The Best Subscription Boxes for Girls That Make Great Gifts

Are you on the lookout for gift ideas for your daughter, granddaughter, niece or another special girl in your life? Searching for something that can inspire and motivate her, while also putting a smile on her face? We’ve got plenty of monthly subscription boxes on the Cratejoy Marketplace that have been specifically designed for young girls and tweens.

These monthly subscription boxes for girls are great for everyday fun, sleepovers, and even bonding experiences with parents. It’s especially imperative that girls have 1:1 time with their parents, so moms and dads, be sure to join in on the fun too!

Mom will have a blast using the nail kits and self-care boxes with their daughters, and Dad will have too much fun creating art and reading with their girls. Your little ones won’t stay little for long, so be sure to introduce them to hobbies and interests that they can feel passionate about one day.

While some subscription boxes may feel mundane to give your daughters as a parent, you’d be surprised with how these unique boxes inspire them! An art-themed box may be exactly what your daughter needs to discover her passion for art. A self-care box may inspire your daughter to be consistent with positive affirmations, leaving her to know that she can be anything she wants to be.

Your special girl will get something great out of any box you surprise her with. And, if she picks her own box out, even better!


BOTI Box (Beauty on the Inside) Subscription

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Being a tween girl is no easy task, so it's time to acknowledge that young girls in the age range of 8-12 need continuous positive reinforcement to develop good self-esteem. Enter the BOTI Box, an empowering subscription all about recognizing that being "beautiful on the inside" is what's important! Each curated box focuses on an uplifting theme, delivering positive affirmations, beauty products, jewelry, and fun girly accessories.

Shipping: All boxes are shipped on the 4th of every month, so your first box will ship NEXT month on the 4th.

Brandy N.’s daughter loved her Christmas gift. Brandy wrote, “This was a Christmas gift for my 10 years old daughter...she LOVES it! Would highly recommend!”


3rd-5th Grade Level Box (Updated)

From $39.95 per box
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Finally, there's a STEM club that aims to help girls of color realize that they can accomplish big things! From the first box on, Black Girl MATHgic builds confidence and strengthens fundamental math skills by sending a well-designed math activity booklet of real-world math lessons aligned with each girl's grade level, along with educational extras, a caring adult guide, and plenty of encouragement.

Shipping: Your box will ship BETWEEN the 8th and the 13th of every month. Order by the 4th of the current month to receive the current month's box (for example: order by January 4th to receive the January box).

Vance Z. said it’s great for “math minded kiddos” and wrote, “Really pleased with this box! I have a kiddo who is doing elementary math (fractions, decimals, etc) but I’ve found there is enough in the box for her to do alone and then I can assist her with the higher level (and she gets fun exposure to higher math!). Such a great concept.”



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CHIC & UNIQUE is a deluxe gift box that's curated for tween and teen girls to help them express their individuality. Like a self-care subscription service for the younger set, each box features a new delightful theme each month, such as milk and cookies, pink flamingos, or cats in space. They'll get a box brimming with exciting and useful products, including stationery items, colorful socks, doodle pads, washi tape and more!

Shipping: Orders ship between Oct 1st-29th

Scott B. gave it a 5-star rating and wrote, “My daughter (10) loves getting the package each month. She now knows about the time it should arrive...and she just waits for it. The items have been cute, and she really enjoys them. It has been fun to watch her have "her" subscription...because mommy has been doing them for a while. I love the cute themes each month, and I think the items are age appropriate.”


Paletteful Pack Monthly Premier

From $35.50 per box
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Let their creativity soar and their imaginations run loose with Paletteful Packs, a monthly art subscription that delivers top-quality supplies at a great price point. The Young Artist option is ideal for girls, sending a mix of items that's suitable for the 8+ age group. Each new box brings a mix of essential DIY tools and hard-to-find supplies, including specialty pens, sketchbooks, brushes, paints, pastels, stencils and more.

Shipping: All orders must be placed by the last day of the month. Order periods are as follows: Jan. 1-31 is the order period for the Feb. box, Feb. 1-28 is the order period for the March box, etc. Subscription orders ship around the 1st of each month.

Michelle T. wrote, “I bought this for my teen who has taken 3 years of art. There was so much in the box!! Supplies are well worth the price, copiac markers in our set and good quality paper. We have now ordered 3 month subscription. Looking forward to creating new art pieces with supplies. Satisfied momma.”


