic, persistent, warmhearted, and loving

Art Tarte Subscription Box

Price: $25.00/mo

What You’ll Get: Give your Taurus friend a creative outlet with 5-10 art supplies such as paint, paper, tools, and utensils to create a masterpiece. Maybe they’ll make something for you to return the favor.

Shipping: Ships worldwide on the 10th of every month

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5. Gemini ♊|Quirky Crate

Energetic and communicative social butterflies

Quirky Crate

Price: Starts at $12.95/mo

What You’ll Get: Quirky Crate delivers a box of awesome to your door step each month. Subscribers will receive at least 6-9 quirky items, including an enamel pin from a featured pin artist each box. You can expect eccentric handbags and accessories, cute stationery and stickers, fun household items, and much more!

Shipping: Ships worldwide on the 15th of every month

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6. Cancer ♋|Cozy Reader Club

Emotional, imaginative, and protective homebodies

Price: $64.95/mo

What You’ll Get: With Cozy Reader Club, you will receive a box full of goodies that you can enjoy in your home. Each box contains a recently-released hardcover novel and 4-6 related accessories and gourmet artisanal treats that are perfect to curl up with and enjoy as you wish.

Shipping: Ships to the U.S. and Canada on the 18th of every month

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7. Leo ♌|Ivory Clasp

Enthusiastic, outgoing, social, and performative 

Ivory Clasp


Price: $49.00/mo

What You’ll Get: Ivory Clasp is a handbag subscription service that features chic, in-season, and on-trend handbags from department store brands valued at over $100 for only $50 a month! Get a stylish and premium bag at a fraction of the cost; bags ship within 48 hours from when you subscribe.

Shipping: Ships worldwide within a week of purchase

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8. Virgo ♍|Booksquisite Box Japan

Organized, intelligent, and meticulous

booksquisite box japan

Price: $39.00/mo

What You’ll Get: Cerebral Virgos will enjoy de-riddling the mind of Murakami and Ishiguro while sipping tea and eating snacks from their country. Booksquisite includes 1 book and at least 4 other items (including ceramics) from traditional Japanese culture and history.

Shipping: Ships worldwide on the 4th of every month

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9. Libra ♎|Merkaela

Luxurious, hardworking, diplomatic, and appreciative 

Merkaela Subscription Box


Price: $61.00/3 months

What You’ll Get: Merkaela’s natural, organic, and chemical-free products get you centered and on your way to everyday wellness. Each collection is built on a theme and includes 4-6 wellness products, thought-provoking content and music.

Shipping:  Ships to Canada and the U.S. within a week of purchase

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10. Scorpio ♏|The Witches Moon

Passionate, intuitive, magnetic, and focused

The Witches Moon

Price: $45.00/mo

What You’ll Get: The Witches Box is passionate about their craft and wants to share their knowledge and practice with the world. The box is delivered monthly to your doorstep and includes 10-20 ritual and altar tools (salts, crystals, herbs, smudge, and spells) needed to embrace the specific energies for each month.

Shipping:  Ships within the U.S. between the 1-10th of every month

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11. Sagittarius ♐| The Wordy Traveler

In tune with nature, intellectual, and freedom-loving

Wordy Traveler

Price: $49.99/3 months

What You’ll Get: Satisfy your thirst for adventure with a travel book, art print, artisan gifts, and treats or tea in this famous subscription box. The Wordy Traveler curates an experience while also donating to healthcare and education improvements.

Shipping: Ships worldwide on the 15th of every month

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12. Capricorn ♑|CLOTH & PAPER

Ambitious, in-control, practical, and disciplined 

CLOTH and paper

Price: Starts at $18.00/mo

What You’ll Get: CLOTH & PAPER offers a wide range of fancy pens, stationery, and planning goodies. The Penspiration box ships hard-to-find pens around the world, while the Stationery Box is a staple in the planning community. For anyone into luxury goods, pens, and stationery, CLOTH & PAPER is a must!

Shipping: Ships worldwide between 19-23rd of every month

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Didn’t feel like your box was a match written in the stars?

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