What Subscription Box Should You Get Based on Your Zodiac Sign?

Posted by Karen Li

Ever find yourself overwhelmed by all the subscription boxes on our marketplace? Well, zodiac signs give a lot of insight into personalities and interests, and we’ve got a handy guide to help you discover your perfect subscription box based off of your star sign!


1. Aquarius |Sparkle Hustle Grow – Starting at $39.95/monthly

Free thinker, tech-savvy, original, and independent.

Sparkle Hustle Grow Subscription Box

Sparkle Hustle Grow comes with 4-6 items like books, planners and chic office supplies to inspire you and help you and your business grow . You’ll also get access to an online course or tutorial each month, along with props to help you succeed! Once a member, you’ll be invited to join our private Facebook group to create community & collaborate.

Details: Only ships within United States



2. Pisces |My Coffee and Book Club – Starts at $26.99/mo.

Sensitive, imaginative, gentle, and reserved

My Coffee and Book Club

My Coffee and Book Club delivers a new hardcover book, in the genre of your choice, a delicious bag of whole bean or ground coffee every month, and a movie in the genre of your choice. Plus, each box includes a fun surprise gift every month!

Details: Ships worldwide from United States



3. Aries |Barbella Box – Starting at $49.99/monthly

Adventurous, quick-witted, active, and goal-oriented

Barbella Box Weights Fitness Subscription Female Crossfit

Barbella Box is a monthly package that is hand picked by women for women filled with premium CrossFit and weightlifting apparel, gear, accessories, snacks, supplements, workout tips, and more exclusively for women! Each month, discover a healthy mix of 4-6 well-known and new-to-the-market brands in the CrossFit market.

Details: Ships worldwide from United States except for select countries



4. Taurus FabFitFun – Starting at $49.99/3 mo.

Artistic, persistent, warmhearted, and loving

Fab Fit Fun Subscription Box
Photo credit: My Subscription Addiction

Fab Fit Fun is a quarterly/seasonal subscription featuring full-size beauty, wellness, fashion, and fitness products. Each box is priced at $49.99 and is valued at over $225 (what an insane deal!) Boxes ship out 7-10 business days after billing.

Details: Ships to United States, Canada, and Puerto Rico from United States


5. Gemini |Quirky Crate – Starting at $34.99/monthly

Energetic and communicative social butterflies

Quirky Crate

Quirky Crate delivers a box of awesome to your door step each month. Subscribers will receive at least 5-8 quirky items, including an enamel pin from a featured pin artist each box. You can expect eccentric handbags and accessories, cute stationery and stickers, fun household items, and much more!

Details: Ships worldwide from United States


6. Cancer |Cozy Reader Club – Starting at $64.95/monthly

Emotional, imaginative, and protective homebodies

With Cozy Reader Club, you will receive a box full of goodies that you can enjoy without ever having to leave the comfort of your own home! Each box contains a recently-released hardcover novel, related accessories, and gourmet artisanal treats that are perfect to curl up with and enjoy as you wish.

Details: Ships to Canada and United States from United States


7. Leo ♌|Ivory Clasp – Starting at $45.00/monthly

Enthusiastic, outgoing, social, and performative 

Ivory Clasp Bags Handbag Subscription Service

Ivory Clasp is a handbag subscription service that features chic, in-season, and on-trend handbags from department store brands valued at over $100 for only $45 a month! Get a stylish and premium bag at a fraction of the cost; bags ship within 48 hours from when you subscribe.

Details: Ships worldwide from United States



8. Virgo ♍|TheraBox– Starting at $34.99/monthly

Organized, intelligent, and meticulous

TheraBox Subscription Box

TheraBox is your personal happiness trainer! Each box includes research-inspired therapeutic activities to wire your brain for more joy + 4 – 6 consciously crafted wellness goodies to reduce stress and increase self care! They aim to inspire more love, life, and happiness in every box through mindfully-curated products designed by therapists!

Details: Ships worldwide from United States


9. Libra ♎|Merkaela – Starting at $58.00/3 mo.

Luxurious, hardworking, diplomatic, and appreciative 

Merkaela Subscription Box

Merkaela‘s natural, organic, and chemical-free products get you centered and on your way to everyday wellness. Each quarterly curated collection is built on a theme and includes wellness products, thought-provoking content and music — everything you need to be on your way to a holistic approach to a clear mind, body and spirit.

Details:  Ships to Canada and United States from United States



10. Scorpio ♏|The Moon Box Shop – Witchcraft – Starting at $45/monthly

Passionate, intuitive, magnetic, and focused

The Moon Box subscription Contents Magickal Witchy

The Moon Box is passionate about their craft and wants to share their knowledge and practice with the world. The Moon Box Subscription Box is delivered monthly to your doorstep and includes all of the ritual and altar tools needed to embrace the specific energies for each month.

Details:  Only ships within United States



11. Sagittarius ♐|The Nomadik – Starting at $29.99/monthly

In tune with nature, intellectual, and freedom-loving

Nomadik Subscription Box

With The Nomadik, expect to receive 3-5 of the best in-class gear delivered monthly to enhance your outdoor experience. All gear is unique/high-end, functional, tested on trips, and given a “stamp of approval” from a world-class adventurer (no junk, trinkets, or samples).

Details: Ships worldwide from United States



12. Capricorn ♑|CLOTH & PAPER – Starting at $18.00/monthly

Ambitious, in-control, practical, and disciplined 

CLOTH and paper

CLOTH & PAPER offers a wide range of fancy pens, stationery, and planning goodies. The Penspiration box ships hard-to-find pens around the world, while the Stationery Box is a staple in the planning community. For anyone into luxury goods, pens, and stationery, CLOTH & PAPER is a must!

Details: Ships worldwide from United States


Didn’t feel like your box was a match written in the stars?

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