Em and Liz: Magic of Girlhood Box

From $24.25 per box
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Send a gift that's packed with the magic of girlhood each and every month with a subscription to the Em and Liz Box. Filled with a unique assortment of high-quality products, each month’s box is curated around a specific theme like unicorns or sea creatures, bringing bath and skincare products, accessories, crafts, and activities, along with 2 sheets of custom stationery to help her connect with loved ones near and far.

Shipping: Em and Liz ships between the 25th and 31st of each month.

Carolyn M. wrote, “My granddaughter is 6 and absolutely loves her box. The quality of the products are great. She looks forward to every month. It’s the gift that keeps on giving.”


One Girl Inspired

From $35.70 per box
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A great lesson to take away from the pandemic is that all it takes to change the world is One Girl Inspired! A bold yet true statement, this monthly subscription is all about teen girl empowerment and letting them know that they can do big things. Unbox mindfully curated, confidence-boosting goodies including journals, personal development books, beauty products, and a hefty dose of encouragement.

Shipping: All boxes ship on or around the 4th of each month.

Aubrey M. says her 11-year-old daughter loves these boxes and wrote, She feels inspired, grown up and it brings her joy! We love One Girl Inspired!!!”


Unicorn Fun Box!

From $16.67 per box
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What is it about the unicorn fandom that's so appealing to young girls? Colorful, majestic, and dreamy, unicorns represent that one-in-a-million chance that's actually come true! Celebrating all this rare goodness is the Unicorn Fun Box, a great gift for kids, teens, and the unicorn-obsessed. Available in 2 sizes, each brings a mix of unicorn-themed products, such as plushies and accessories, plus a storybook insert in every box.

Shipping: Shipping Date: 15th - 17th.

Kelly W. wrote, “I gave the Unicorn Fun Box to my twin nieces as a Christmas present and they absolutely LOVED it! My sister said that daily they would run up and ask..."Did it show up yet?," even before they took off their backpacks, hats, and masks. It was a highlight of their month. A very exciting COVID surprise for the many kids who missed out on the highlights of youth. Go Fun Box! Get yours today.”


Wonder Crate (Ages 7-11)

From $28.91 per box
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Wonder Crate is a monthly box that focuses on activists, innovators, and artists––and their contributions towards progress! A great opportunity to learn about the role models of yesteryear, each box aims to teach kids that good is not a thing you are––it’s a thing you do. They'll unbox new books, activities, and conversation cards that help children develop a growth mindset and build a foundation for empathy, leadership, and activism.

Shipping: Following boxes ship around the 15th of each month.

Bridgit A. says, “The online lesson was a great way to reinforce the concepts in the book and the lunch box notes are a nice daily reminder for her. I feel like we've both learned a lot and have gotten our money's worth.”


Little Bookish Wardrobe Book Club

From $49.00 per box
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Reading combines imaginative play with Little Bookish Wardrobe, a book/clothing subscription box that delivers an age-appropriate kids' book to read, plus character-inspired costume pieces and craft projects that let them bring their favorite stories to life. Packed with hours of playtime fun, your little one will enjoy theatrical play while you sit back and watch her imagination run wild and free!

Shipping: Boxes ship around the 15th of each month.

Gretchen B. gave it a 5-star rating and wrote, “Loved the boxes for my son. We are not a natural dressing up family. This really helped bring on the imagination and play!!! Very fun to get each month. We still use the books and costumes in funny ways!!”


Minifigs Monthly

From $24.99 per box
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Have a young girl in your life who's into all things LEGO? We know that type and have found the perfect monthly subscription to inspire her to let her creativity run wild. Minifigs Monthly is a subscription pack that delivers Authentic LEGO brand mini-figures. With this monthly box, there's no fluff or fillers––just a wide range of minifigs to enter an imaginary world of her own design.

Shipping: Subscription cutoff date is the end of every month. All subscription packs ship on the following 4th. Example: If you order in December, your Minifig pack will ship on January 4th. Estimated arrival is 4 business days in the US.

Trisha R. gave it a rave review! Check it out: “Absolutely adorable gift! Big hit for Christmas/Birthday. Had a question for the seller, quick response, very kind. Looking forward to ordering more kits in the future!”